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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Putin Spokesman Dmitri Peskov Sez Playing with Religion in Russia Dangerous

These people are America‘s Pussy Riot… think about it…


Editor’s Foreword:

I’m using an “old” story for a reason. Check out my comments after the article.



Playing with people’s religious feelings in Russia is dangerous, President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman Dmitri Peskov said in commentary on the case of female punk group Pussy Riot, telling the Dozhd TV channel on Thursday, “In this country playing with nationalities, playing with religion, is the same as smoking at a filling station”. An edited clip of the Pussy Riot protest posted online showed the group alternately high-kicking and crossing themselves near the entrance to the altar of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, accompanying their song Holy Shit, urging the Virgin Mary to “drive Putin out”. The song contained words insulting to Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev of Moscow and all the Russias and rude references to believers.

A Moscow court found three band members guilty of hooliganism; it sentenced them to two years imprisonment each on 17 August. This attracted both media attention and international criticism, which Moscow dismissed as “groundless” saying the band’s act was not an issue of artistic performance, but was “insulting to millions of Orthodox believers”. Peskov observed, “Most probably, I belong to the part of society that’s genuinely indignant and believes that such deeds should be punished very harshly”.

7 September 2012



Editor’s Afterword:

This is a little old, but it hasn’t lost its relevance. No one has the right to play with another person’s religious observance or beliefs in certain venues. Online, there’s a vigorous debate; let the devil take the hindmost! We can be harsh and astringent… if the situation calls for it. One can be blunt, for the internet is the agora of today’s society… you meet everything and everybody there, it’s an open space, full of life and discussion.

However, in our relations to living institutions and living people, we have responsibilities to one another. The Mormons are chock fulla shit… there are fewer groups more offensive in their greedy rapaciousness or more full of arrant lies (The Book of Mormon is the looniest “scripture” ever created… only an American sectarian could’ve thought it up). However, I’m not going to disrupt a Mormon “service”… I don’t have that right. In like manner, the protesters from “Westboro Baptist Church” at soldiers’ funerals don’t have the right to disrupt them. It’s shouting “fire” in a crowded auditorium, I say… it’s looking for trouble, and, one day, they’re going to find it, and they’re not going to like it one bit (I’d love to see it though, and I’m not alone in thinking that way).

Terry Jones is an arrant liar and extremist rabble-rouser. However, I have no right to disrupt his church services. There are simple souls in his congregation that I wouldn’t wish to hurt. I think that Freddie M-G has a lotta brass to demand that people fork over 25 bucks (785 Roubles. 20 Euros. 16 UK Pounds) apiece to hear her speak. Yet, I’m of the opinion that if you’re stupid enough to pay such an extortionate fee, I’ll not stop Freddie from fleecing you. I’d heckle her good n’ hard, though… a lecture isn’t a church service, a funeral, baptism, wedding, or other family celebration… all of which merit our respect.

In other words, we can be harsh on JP and his nasty lying claque in the agora. Such isn’t only our right; it’s our duty to the truth. On the other hand, we must pay an honourable homage to his sister’s passing and respect the services marking that passing. That’s what decent people do… both so-called “believers” and “non-believers” alike… I think that I have much company in thinking that.



Wednesday, 17 August 2011

17 August 2011. Backdating by oca.org of Lazăr Obituary Unprofessional and Unfitting

Hey, guys! You don’t ever backdate a post in an obvious attempt at CYA… especially, an obituary! No decent person does such…


The transparent attempt by oca.org to lie in their posting of the obituary of Matushka Lazăr is unconscionable and without defence. As I wrote to my original informant:

The jerks did a cut-and-paste of mine… the original had states spelled out… mine had abbreviations. That’s why I did it… to see if Matusiak and his layabout crew would just copy me… and they did. Also, note well that they backdated it… what a bunch of losers.

You NEVER backdate a post. NEVER. This isn’t only transparent… it’s evil. I checked this well after 00.00 EDT in 17 August, and there was no post on this on oca.org (in fact, I got up a little after 03.00 EDT, and it wasn’t up then, either… they can’t use the dodge that it was before 00.00 PDT). I’ll give the cut-and-paster credit… they did try to change some small things, but they did boobish things such as putting a comma between the city and state abbreviation (this is done if the state is spelled out, but not if the abbreviation is used). In addition, they used the Romanian spelling of the family name “Lazăr” as I did, but the original used the American misspelling of the name.

In short, the backdating is a lie. It’s dishonourable and it spits on Matushka Lazăr’s memory… I can’t believe that Syosset would sink so low. You know what to do… don’t send them any money. It’s shocking that they’d disrespect the dead in such a manner (truly, I’m shocked… it’s simply NOT DONE). I’d tell the Winnipeg magistrate to attend to this… these guys fabricate things out of whole cloth. God have mercy on us all.

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Wednesday 17 August 2011

Albany NY

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