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Saturday, 17 June 2017

Iraqi Christians Face “Death Sentence” as Trump Prepares Mass Deportations



The stupidity of this is mindboggling. The silence of so-called “conservatives” should give you the measure of this godless and demonic movement. They support this and they support Trump in doing this to Christians. All those who voted for Trump are patsies… he’s handing over US foreign policy to Israel and the KSA. He’s also enabling every Russophobe in creation. All Orthodox who voted for this man are partially responsible for this and for the present campaign against the Rodina. It gives you the measure of Dreher and Potapov, doesn’t it (Whiteford is too stupid to garner blame for his rightwing rants… he’s merely an ignorant Yahoo… not calculating and mendacious like Dreher or Potapov).

This is evil. Note well that the “conservatives” are silent about this. Where is Fox News? Where is Sean Hannity? Where is the National Review? May God curse their movement.

Interestingly, I think that Trump himself isn’t that stupid. However, Netanyahu and Prince Mohammed bin Salman are that hateful and they forced Trump’s hand (both have an irrational hate of Iran and its allies). If this doesn’t prove to you that US foreign policy in the Middle East comes from Tel Aviv and Riyadh, nothing will. Strange bedfellows, the KSA and Israel, wot? It proves that hatred can make the most bitter opponents collude together to harm a third-party. God do help the USA and Middle Eastern Christians.



A large roundup of Iraqi Christians by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) sparked off widespread criticism of President Donald Trump, who previously pledged to protect such communities from persecution in the Middle East. Over the weekend, the ICE seized dozens of Iraqi Christians and other immigrants a series of ICE raids, many of which took place in Michigan, a state known for its large Middle Eastern population. Those arrested face risk of deportation back to their home countries, some of which Trump previously criticised as being hostile toward Christians. CNN reported that many of the detained face years-old charges, with some having not committed any crimes in the past two or three decades. Activists such as Steve Oshana, the Assyrian Christian executive director of A Demand for Action, a non-profit that assists at-risk religious and ethnic communities in the Middle East, attacked Trump for allowing authorities to send Christians back to places like Iraq, where the USA said that a “genocide” against the faith was occurring. On Monday, Oshana, who claimed that some of those arrested hadn’t committed any crimes at all, told Catholic news outlet EWTN:

Someone like the President of the United States has to step in, he promised in the past that he was going to protect our community, but the people who are being sent back now are being sent back as a direct deal between the USA and the Iraqi government to accept these people.

Lavrena Kenawa, an American Chaldean Catholic, cried as she thought about her uncle, seized Sunday by ICE agents during a rally outside the Mother of God Catholic Chaldean Church in Southfield MI on 12 June 2017. A number of protesters gathered to criticise President Trump’s authorisation of raids targeting Iraqi Christians (amongst other groups the President once pledged to protect from persecution in the Middle East). ICE stated that the raids were “consistent with the routine targeted arrests carried out by ICE’s Fugitive Operations Teams on a daily basis”. According to Michigan’s Local 4 News, however, scenes of chaos reportedly broke out near Detroit’s ICE office as busses removed the suspects. Protestors claiming that ICE apprehended as many as 80 people in the area assembled outside the detention centres, shouting slogans that accused ICE of racism, and attempted to block the buses from departing. On Sunday, local lawyer Wisam Naoum said that ICE officers deliberately waited to take action when the local Chaldean Catholic Assyrian community gathered for Mass. On a Facebook post, Naoum said:

This is a deliberate attack on the Chaldean Catholic Assyrian community of Detroit by the Administration. They waited until Sunday when our community would be going to church and gathering with their families and have rounded up to 40-60 community members.

Naoum said he’d heard reports of the authorities sending suspects to prisons as far away as Ohio and that some final orders to deport individuals to Mosul were received. Mosul is the former Iraqi stronghold of the Islamic State (ISIS) that now serves as a venue for a violent showdown between the jihadists and an Iraqi government-led offensive. ISIS had its origins in Iraq’s Sunni Muslim jihadist movement and the militant group took control of up to 45 percent of the country in 2014, subjecting Shiite Muslims, Christians, and ethnic minorities to mass torture, enslavement, and executions. Despite sweeping victories by Iraqi forces against ISIS in Iraq, Christian protesters claimed being sent back to the country amidst the current instability would effectively constitute a “death sentence”. In January, Trump tweeted:

Christians in the Middle-East have been executed in large numbers. We can’t allow this horror to continue!

Shortly after Trump took office earlier this year, ISIS’s infiltration of Iraq led Trump to add the war-torn nation to a list of countries he sought to ban all travel and immigration from. Shortly afterwards, a federal court struck down the measure, prompting Trump to resubmit the order, this time omitting Iraq, as he’d faced criticism from both the Iraqi community and government, which is deeply involved in the fight against ISIS. According to Politico, in exchange, the Iraqi government reportedly agreed to accept Iraqi nationals designated for deportation by the USA. Most recently, despite Iraq’s absence, a federal appeals court also blocked and struck down the second inception of the travel ban on Monday.

14 June 2017

Tom O’Connor




Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Australian Protester Who Highlighted Inequalities in British Society Ordered to Leave Britain for Being “Not Conducive to the Public Good”



A Home Office spokesman said that Australian Boat Race protester Trenton Oldfield, 37, was ordered to go back home to Australia as his presence in Britain wasn’t “conducive to the public good”. The spokesman said, “Those who come to the UK must abide by our laws. We refused this individual leave to remain because we don’t believe his presence in this country is conducive to the public good”. Trenton Oldfield was jailed for six months for halting last year’s University Boat Race on London’s River Thames for 25 minutes by swimming into the path of the crews. The action was designed to highlight élitism in British society. Before going on the protest, he wrote a blog setting out his rationale and making clear his plan didn’t constitute an act of terrorism. Oldfield said later, “People tell me that on the day of the race, 500,000 people looked up the word “élitism” on Google. It sparked a debate”.

Oldfield’s wife, Deepa Naik, 36, who’s to give birth in a week, appealed against the decision to deport Trenton. She added that his political protest highlighted the inequality in British society and a huge contradiction between the foreign policy and the domestic policy of Great Britain. Deepa Naik said to our VOR correspondent speaking about the court decision to depart her husband, “What we’re trying to do is to draw attention to the culture of élitism symbolised by the OxfordCambridge Boat Race. 70 percent of this current Cabinet went to either Oxford or Cambridge and 78 percent of the judges went to either of these schools. This culture élitism sets one group of people apart from the rest. The government is protecting interests of cooperation of banks, of very very wealthy people at the expense of the working persons, working mothers, and people with disabilities. It’s creating even more inequality. London now is the most unequal city in the developed world; it has the widest gap between the rich and the poor. There’s a huge contradiction between the foreign policy and the domestic policy and how protesters in this country are treated. This government and the previous government are criminalising protests, so, this idea that one has the right for political expression in other country is completely back, but how they treat the sentence in this country is very very different, I think there is a huge contradiction”.


Élitism is the belief or attitude that some individuals, who form an élite… a select group of people with a certain ancestry, intrinsic quality or worth, higher intellect, wealth, specialised training or experience, or other distinctive attributes… are those whose influence or authority is greater than that of others; whose views on a matter are to be taken the most seriously or carry the most weight; whose views or actions are most likely to be constructive to society as a whole; or whose extraordinary skills, abilities, or wisdom render them especially fit to govern.

25 June 2013

Voice of Russia World Service


Editor’s Note:

If you vote for the Republicans in the USA, the Liberal Party in Australia, or the Conservatives (sic) in the UK or the Conservative Party of Canada, this is what you vote for. What makes it worse is that it isn’t an old-school Burkean Conservatism of hierarchy and family status, it’s a Radical Liberal notion of crass wealth alone. Mark this down well… none of the Anglosphere “conservatives” are Conservative at all… they’re Radical Liberals who hate learning and heritage. They’re just money-bloated spiders, nothing else. When HH condemns “Liberalism”, this is what he condemns. In short, the people who’re trying to ally Orthodoxy with rightwing elements aren’t only wrong, they’re spouting the most noxious form of content-less Anarchism… Laissez-faire Libertarianism.

Think on that (especially, in view of the fact that Potapov boasted of sucking up to the wealthy)…



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