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Friday, 9 December 2016

Rostelecom Repels DDoS Attacks on Five Largest Financial Institutions in Russia

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On Friday, telecom giant Rostelecom stated that it thwarted DDoS-attacks on the five largest banks and financial institutions in Russia. All the attacks were on 5 December 2016, the longest of them lasting for over two hours. Muslim Medzhlumov, director of the Rostelecom Cybersecurity Centre, said in a statement posted published on the company’s website:

The analysis of the attack sources carried out by Rostelecom specialists revealed that the traffic was generated from the home routers of users usually referred to IoT devices. A distinctive feature of the attacks was that they were organised with the help of devices that support the CWMP Management Protocol (TR-069). A few weeks ago, a serious vulnerability was revealed in the implementation of this protocol on a number of devices from different manufacturers, which allows attackers [to] organise DDoS-attacks. At the beginning of last week, the largest German operator Deutsche Telecom had an attack on users’ home devices, as well as the Irish provider Eircom.

On 2 December, the Federal Security Service (FSB) reported that it’d received intelligence of foreign intelligence services preparing large-scale cyber-attacks in Russia in the period starting from 5 December 2016, aimed at destabilising Russia’s financial system and the activities of a number of major Russian banks. A RIA Novosti source close to the Central Bank reported that the Bank of Russia recorded several attacks on 5 December on the site of VTB Bank Group.

On Tuesday, President V V Putin signed into effect an updated doctrine on information security. It states that the limitless flow of information has a negative impact on international security, as it can be employed to pursue geopolitical and military goals, thus favouring organized crime, extremists, and terrorists. The doctrine notes that foreign intelligence services target Russian government agencies, scientific centres, and military industries using electronic and cyber surveillance. To counter threats and challenges in the information environment, Russia will build “strategic deterrents” and step up efforts to “prevent armed conflicts that stem from the use of IT”. The doctrine also instructs government agencies to strengthen critical information infrastructure to protect against cyber and computer network attacks.

9 December 2016




The Anglos blubber about nonexistent Russian cyberattacks… as they mount their own bumbling attacks on Russia. Russian geeks are the tops… this shows it… it’s why I have Kaspersky on my machine… it’s been the best, it’s protected me from all kinds of cyberworld mugging, so, I’ve never regretted “going Russian”… so should you.


Saturday, 15 October 2016

Ambassador to the USA Kislyak sez Moscow has no Legal or Moral Grounds for Snowden’s Extradition

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Ambassador to the USA Sergei Kislyak said that Edward Snowden’s extradition to the USA is impossible on “legal and moral” grounds. Speaking in the wake of the WikiLeaks ‘Podesta emails’ revelations, he also denied Russian interference in US internal affairs:

When Mr Snowden got stuck at a Russian airport, we didn’t have any legal or moral reasons to give him to the government of the United States, for the very simple reason that we don’t have an agreement for mutual extradition, because the USA refused to have one with us.

On Tuesday, Kislyak was at Johns Hopkins University to talk about “what Russia is and what it’s not”… he also acknowledged the “very unfortunate” relations between Moscow and Washington. Snowden’s asylum in Russia, where he arrived in 2013 after leaking documents related to the NSA’s foreign and domestic surveillance operations, hit Russian-American relations, signalling a major setback. Followed by the conflict in the Ukraine and the continuing disagreement over Syria, bilateral ties reached new lows. Most recently, during the US election campaign, voices in Washington blamed Russia for hacking attacks on its computer systems. On Friday, the Obama administration officially accused Russia of directing the hacks of emails and documents and their posting on WikiLeaks and DCLeaks. On Sunday, Hillary Clinton blamed Moscow for trying to interfere in the US election process. In his opening remarks, Kislyak said:

I’d also like to say that we are watching very carefully the election campaign in this country. Yes, we do and no, I’m not going to comment on this, because we don’t interfere into internal affairs of the United States, neither by my statement nor by electronic and other means.

Referring to hacking accusations, he said:

It’s not correct. We’ve seen a number of statements by our colleagues in American intelligence on a number of issues that weren’t exactly proved by the history. I won’t speculate further.

White House spokesman John Earnest told reporters that regardless of Russia’s denial and lack of factual evidence, the Obama Administration is weighing a “proportional response”. He added that whatever Barack Obama decides on, they wouldn’t announce it in advance and might never disclose it. Earnest said:

It’s certainly possible that the president can choose response options that we never announce.

12 October 2016




The arrogance and vacuity of the Duopoly now regnant in Washington is apparent to all comers. “Whatever Barack Obama decides on, they wouldn’t announce it in advance and might never disclose it”. Well… dog my cat, as the great philosopher Jed Clampett said. Everyone has to kiss America’s ass, eat its shit, and like it. There was a short window in the nineties when that was true… it isn’t true today. Clinton, Johnson, and Trump are all sleepwalking in the 90s Bizarro World… only Jill Stein isn’t.

Vote for the only sane candidate. The other three are puppets of the oligarchs… furthermore, they’re stuck in a timewarp… America the Great… America the Great… they believe their own mantra. God have mercy on us all.


Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Snowden Believes that Russian Hackers Could be Behind Cyberattack on NSA Website

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A statement on his official Twitter page stated that former US intelligence agent Edward Snowden said that Russian hackers could be behind the cyberattack on the US National Security Agency (NSA) website. Earlier reports said that the NSA website was down for almost a day after a hacker attack, but it was back up and running by Tuesday evening. Media sources noted that the DDOS attack occurred “a few hours after the mysterious Shadow Brokers Group announced the theft of cyberweapons from Equation Group… an extensive group of hackers, presumably related to the NSA”. Stolen Shadow Brokers data already is appearing on the internet. Snowden tweeted:

Why did they do it? No one knows, but I suspect this is more diplomacy than intelligence, related to the escalation around the DNC hack. Circumstantial evidence and conventional wisdom indicates Russian responsibility.

Snowden thinks that the hackers went to an unusual step to demonstrate that they have at their disposal tools and programs used by NSA employees to break into computers. This may be a signal that they’re ready to prove American responsibility for a series of cyberattacks. The consequences of such applications will be particularly noticeable if they can show American involvement in cyberactions against their own allies and cyberactions connected with the current election. Snowden believes that the hackers acted for diplomatic purposes and not for intelligence, and that the attack could have links to the scandal over the leak of US Democratic Party emails.

17 August 2016

RIA Novosti



The meaning of this is clear. “We know what you’re doing, how you’re doing it, and why you’re doing it”. In short, if Washington doesn’t fly right, Moscow will expose how the Yanks are messing with their own allies and how certain elements in the USA are messing with the election. Common wisdom has it that there’s a cyberwar going on now… the Russian geeks are winning it. For the Yanks, it’s just a game… for the Russians, it’s sheer survival… such tends to concentrate the mind wonderfully and buck up one’s motivation and resolve.

By the way, as a condition of his staying in Russia, Snowden has to promise to do nothing to harm the USA… the Corporate Media didn’t tell you that, did they? My sources tell me that he’s hanging out with Russian geeks and doing all sorts of neat cyberstuff. In short, he’s in Geek Heaven…


Monday, 19 October 2015

Hackers Attacked the LITs Website

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Dear readers!

Hackers subjected the Lugansk Information Centre to DoS attacks starting on the evening of Saturday, 17 October. In particular, this led to bogus material release. Yesterday, 18 October, the hackers shut down the website all day. As of now, we’ve resolved most of the problems related to cyberattacks; however, short-term glitches are still possible on our site.

19 October 2015

LITs Lugansk Information Centre


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