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Friday, 15 May 2015

15 May 2015. More GOAA Scuttlebutt… Is Metropolitan Isaiah in the Doghouse Too?




I got this from a source:

Yes, I have heard those rumours as well. I also heard that the Archdiocese may remove Metropolitan Isaiah over the problems in Salt Lake City and stories about priests preaching sermons on the aerial toll houses, etc. in parishes of the Denver Metropolis, influenced by Fr Ephraim’s followers.

The buzz ain’t dying down. That doesn’t mean that it’s true, but it does mean that the buzz ain’t dying down. No one can sue me for saying that. In any case, look at the head of this… it’s tentative; I’m reporting what people are saying… not what’s happening. This is the fruit of the secrecy in the Church. When no real news comes out, all sorts of rumour and innuendo result, hell, it’s worse for the Church than the godawful idiocy in the first place. However, if priests are preaching on the Toll Houses, the Church should slap them down HARD. It isn’t a teaching of the Church… it’s NOT a synodically defined doctrine… it’s nothing but a pious opinion that one can take or leave as one wills.

I think it’s time to reiterate what the ROCOR Holy Synod did back in the day. It simply forbade all discussion or publication on the matter. That was WISE, kids. We should follow that, not scum-bum guru “elders” and internet swami bloviators. I say that the ROCOR Holy Synod should reissue its missive and direct it at all the loudmouth asshats out there. Now, that would warm my innards and make me rub my tummy in joy…



Sunday, 30 October 2011

‘Occupy Wall Street’ Protesters in Colorado Dispersed With Rubber Bullets

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Police in the US city of Denver used force against supporters of the Occupy Wall Street movement as a crowd of some 2,000 stormed the Colorado Capitol, CBS reported on its website on Sunday. Police clashed with protesters and used pepper spray and rubber bullets to break up the crowd, the report said. Protesters knocked a police officer off his motorcycle and kicked other officers, Denver police spokesman Matt Murray was quoted as saying. Seven protesters were reported to have been arrested. In New York, Occupy Wall protesters struggled to stay warm and dry in their tent camps in Zuccotti Park as a rare massive snowstorm hit the city on Saturday, with temperatures forecast to plunge to freezing overnight.

30 October 2011



Note to Orthodox Christians:

His Holiness supports the aims of the Occupy Wall Street movement… JP supports the aims of its rightwing opponents. Which side are you on?


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