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Saturday, 2 August 2014

ITAR-TASS Presents… 190 Years Ago, Alaska Officially became Part of the Russian Empire

00 alaska 01. mt foraker. denali natl park. 18.04.14

Mt Foraker in Denali National Park (Denali Borough AK)


00 alaska 02. hope ak. kenai. 18.04.14

Election Day in Hope (Kenai Peninsula Borough) AK


00 alaska 03. northern lights. anchorage ak. 18.04.14

Northern Lights over Anchorage AK


00 alaska 04. polar bear. 02.08.14

A polar bear in a nature reserve in Alaska


00 alaska 05. anchorage AK. 02.08.14

Full moon over Anchorage AK


00 alaska 06. Bering Sea. 02.08.14

A skier and their dog on the ice of the Bering Sea


00 alaska 07. Canada Goose. 02.08.14

A Canada Goose in Anchorage AK


00 alaska 08. Mendenhall Glacier. 02.08.14

Tourists at the Mendenhall Glacier in the Coast RangeJuneau Borough AK


00 alaska 09. elk in anchorage ak. 02.08.14

An elk crosses the road (Westpark Drive, Anchorage AK)


00 alaska 10. lake eklutna. 02.08.14

Canoes for rent on the beach of Lake Eklutna in Chugach State Park (Municipality of Anchorage AK)


00 alaska 11. galciers. 02.08.14

Glaciers in Alaska


00 alaska 12. Mount Susitna. 02.08.14

A view of Cook Inlet and Mount Susitna (also called The Sleeping Lady) (Matanuska-Susitna Borough AK)


00 alaska 13. Prudhoe Bay. 02.08.14

An oil extraction site in Prudhoe Bay (North Slope Borough) AK


00 alaska 14. Auck Bay. 02.08.14

Seals and Bald Eagle in Auke Bay AK


00 alaska 15. mt redoubt. 02.08.14

A view of Mount Redoubt in Lake Clark National Park and Preserve (Kenai Peninsula Borough AK) Chigmit MountainsAleutian Range


190 years ago, on 17 April 1824, Foreign Minister Karl von Nesselrode of the Russian Empire and American ambassador Henry Middleton signed the first agreement on defining boundaries in Alaska. According to the document, the border lay along the parallel of 54′ 40” Northern Latitude. Russians weren’t supposed to settle south of that line, Americans to the north of it. In 1867, when the Russian Empire had financial difficulties after the Crimean War (1853-56), it sold Alaska to the USA for 7.2 million USD.

17 April 2014




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