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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Russian Cleric Defrocked After Conviction for Fatal Road Crash

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On Wednesday, the Orthodox Church defrocked a priest-monk convicted on Tuesday of causing a car accident in which two people died. The priest was driving a luxury Mercedes G-Class SUV, which sells new in Moscow for upwards of 120,000 USD (3.96 million Roubles. 92,000 Euros. 78,000 UK Pounds). Cops arrested him the day after the accident. On Wednesday, the Diocese of Moscow ordered the defrocking, and the Church’s top cleric, Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev, gave his approval. Fr Pavel Syomin, ordained as Hieromonk Ilya, lost control of his Mercedes on 15 August 2012, and mowed down three workers on a roadside, killing two of them. On Tuesday, a court found him guilty of a serious violation of traffic rules, causing the death of two or more persons. The Prokuratura sought a six-year sentence for Syomin, whilst his defence team requested two years in a minimum-security prison, but the court sentenced Syomin to three years’ imprisonment.

 26 June 2013



Editor’s Note:

Let’s not be coy… this means that Metropolitan Herman Swaiko was RIGHT regarding Benjamin Peterson. The OCA has an obligation to defrock Peterson (Peterson’s arrogant behaviour towards the coppers was unwarranted)… to defrock JP for abetting Ray Velencia’s suit against a priest in good standing… and to defrock Seraphim Storheim if the Canadian court convicts him of pederasty. This is one of the reasons why the OCA lacks cred… it allows clerics to function who’d be shitcanned in a legit Church. It can help to bring matters up to snuff by defrocking the two first-named clerics, and to defrock the third if the court finds him guilty. Tikhon Fitzgerald defends all three of these losers vociferously (the first two are his protégés, dontcha know). In the the OCA, Syomin would’ve been defended by the konvertsy and the First Families (why, he was driving an SUV… that means he’s RESPECTABLE… just like Tikhon Mollard and his Cadillac Escalade)… but he belonged to a REAL Church, which held him (rightfully) responsible for his actions.

This is too much of a muchness… however, do note what a legit Church does… and note what the OCA does. It turns your stomach, doesn’t it?



Wednesday, 13 March 2013

13 March 2013. Shall the OCA Holy Synod Act in re Ray Velencia? He HAS been Suspended, After All

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I’ve gotten good feedback from my last post on Ray Velencia. Sources tell me that Archbishop Demetrios of the GOAA does know of the situation, as he was informed of Ray’s suspension when it happened in January 2012, as Ray was already floating around Greek parishes and summer camps. The OCA and the GOAA were both informed of Ray’s continuing and continuous violations of his suspension. How many violations will it take before they actually do something?

It’s time for the Holy Synod to shit or get off the pot. It’s time to haul Ray in… and if he refuses to come, the HS should then move to defrock him without his presence. You see, no other religious body would tolerate such rebellion from a disgraced clergyman under its jurisdiction. Ray has cocked a snoot at the HS… with the aid of the GOAA. It’s time for the OCA to enlist the Centre in this fight… that’s why the OCA’s spurious “autocephaly” has been detrimental in fighting the EP’s aggrandisement.

We’re paying dearly for the OCA Holy Synod’s dereliction of its duty. It’s time for at least one of the honest bishops to speak up, even if the craven bishops shout him down and/or refuse to help him. If one bishop proved himself a man, then, it’d galvanise the believers.

What do I expect? Part of me says, “Nothing… they’re worthless apparatchiki and posturing poseurs (as one can see in the antics of Peterson, Moriak, and Maymon)”. Yet, there’s another part that still has hope. It’s faint to be sure… but is there ONE honest man amongst the Synod members? If so… speak up! The other bishops would hate you, but the believers would support you!

Frankly, it’s an outside chance, but I haven’t lost hope, yet…



Monday, 11 March 2013

11 March 2013. Ray Velencia Deliberately Misrepresenting Himself as a Priest in Good Standing… The OCA Holy Synod is Now Under Obligation to Defrock this Defiant and Disobedient Poseur

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The following is from a publication of St Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church, Parkville MD*:

The Way

The Orthodox Christian Way – The Orthodox Christian Way – Tremendous Success  

The Orthodox Christian Way program began most successfully on October 9th in the Hermes Center with more than 100 participants. This adult education effort was first conceived under the guidance of the late Sandy Sarantinos, in whose memory the program is being offered. Three 4-week sessions are planned, beginning with the current one in October, to be followed by programs in March and October 2013. Fr Lou and Fr Ernie have led the planning efforts, and, with Fr Ray Valencia, comprise the panel of clergy which answers questions about the topic of the evening after the presentation. Fr Ray’s talk covered “What is Orthodoxy? History and Comparative Religion.” It was a most informative and thought-provoking activity, which included small group discussions, a light dinner, and fellowship. All are looking forward to future sessions ~ be looking for sign-up opportunities in the coming months!


I have saved the above PDF in my files. I was unable to download the photo attached to it, but its caption read, “Our Panel of Priests  … Fr Ray Velencia, Fr Ernest Arambiges & Fr Louis J. Noplos”.

* For those not in the know, Parkville MD is close to Howard Needle’s office. One wonders… is Mr Needle a friend of someone in the St Demetrios parish?


Raymond Velencia is under suspension, ergo, he can’t represent himself as a priest under any circumstance. Sir Ray dressed in clericals in the photograph, and he allowed himself to be represented as a priest. As he’s under canonical suspension, this is a disgusting abomination of the worst sort, and the OCA Holy Synod is under the obligation to defrock him immediately, without any delay, and without shilly-shallying. That’s what JP’s pal Podmoshensky did too… he represented himself as a priest whilst under suspension. That’s a grave no-no. Therefore, the ROCOR Holy Synod gave Podmoshensky the heave-ho. The OCA Holy Synod has the duty to do likewise to Mr Velencia. In addition, Mr Velencia has represented himself as a priest in legal documents, which I could present to any court in the land to prove my assertion.

Does Howard Needle even know that his client is under canonical suspension? Does Mr Needle know that for Mr Velencia to represent himself as a priest is a breach of canonical order of the highest sort, and that it’s not a minor offence in the least? Indeed, does Howard Needle know ANYTHING at all about the canons and practises of the Orthodox Church? If he did, he’d know that Sir Ray had committed one of the foulest acts in the book… one punishable by deposition from the clerical state. I’m not afraid of RV and his loud disgusting claque of admirers. He’s a man who’s been ORDERED to deport himself as a layman and to NOT act as a cleric in any way, shape, or form… but he’s refused to obey the wishes of the OCA Holy Synod. Such rebellion has only one result… deposition.

Mr Needle, I’d disassociate myself from Raymond Velencia if I were you. Do you really want to be mixed up with someone who’s representing himself as a clergyman in good standing, when he’s actually a disgraced cleric publicly disciplined by the Holy Synod having authority over him?

It takes all kinds, doesn’t it? Bite the coin before accepting it…



Thursday, 7 March 2013

7 March 2013. This and That on the Developing Bobby K Story

01 Wicked Witch Melting

See the Wicked Witch? That’s Love BT to a tee. He’s the Clown Prince of this little soap opera, isn’t he?


Got this from one of the Cabinet:

I think one of the reasons Nina Dimas made BT’s “top 10” list is because her brother, Fr John Tckachuk, was part of the “Special Investigative Committee” which dumped on Bobby. Here’s the summary of the report, which comes down on Bobby.

A Cabineteer sent this:

Send them to this link and tell them to click on March 6. That’ll open the reports for the whole day in a PDF document. They’ll have to find his entry, it’s not too far into the report.

I also got this:

For the record:

The Court recommended that the suspended priest, Fr Robert Kondratick, be permanently deposed from all sacred functions of the priesthood and that his name be removed immediately from the rolls of the clergy of the OCA. On 31 July 2007, the Holy Synod of Bishops, after being presented with the report of the Court, 
accepted the recommendation and confirmed the final deposition (defrocking) of Fr Kondratick, which was in conformance with the Statute of the OCA.

On 26 August 2007, Robert Kondratick wrote to Archbishop Seraphim, as Secretary of the Holy Synod of Bishops, stating that he wished to appeal his deposition. On 16 October 2007, he presented the Holy Synod with his appeal and an appended packet of documents. After careful review of these documents, the Holy Synod met in special session on 13 December 2007. Giving due deliberation to the appeal, the Holy Synod concluded that the decision to depose Robert Kondratick would remain in effect.

Note the date. Bobby was defrocked during Herman’s watch. That means that Herman “signed off” on it. Also, note well that Bobby moved heaven and earth during Fathausen’s tenure to get reinstated, attacking members of the SIC mercilessly. I’ve heard nothing nasty concerning John Reeves from any of my sources… he’s an apparatchik (and a bit squishy), but that doesn’t mean that he’s a rotter. As far as John Tckachuk is concerned, he’s a tad too modernist for my taste, but he’s a decent fellow and painfully-honest to the bone (I met him once… he’s not a bad sort at all… he’s just reliably-modernist). You don’t have to agree with someone to find them on the up-and-square. In short, Bobby was skating on very thin ice, and JP smiled at it (which means that JP’s pal Potapov is as crank as JP is).

Follow the trail, kids… Bobby attacks the members of the SIC… Fathausen does nothing (as he did nothing when Ray Velencia attacked Michael Regan)… Love BT cheers Bobby on. If there’s any kind of “conspiracy” (and I’m NOT a believer in “conspiracy theories”… I have a life), the only one out there was the one containing Love BT, JP, Bobby, and Velencia. That wasn’t so much a conspiracy as it was an aggregate of the like-minded (not the same thing at all). That is, no one “conspired”, it just happened that their ends and intentions coincided.

By the way, Love BT isn’t insane or mad. Any road, we shouldn’t be engaging in “amateur psychology”. Why drag in madness when ordinary common-garden cruelty, incompetence, and nastiness fill the bill? BT’s cruel, nasty, and incompetent (and a poor judge of character, to boot… he made JP an “abbot” only a year after tonsure). He isn’t insane… in any case, that requires a clinician’s diagnosis after a detailed examination, and that hasn’t happened. He’s clutching desperately at straws, now, for if Bobby goes under definitively, so shall he. Let him gabble away. He’s a royal pain in the arse, but that doesn’t make him a fiend. He’s a bad piece of work who should never have been a bishop… he’s been retired, he’s out of the loop, and he’s been rendered toothless. He can’t bite… however, he’s got one hell of a bark; I’ll grant you that. Mark this down well… do watch him carefully, for he has much influence over his protégé, Vinnie Peterson. That’s what hip people should do. Otherwise, he’s a gaping gargoyle, nothing more.

BMD barbara-drezhloBarbara-Marie Drezhlo

Thursday 7 March 2013

Albany NY  


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