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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

21 January 2105. It Appears that the Western Buzz About Russian “Sexual Deviant Driving Ban” is Sincerely and Completely DEAD… BOO HOO!

01 brain dead

Here’s a good portrait of Potapov, Mattingly, Dreher, Freddie, S A Schmemann, S L Kishkovskaya and the all the rest of the scurvy Western media misinformation apparat. Don’t chortle too loudly… it might upset their delicate sensibilities…


It appears that the Western buzz about a supposed “sexual deviant driving ban” is sincerely and completely dead. I just did a Google search, and there’s nothing new on it. Could it be because there was never any real substance to the bullshit spin on the story? As I say, NEVER believe stories that reek of “conspiracy theory” thinking. What I think happened is that Medvedev absentmindedly initialled something that he thought was just another boring set of mind-numbing bureaucratic regs. You see, if ONE person had been forbidden a licence due to such a reg, there would’ve been a STINK in the Western media. NOTHING HAPPENED. Let me repeat that… NOTHING HAPPENED. You know the usual MO of the Western media… if they’re wrong, they simply don’t refer to the story again.

It’s like the MH17 story… Russia didn’t shoot it down… the Novorossiyan patriots didn’t shoot it down… the junta didn’t shoot it down with malice aforethought. The most probable story is one that some of my contacts in Europe told me… a Ukrainian junta pilot shot down the airliner in error. That is, everything went to hell that day… it was a day when all the cards broke “wrong”… no one’s to blame, as no one gave any orders. It’s like John Demjanjuk’s situation… he wasn’t to blame… he gave no orders, he initiated no policies (click here for everything that I wrote on l’Affaire Demjanjuk). In any case, he DID serve seven years in prison… he did his time for being a collaborator.

To follow the logic used in Demjanjuk’s trial, Wernher von Braun should’ve faced 20,000 counts of murder for the prisoners who died at Mittelbau-Dora constructing V-2s… I forgot… he was an aristocrat, a superior Westerner, and a valuable scientist. Demjanjuk was just a common guy, a Slavic nobody, and an expendable ordinary working stiff. In like manner, the ideologues who egged on the massacre at the Dom Profsoyuzov deserve to hang, but those that they fooled deserve forgiveness (yes, they’re guilty, but they’re not “major war criminals” using the Nürnberg definition). Those who ordered and planned enormities have a qualitatively higher level of guilt than those who carry out the enormities (I know that this is an unpopular conclusion, but such is what it is). That is, those who write disinformation in the media are culpable… but those who’re in charge of them are even MORE culpable. Quite obviously, all the other staffers are innocent… they neither wrote nor directed anything. For instance, Victor Potapov, as head of religious programming at Radio Liberty is more culpable than anyone under him, as he ORDERED their adherence to the Langley line.

To give you an idea of what the Russian media actually writes about “sexual minorities”, click here. Note that this appeared in RT, an official Russian media outlet. I’d say that this is a Russian reply to Western media reports of two weeks ago. Note the positive tone… do note how they point up that the USA is hardly guiltless in its own policies… indeed, one could say that a small (but loud) sectarian minority does its best to drag American society around by the nose. Compare American sectarian braying to what HH said… “We respect all human decisions, including those of sexual orientation, but we reserve the right to call sin a ‘sin'”. Russian society isn’t perfect… I’d note that American society is right down there too. Go to sources… remember, certain media outlets have an agenda. Note that the Western reports were exaggerated; the Russian report was objective, straightforward, and non-judgemental. RT trumps the Beeb… who woulda thunk it.

Vova wins again. He’s not a black belt judoka for nothing…


Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Putin Signed Law Banning Publicity and Symbols of Organisations that Collaborated with the Nazis

01 Thank a Russian WW2 Soldier for Kicking Hitler's Arse


President V V Putin signed a law that bans favourable publicising of or displaying symbols of organisations that collaborated with the Nazis or those that deny the results of the Nürnberg Tribunal. The RF Gosduma passed the law on 24 October; the RF Federation Council approved it on 29 October. It amends the law “On Perpetuation of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War” and the Code of Administrative Offences. A court can impose fines for violation of the law. Private citizens could receive a fine of 1,000-2,000 roubles (22.60-45.20 USD. 138-276 Renminbi. 1,380-2,760 INR. 25.80-51.60 CAD. 26.20-52.40 AUD. 18-36 Euros. 14.20-28.40 UK Pounds) or imprisonment for up to 15 days, officials will face fines of up to 4,000 roubles (90.40 USD. 552 Renminbi. 5,520 INR. 103.20 CAD. 104.80 AUD. 72 Euros. 56.80 UK Pounds), and legal entities shall have a penalty of 10,000 to 50,000 roubles (226-1,130 USD. 1,380-6,900 Renminbi. 13,800-69,000 INR. 258-1,290 CAD. 262-1,310 AUD. 180-900 Euros. 142-710 UK Pounds). Manufacture, sale, or promotion of Nazi symbols or other prohibited merchandise will bring private citizens fines of up to 2,500 roubles (56.50 USD. 345 Renminbi. 3,450 INR. 64.50 CAD. 65.50 AUD. 45 Euros. 35.50 UK Pounds), officials could receive up to a 5,000 rouble fine (113 USD. 690 Renminbi. 6,900 INR. 129 CAD. 131 AUD. 90 Euros. 71 UK Pounds), legal entities could get fines of anywhere from 20,000 to 100,000 roubles (452-2,260 USD. 2,760-13,800 Renminbi. 27,600-138,000 INR. 516-2,580 CAD. 524-2,620 AUD. 360-1,800 Euros. 284-1,420 UK Pounds).

5 October 2014




This means that virtually all “Ukrainian” symbols are illegal in the Russian Federation… rightfully so. The present junta glorifies the Nazi collaborators of the VOV… I’d remind my readers that the USA and USSR were allies in the fight against the fascists. The Anti-Hitler Coalition was no joke… however, US career military officers (mostly from the US Republican Party) sheltered Nazis… they hated communism so much that they whitewashed the actions of real war criminals who ordered and carried out enormities and atrocities of the worst sorts (whilst they threw poor spear-draggers like John Demjanjuk to the dogs). After all, it was only inferior Slavs who suffered… everyone knows that Westerners are inherently superior! The USA supports those who collaborated with fascists… the Vatican supports those who collaborated with fascism… what more need I say? Ponder this… the US Republican Party supported Nazi war criminals and saw to it that they received pensions for their Nazi service… the US Republican Party applauded the denial of pension rights to NVA veterans. I seem to see a difference… one that’s supremely evil and without remedy. They call such people “Pro-Life”… I think not…

One last thing… this law means that the symbols of the so-called “Russian Liberation Army” and KONR are illegal in the RF. That means that the ROCOR should halt all glorification of the Vlasovtsy, the KONR, and of the Cossack SS Cavalry Corps, and of their treasonous activities. I wonder if that’s going to happen…


Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Patriarch Irinej Holds Memorial Service for Jasenovac Victims

00 Utstasha. 15.02.14


On Tuesday, Patriarch Irinej Gavrilović, the First Hierarch of the Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC) held a memorial service in Mlaka near Jasenovac, the site of a Croatian World War II death camp. The Nazi puppet fascist Ustaša régime of the so-called Independent State of Croatia (NDH) ran the prison and death camps. 22 April is the anniversary of the Jasenovac breakthrough staged by the camp’s prisoners. The day is also marked in Serbia as Holocaust Remembrance Day.

After liturgy led by Patriarch Irinej, Metropolitan Amfilohije Radović of Montenegro and the Littoral, and Bishop Jovan Ćulibrk of Lipljan, and other clerical dignitaries, a commemoration honoured Jasenovac victims. Serb Republic (RS) public broadcaster RTRS reported that Patriarch Irinej said, “The church in Mlaka is on land where many suffered, where they killed hundreds of thousands of martyrs just because they were Serbs and Orthodox believers. That was the only thing they were guilty of; the criminals thought they would wipe all Serbs and Orthodox people off the face of this earth. It can hardly be explained what drove people to commit such crimes. Members of another religion didn’t do this; (Catholic) Christians did this, and that’s what makes it terrifying. I don’t want us to condemn or imprecate them, but we must not forget this”. Director of the Secretariat for Religions Dragan Davidović attended the ceremony as an envoy of Serbian President Milorad Dodik, as did President of the Serb National Council in Croatia Milorad Pupovac.

During the Second World War, the village of Mlaka was a “collection centre” for Jasenovac death camp for women and children from the Kozara region. Over 30 children died daily from hunger, heat, and diseases. A number of execution sites were also in the area. Situated some 12 kilometres from Jasenovac, Mlaka was home to around 1,500 people before the war. The fascists took the entire village population, including 250 children, to camps in the spring of 1942. Today, the village is home to around 40 Serb returnees.


Biden’s mentor was a pro-Ustaša Croat RC priest. Need I say more? The fascists have protection in HIGH Western places. How many Americans have heard of Jasenovac? For that matter, how many Americans know of the UPA murders of thousands of Poles and of the Balts’ willing collaboration in the Holocaust? Note well that those with much blood on their hands walked free whilst a little man like John Demjanjuk (an ordinary working stiff, a tractor driver and diesel mechanic) caught it in the neck. That sickens me. I fear that more blood will flow, not only in the Ukraine, but in the Balkans as well. It’s all due to American meddling in affairs in foreign parts not its own. When will they ever learn?


22 April 2014



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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Moscow Outraged At Neo-Nazi Campaign in Estonia

March in honour of collaborators in Latvia… none dare call it evil…


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MID) responded to a meeting of Estonian Waffen-SS veterans at the Congress of the so-called Union of the Estonian Fighters for Freedom. The MID wrote, “The attempts made by the Estonian authorities to glorify fascist collaborators aren’t defensible. Such meetings glorify former SS officers and locals who collaborated with the Nazis. We can’t see this as anything other than an intentional promotion of neo-Nazi sentiments in Estonia and as a mockery of the memory of those who saved the world from fascism”. What particularly offends Moscow is the fact that Estonian Defence Minister Urmas Reinsalu attended the meeting.

17 July 2012

Voice of Russia World Service


Editor’s Note:

The USA sheltered Baltic and Galician Nazi collaborators after World War II, shielding them from legal prosecution (it made a special legal exception for these SS thugs, are the US authorities saw them as anti-Russian and anti-communist allies of capitalism). Langley even helped amoral monsters such as Skorzeny and Barbie to escape justice in the immediate post-war years. That’s why I find the recent persecution of John Demjanjuk so immoral and depraved. Demjanjuk was nothing but a perimeter guard at worst… he never ever made a single executive decision, even at the humble level of section leader. There’s no proof that he even touched a concentration camp inmate, let alone beaten or killed any. On the other hand, the USA (both Republican and Democratic administrations, by the way), coddled and cosseted the worst SS thugs and murderers; it was because they were “anti-communist”, dontcha know.

The Union of the Estonian Fighters for Freedom began under the umbrella of the so-called Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations, formed in 1943 in the German-occupied Ukraine, and, later, a Langley front organisation. Its leader after World War II was Yaroslav Stetsko, a fanatic Banderist and Galician Uniate, who collaborated with the Nazis. Great bunch, eh? The Baltic and Galician diasporas are very vociferous in their defence of SS filth. Sad to say, some diaspora Russians engage in the same wicked (secular) blasphemy. There are all too many who glorify the 15 SS Cossack Cavalry Corps… they’re painted up as martyrs in some sections of the Russian-American diaspora (some groups closely tied to Jordanville are particularly virulent). The DP element particularly mythologised the action at Lienz (doubtlessly, they’ll pillory me for not taking the side of the Nazi collaborators). These Cossacks willingly fought for the Nazis in Yugoslavia… they didn’t fight for the “liberation” of Russia (the so-called Russian Corps fought in the Balkans as well, but as they were émigrés from Yugoslavia, that, at least, makes some form of sense).

All in all, it’s a very tangled skein… it’s one of the reasons why Russians so hate the USA. After all, would you trust those who harboured and coddled those who stabbed you in the back?


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