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Saturday, 22 December 2012

22 December 2012. The “Tea Party Patriots” Called the Late Senator Inouye “Irresponsible”… I DO Beg to Differ

00 Tea Party propaganda. 22.12.12


The so-called “Tea Party Patriots” preferred the coward Willard Romney to the war hero Daniel Inouye. If that isn’t indicative of skewed standards and turning things on their heads, I don’t know what it is. Senator Inouye served in combat and was maimed in the service of his country, but the “Tea Party Patriots” hated him for his defence of the social safety net, his dogged fight for equal rights for ALL Americans, and for his willingness to admit America’s sins. Rather, the “Patriots” lionised Willard Romney, who had his megabucks corporate daddy buy him a spurious “clergy” deferment during the Vietnam War, who hides his money in overseas tax shelters (increasing all of our taxes), who sent and sends American jobs to China, and who wanted to waste trillions on warmongering in foreign parts. There’s something basically wrong and perverted with such thinking…

Lincoln, TR, RockyIke, Jake JavitsGerald Ford, and Bob Dole… their centrist/moderate Republican Party no longer exists. The Tea Party Patriots and their ilk are Hard Right feral beasts, intent on ravening this country (indeed, the whole world) for their personal profit and benefit. That’s EVIL beyond measure… and there’s no more to be said on such, is there? Ye cannot serve both God and Mammon… and don’t forget Who said that…



22 December 2012. Senator Daniel Inouye… A Man of Honour, A Man of Respect… and A Principled Man Thirsty for Justice

00 Sen Daniel Inouye. 22.12.12


Vigilance abroad doesn’t require us to abandon our ideals or the rule of law at home. On the contrary, without our principles and without our ideals, we’ve little that’s special or worthy to defend.

Daniel Inouye

US Senator (D-HI)

President pro tempore of the US Senate


We remember a man who inspired all of us with his courage, and moved us with his compassion, that inspired us with his integrity and who taught so many of us… including a young boy growing up in Hawaii… that America has a place for everyone. May God bless Daniel Inouye. May God grant us more souls like his.

Barack Obama

President of the United States of America


I remember introducing my children to [Inouye] and telling them, “I wish I could be more like that man. He’s a better man than I am”. I think his physical courage was matched by his moral courage. I don’t know anybody else that I can say that of.

Joseph Biden

Vice President of the United States of America


Daniel Inouye advocated for the rights of all Americans… regardless of the colour of their skin, or where their parents were born, or what their religion was. He was blessed. He had work to do here amongst us, and he stayed until that work was done. As Ecclesiastes says, there’s “a time to every purpose”, and this was Dan’s time. The 24th Psalm asks, “Who may ascend the mountain of the Lord? Who may stand in his holy place? The one who has clean hands and a pure heart”. That’s Daniel Inouye… pure of heart, clean of hand.

During his 1968 convention speech, Dan taught the nation that “aloha” doesn’t just mean “hello”, and it doesn’t just mean “goodbye”. It also means, “I love you”. “Aloha” was Dan’s last word. So, I say to my friend in return, “Daniel Ken Inouye, aloha. I love you… and goodbye until we meet again”.

Harry Reid

US Senator (D-NV)

Majority Leader of the US Senate


Senator Inouye devastated the loudmouthed liar Oliver North at the Iran-Contra hearings with simple truth and decency. I wonder why Fox News didn’t tell you that about their “news star?” Senator Inouye had a love of fairness, truth, and justice… that led him to be leftist on social issues, but strong on military preparedness and law-and-order, too. That is, leftists aren’t only patriots, but also strong and heartfelt patriots, much more so than the rightwing loudmouths who send their money abroad to avoid legit taxation, who send jobs abroad to fatten their profits, and who refuse to serve in the wars that they advocate so stridently.

The rightwing lies have to cease… but they won’t. I’ve come to the conclusion that the teabaggers and greedsters are beyond the reach of rational discussion… the only thing that decent people can do is to oppose them at every juncture, with all that God has given us in the way of talent. We must face them down at the barricades… that’s what Senator Inouye would’ve done… and show them no quarter until their evil programme lies in the dust, dead and gone… the good Senator would’ve done that too. That’s how we can honour Senator Dan’s legacy… and I’m NOT alone in thinking that way.

Jonathan del Arco wrote in the HuffPost (don’t lecture me about del Arco being gay… I know it… what of it? The truth’s the truth, no matter who speaks it):

The nation has no idea yet what a great leader and cornerstone of our democracy we’ve lost this week. As it was also his style not to call too much attention to himself, he tended to flow under the radar of DC politics. Rest in peace, Senator. You were a great man for all the ages, and I hope we can carry your example of bravery, integrity, and patriotism.

Truer words were never spoken… there’s nothing to add to that. Aloha, Senator Dan… may God receive you.


Sunday, 13 November 2011

13 November 2011. Lest We Forget… Today is Remembrance Sunday… Remember Them… “They All Had Faces, They All Had Names”

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In the Commonwealth, today is Remembrance Sunday. Originally, it was a day of solemn memorial of those fallen in the “Great War” (World War I). It has never degenerated as badly as the American Memorial Day, it’s closer in spirit to the Russian Victory Day. To commercialise such a day of memory is obscene in the extreme… that’s why I support Senator Daniel Inouye‘s (D-HI) initiative to return Memorial Day to its original date of 28 May. Note well that the loud n’ proud leader in this patriotic initiative is a LIBERAL DEMOCRAT, NOT a “conservativeRepublican! Today is a day to honour all the heroes from all the wars. If there’s a vet who had to fight in the cockamamie Afghan War or the Iraq War, buy them a beer and smile with them. They’re NOT responsible for the madness of the rightwing politicians. They put their lives on the line, and that’s ALWAYS worthy of respect.

In the lines of the famous poem from Olga Berggolts… “They all faces, they all had names… No one is forgotten, nothing is forgotten”. “Lest we forget…”


Friday, 11 November 2011

11 November 2011. We NEED an “Elder Statesman” as President NOW… Senator Daniel Inouye for President!

US Senator Daniel Inouye (D-HI) (1924- )… we NEED a HERO as a leader in these perilous times. Here’s my choice…


In Asia, at times like we’re having in America now, the impulse would be to reach for an “elder statesman” to lead the nation. I agree with that wholeheartedly. Senator Inouye is a hero who fought at the front in World War II in Italy (and was wounded) and he’s a long-time public servant. If anyone knows the “ins and outs”, he does, and he’s proven that he’s got guts and grit. Anyone who wants to restore Memorial Day to 28 May, can’t be all bad! What’s not to like… he’s a hero, he’s got the smarts, he’s got the wisdom… and he’s got a thirst for Social Justice that none of the Neoliberal “conservative” scummers have. I’m not joking or jesting. The country needs a LEADER. Barack Obama isn’t a leader… neither are ANY of his Republican rivals (they’re less so than Mr Obama, sadly enough, especially Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, and Sarah Palin). Let’s suspend the election, pick an elder to rule us until the 2016 election, and let’s concentrate on whipping our problems, not winning an election. I think that we should, as a country, consider such an option. It wouldn’t hurt…


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