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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

29 October 2014. Christian Iraq is No More… Do You Want to Vote for the Republicans Who Brought That On?

00 christ or rush. 29.10.14


The ancient Christian communities of Iraq are no more… that’s the direct result of Bush’s and Cheney’s warmongering in 2003. Today, the GOP rattles its rusty sabre yet again… if its earlier aggression led directly to the present predicament of Iraqi Christians, one shudders to think what the results of their latest warmongering would be. If you’re an Orthodox Christian and you vote for Republicans, you thrust a knife full-force into the backs of your co-religionists in the Middle East and in the Ukraine. There’s no other way of putting it. You spit on the Lord Christ through the blasphemous Republican assault on the Orthodox peoples of the Middle East and the Ukraine. Why? Why are you helping those who hate our Faith, who hate our People, and who hate our Civilisation? They want to rape our ancestral homelands in the Middle East and Eastern Europe for the sake of Filthy Lucre. They want to replace our ancient Belief and Worldview with their Me First-Winner Take All cacodoxy.

You DO have a choice… Christ or Rush Limbaugh… the GOP or the Holy Church… Almighty God or the Almighty Dollar. Do choose carefully… the fate of your immortal soul IS at stake.



Sunday, 27 July 2014

27 July 2014. MY HEROES… THANK YOU!

00 Thank You Grandpa for the Victory. 27.07.14


00 my heroes. poklonnaya gora. 27.07.14


Спасибо вам… THANK YOU for crushing the fascist snakes (and their collaborationist running dogs)… THANK YOU for stopping the Nazi murderers… THANK YOU for giving us a peaceful world to grow up in.


I can’t say it often enough or loud enough… if you know a World War II vet from any of the countries of the Anti-Hitler Coalition, honour them… they saved us from a long nasty fascist night. They’re our heroes… NOT Ronald Reagan… NOT Rush Limbaugh… NOT Clint Eastwood… NOT Bill O’Reilly… NOT Richard Cheney… NOT Paul Ryan… NOT Willard Romney… all of whom avoided combat service (some were gutless cowards who avoided military duty altogether).

Respect those who earned respect… as for the others… kiss my ass…


Now, that’s WORTHY of respect and honour…


Tuesday, 31 December 2013

31 December 2013. Just What Does Edward Snowden Have to Say for Himself?

00 Edward Snowden. 26.10.13


  • Being called a traitor by Dick Cheney is the highest honour you can give an American.
  • This country is worth dying for.
  • Seeing someone in the position of James Clapper… the Director of National Intelligence… baldly lying to the public without repercussion is the evidence of a subverted democracy. The consent of the governed isn’t consent if it isn’t informed.
  • Unfortunately, the mainstream media now seems far more interested in what I said when I was 17 or what my girlfriend looks like rather than, say, the largest programme of suspicionless surveillance in human history.
  • Bathtub falls and police officers kill more Americans than terrorism, yet we’ve been asked to sacrifice our most sacred rights for fear of falling victim to it.
  • The NSA has built an infrastructure that allows it to intercept almost everything. With this capability, the vast majority of human communications are automatically ingested without targeting. If I wanted to see your e-mails or your wife’s phone, all I have to do is use intercepts. I can get your e-mails, passwords, phone records, credit cards. I don’t want to live in a society that does these sort of things… I don’t want to live in a world where everything I do and say is recorded. That isn’t something I’m willing to support or live under.


We have a choice… we can vote Republican and have tyranny worse than any seen in history (the NSA’s perversion mainly occurred under George W Bush)… or, we can vote against them. Let’s put it this way… the Democrats aren’t exactly pristine, but compared to the Republicans, they’re as pure as the driven snow. The programme of the GOP is evil… ergo, all decent people must oppose it. They want to enshrine racism, greed, warmongering, fear, and low-wage slavery. No amount of waving “Pro-Life” banners can change that…

Listen to Eddie… he’s trying to tell us something…



Monday, 21 October 2013

21 October 2013. The More Things Change… It Was EVER Thus… Russian Woman Sees Her Fiancé Off to the Army

00 Russian Army conscript with fiancee in Stavropol. 20.10.13


In Russia, there’s really no such thing as “volunteering” for the forces. The officers are “volunteers”, to be sure, and there are some “contract personnel”, but most entries to the forces come in via conscription, and there are two drafts of conscripts per year, one in the spring, the other in the autumn. This dates back to pre-technology times, when the army took in men after the spring planting, and after the autumn harvest. There’s relatively little “draft dodging“; most of that is found amongst those warped by Western ways of thought.

Compare this patriotism with the anti-patriotic filthiness shown by Western Neoliberals such as the US Republican Party, the British and Canadian Conservative Parties, and the Australian Liberal Party. When Marx said, “Capitalism has no homeland”, he wasn’t joking! It means that the righties put money, power, and comfort over the commonweal of community. Willy Romney refused to serve… Ted Nugent refused to serve… Richard Cheney refused to serve… Paul Ryan refused to serve… Rush Limbaugh refused to serve… Scott Walker refused to serve… you get the message. The Republicans (and their foriegn analogues) wrap themselves up in the flag, scream for constant warfare, yet, most of them refused to serve! It tells you much of their character (Orthodox people should note that most of the konvertsy fit that mould… disregard their “patriotism”, it’s shallow and self-serving).

You can choose to honour the patriotism of the Russian conscripts or you can suck up to the godless greed and self-serving cowardice of the Republican Party. I’ve chosen… so should you. Choose well…



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