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Thursday, 28 August 2014

28 August 2014. Some OCA Whispers in the Loggia

00 a whisper in the loggia. 08.12


Well, kids, there’s buzz that Maymon wants to sell the Diocese of E PA digs in South Canaan and move to Philly. He can’t stand living in rural PA. Poor baby! It was good enough for Bishop Kip! It was good enough for Herman… it shows good sense, it’s cheaper to live up there, and it’s in the midst of the people. Perhaps, that’s why the Anglo bastard wants to leave… it’s in the midst of people that he holds in contempt. He was nothing but trouble for the Antiochians and he’s turning out to be nothing but a pain in the ass for the OCA. A local told me:

Can you see those coal-crackers like Kowalski driving to Philly every week?!

NO WAY! NO HOW! Any road, NEPA is the cradle of our Church. It’s full of WONDERFUL folks. Maymon is an ungrateful and self-centred bastard… NEPA is a special place… full of special people. Hell, I wouldn’t mind retiring there myself. Where was the Metropolia’s first Sobor? Mayfield! This Anglo SOB doesn’t know that in his bones and he doesn’t care. He should stop this immediately and issue an apology to his people. Every time that I think that the Anglos have grown some sense, shit like this happens. It’s why they’re hated by many ethnic folks… they’re “oh so much more better” than we are, and they let us know it in so many ways. For Maymon to leave NEPA is spitting on our heritage. We came out of the mines and mills, not the country club! He deserves a Cossack horsewhipping for this.

On a lighter note, Dickie Wood surfaced on Facebook in civvies. That doesn’t mean anything of itself… many priests do that in their “off hours” (like the late Metropolitan Nicholas Smiško going off to the International to have a friendly brewsky or two). However, it’s set tongues wagging, and I’ve heard it from several… it doesn’t mean anything of itself… but do keep your eyes n’ ears peeled.



Wednesday, 27 June 2012

27 June 2012. JP Refuses to Move Against Velencia’s Legal Harassment of Fr Michael Regan… Dickie Wood Prematurely Aged by His Ordeal… Perich Becomes “Administrator” of St Nick’s in the District… The OCA Pot Bubbles On

Dickie Wood in a recent photo (I photoshopped out the person next to him… they’re not a “public figure”… therefore, I used photo-editing to preserve their privacy). The stress of his recent ordeal has aged him prematurely…


I have it on good authority that Ray Velencia is still pursuing a legal case against Fr Michael Regan. I’ve noted that JP is keeping a public silence on this obscenity and abomination of desolation. A suspended priest sues a priest in good standing, and JP just sits there, sucking his thumb, doing nothing. JP is RV’s diocesan, therefore, he has the duty to publicly condemn RV, condemn the legal case against Fr Mike, and defrock RV for such arrogance and unruliness. Did RV ask JP’s permission to sue Fr Mike? Interesting question, that is. However, it’s clear that JP’s done nothing. He’s telling the world by his inaction that he doesn’t defend his priests… that he allows frivolous legal actions by disgraced clergy against good clergy. This is one of Fathausen’s most stupid moves. He’s making every priest ask, “Am I next?” This is unwise, but JP isn’t the sort that considers others.

For instance, when he went to Mayfield, sources tell me that he didn’t consult with the local NEPA OCA clergy first. This, at least, ruffled feathers. Furthermore, it shows that JP has no regard for the rank n’ file clergy in the trenches. So, if one looks at this, in connection with his slobbering toleration of RV’s lawsuit, it means that he has nothing but contempt for the ordinary parish priest. As a friend wrote me, “As for JP, yes, where are those willing to rid us of him? It was so much easier in the ‘good old days’ when you could find an assassin to help you out”. The person involved isn’t a nutter… they’re quite mature and a solid Church member for years. THIS is what’s out there.

If one looks at Dickie Wood’s photo, he’s aged tremendously. Of course, the crazy situation that JP put him in would turn anyone’s toes. Mind you, I think that Dickie’s a Renovationist loon… but that doesn’t excuse how JP moved against him. My view’s clear. I think that Dickie knows about Bobby K’s involvement in the OCA Representational parish in Moscow, and it wouldn’t surprise me to find out that Bobby was in cahoots with the crook starosta there. Therefore, JP wanted to send Dickie off to Manton… but he didn’t end up there, as all of us know. You don’t pick and choose whom you defend… you defend anybody who’s getting the shaft, no matter who, no matter for what. Dickie deserved to go, but due process wasn’t followed, and JP’s utter secrecy in it all should be a warning to all of us. Dickie still has powerful friends… and JP’s ignoring that.

JP has made John Perich Dean of St Nicholas Cathedral in DC in all but name. This is a clear sign that Bobby’s gang of cutthroats has taken over. It’s clear that JP is nothing but a Charlie McCarthy to Bobby’s Edgar Bergen. John Perich is part of that Pennsyltucky crowd around Bobby… with this appointment, JP made it clear to all the cognoscenti that he’s nothing but Bobby’s obedient little Peke. Oh, yes… the crowd at Monomakhos all shouted down the person who posted this news at first… yet, you can see what happened. It’s an indication of how far you can trust that bunch, I’d say.

However, don’t forget that the Storheim pot’s still boiling up in Canada. It hasn’t gone to trial, yet. I think that event will be a catalyst… people who’re on the fence now will have their eyes opened. Yet, you can’t rush that; so, if someone refuses to see truth, let them be. Coming events will open their eyes, and more fully than any of us realise. Hell hath no fury like a good-hearted po-nashemu slogger who finds out that they’ve been lied to.

As Konstantin Simonov put it in one of his poems, “Simply… you knew how to wait… No one else but you”. Better days ARE on the way…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Wednesday 27 June 2012

Albany NY

Thursday, 17 May 2012

17 May 2012. New Twist on Dickie Wood… My Sources DISAGREE… Now, THAT’S Interesting


The Dickie Wood story continues to “develop” (in the sense of an old-fashioned photo “emerging” in its chemicals in the darkroom). One source demanded that I remove an earlier post. Legit journalists NEVER do that. Bloggers do. As I’m an internet journalist, earlier posts stay, as they’re “snapshots” of a story at a given point. My earlier sources weren’t lying… they were passing on the story that they knew and heard. Also, I didn’t label it as a “positive confirmed fact”. Such things happen in jouranlism. That being said, it’s clear to me that are several “stories” out there, and it’s all the fault of Fathausen’s lunatic secrecy. Now, after hearing several equally-passionate accounts, all that one can say is that the believers and rank n’ file clergy all disagree on the details of the dénouement of l’Affaire Wood. One story is that he’s in Manton… I reported that already. Another is that he’s in Moscow with Vlad Berzansky Jr (I consider this the least likely, by the way). There’s a third, that denies vehemently that he’s in Manton, but doesn’t give details. This is a typical whisper heard in the loggia:

I can confirm that he isn’t in Manton right now. You should be pursuing the St Catherine’s matter any way that you can. There’s a story there. Bishop Benjamin has no love for Dickie, and Kishkovsky’s out to get him. He’s always been. They’re interested in burying him alive. Real Christian men!  That’s the reason that despite all the evidence, things are what they are.

My take on Dickie Wood is simple. He’s one of the worst and most stuck-up arseholes in the SVS/Syosset orbit. He and his defenders are only repentant because their lunacy has backfired on them. Dickie’s a heartless Renovationist, as so many SVS fanatics are. I’ve no use for the Crestwood mafia, they’re the cause of the current malaise in the Church, completely and utterly. The Schmemanndorff duopoly put it all into motion… the sooner that we destroy St Vladimir’s, the sooner health will return to the Church here. However, Dickie’s been fucked by the powers-that-be with no vaseline. He knows SOMETHING that scares SOMEBODY. Yet, I don’t know where he is or who he’s with… my sources are discordant… passionately so. As for St Catherine in Moscow, my sources have come up with zilch… the perp’s got someone with big vig protecting them, no doubt. All in all, the Genprokuratura should look into it… for the scammer’s aiding Fathausen, who’s the puppet of a known Langley asset, Potapov. That is, Sergei Alikov is aiding an American cleric who’s in the pocket of the American special services… he’s not only acting in a manner befitting criminal investigation, he’s unpatriotic, in aiding a known enemy of the Rodina.

This is a “Niemöller moment”. No, I disagree profoundly with the smarmy pietistic attitude of the Dickie Woods of this world. I find them nasty and juvenile poseurs. Dickie lying about earning a kandidatura was a case in point. However… I WILL speak up for him, as he was unjustly accused, put before a kangaroo court, and unduly sentenced. For those who don’t know it, Pastor Martin Niemöller wrote:

First, they came for the communists,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a communist.

Then, they came for the trade unionists,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

Then, they came for the Jews,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Jew.

Then, they came for me…
and there was no one left to speak out for me.

I WILL speak for Dickie Wood… otherwise, no one will speak for me, when they try to attack me (and they shall). There’s no other way around it. I condemn Dickie Wood’s oddbod actions and beliefs, and his coddling of cultish HOOMie filth, yet, I also attack those who used a kangaroo court to fuck him. That’s how decent people act. I do daresay that I’m NOT alone in believing that.

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Thursday 17 May 2012

Albany NY

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

16 May 2012. The Grapevine Sez That Dickie Wood’s in Manton… Time Will Tell


Some interesting scuttlebutt from the grapevine’s “out there”… I’ll say that since I heard it from one source, it’s a “maybe probable”. It’s certainly not impossible. The word has it that Dickie Wood’s in Manton CA at JP’s old monastery. Benjamin and JP would want to keep Dickie away from his allies at SVS and from his pals in Lyonyo’s circle. That makes it “interesting” because it’s an action that “makes sense, given the situation”. Of course, the logical question is, “If Dickie’s in Manton, is it voluntary, or, is it a coerced stay to get Dickie out of circulation?” I’ve received nothing to put even the most tenuous speculation out on that one. As always, you pays your money… it’s what “out there”, and the OCA apparat has no one but itself to blame for the current atmosphere of rumour and innuendo… it’s a direct result of their twisted and maniacal secrecy.

For those who’d like to know, Manton is @150 klicks (95 miles) due west from Platina, a 2.5 hour drive on secondary roads (no doubt, JP moved it there to be closer to his nutter pal Gerasim). That’s to say, it’s in the heart of Nutty Squirrel HOOMie land… Dickie’s in “Indian country” as we said in the service… poor guy (I don’t have to like him to see the nastiness of his exile).

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Wednesday 16 May 2012

Albany NY

Another Member Spoke Up:

I just got this:

Wood was sent to the monastery for repentance. Holy Synod took no action, they’re just keeping the status quo… he’s suspended.

THIS is the sort of news that oca.org should be posting… not bootless stuff about some oddjob at SVS getting 40 Gs to plan a concert. However, I think that they won’t do anything until the barrel goes over the falls… then, it’ll be too late. Pass me the jug…


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