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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

German Commies Aid Kid’s Hospital in Gorlovka

01 kid in hospital



A paediatric hospital in Gorlovka received medicine from Die Linke deputies of the German Bundestag. The hospital needs medicine; the range of medicines available to it is very limited. The hospital staff thanks the German deputies for their shipment of humanitarian aid.

20 February 2015

Gorlovskie Vedomosti



The Left HELPS the people of Novorossiya… Neoliberals (“conservatives”) aid those who bomb them. By their fruits, ye will know them… what does that tell you about the American Anglo Establishment and those Orthodox who whore for them? I hope that one in suburban Maryland ponders the TRUE price of his house… rather Faustian, wasn’t it?


Monday, 5 January 2015

Die Linke Slams Merkel Government… Accuses It of Blackmailing Greece

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo. Greece's Golgotha. 2012


Bernd Riexinger, co-leader of Die Linke, accused the Merkel government of blackmailing Athens and of deliberate attempts to destabilise the situation in Greece. His comments followed an article in Der Spiegel stating that Bundeskanzlerin Merkel and Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble no longer ruled out the possibility crisis-stricken Greece might leave the Eurozone. Riexinger said in an interview to Handelsblatt-online, “With this lack of tact, the government may set off a bomb that may aggravate the crisis in Greece. This kind of open blackmail destabilises the situation in the run-up to elections”. He argued that such media releases might trigger massive withdrawal of cash by retail clients form bank accounts. Riexinger said, “That’s organised irresponsibility”. Der Spiegel quoted government sources as saying that the German authorities believed that Athens’ withdrawal from the Eurozone would be almost inevitable if Greece halted the policy of austerity and public spending cuts after the upcoming 25 January parliamentary election.

5 January 2015



Friday, 18 April 2014

German Free Democratic Party Slams NATO’s Actions in the Ukraine



On Friday, Wolfgang Kubicki, Deputy Chairman of Germany’s Free Democratic Party (FDP), said in an interview with DPA, “I consider as most counterproductive that NATO has concentrated its forces to the so-called eastern border and the involvement of the Bundeswehr in it. It’s also very dangerous. It’s most important to develop a dialogue with Russia, and to expand the participants in negotiations between Europe and Moscow. The very high support [by Russians of the policy of President Vladimir] Putin should make us think twice. Talking to each other doesn’t mean firing at each other, but rather understanding of each other”.

On 17 April, NATO’s press service reported that the alliance was sending five warships to the Baltic Sea to support its Eastern European allies. The source said that the group included warships from Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Estonia. Earlier, a NATO Council meeting in Brussels approved a package of measures to strengthen the security of the alliance’s Eastern European member-states due to the crisis in the Ukraine. Following the meeting, NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said that the alliance would have more planes in the air, more ships in the water, and land forces would be ready.


The FDP is the coalition partner of the CDU in the Merkel government, without its support, it’d fall. Besides that, it’s a neoliberal “Free Market” bunch to the RIGHT of Merkel’s CDU. Even the righties see no good in the junta! Germany isn’t going to threaten Russia militarily nor with economic sanctions, not now, not later, not ever. Add to this the fact that Die Linke (the main Leftist party, the successors of the SED… the righties keep them under surveillance, a sign that they have a serious chance at power) opposes antagonising Russia, and that many elements in the SPD (a centre-left bunch) don’t favour such either means that Germany won’t join the American goading of the Bear. NATO’s revealed to be a ramshackle “Coalition of the Unwilling”… after all, most European states have slashed defence spending to the bone, and they’re not going to reverse that any time soon.


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Friday, 14 March 2014

Die Linke Leader Gysi Lectures the Bundestag: EU Screwed it Up in the Ukraine!

00 crisis 03. Simferopol. 02.03.14


Gregor Gysi, the leader of Die Linke, read the EU the riot act with regard to the Crimean crisis. Gysi gave the federal government and the EU a lesson in international law, charging, “From Gorbachyov to date, the EU and NATO did everything wrong… they imagined themselves the winners of the Cold War. Barroso and the EU made a disastrous error. The West mired itself in the Ukraine without considering the Crimea’s importance to Russia and what fears it’d engender amongst Russians. In recent years, the West continually violated international law, but now the West claims that it upholds international law. The EU and the German government accepted that the overthrow of President Yanukovich was a coup against the Constitution… but now they base their criticism of Putin’s actions in the Crimea on that very broken Constitution. Just when does this Constitution apply? The federal government is a hypocrite, for it banned contacts with Austria years ago because Jörg Haider was in the government, but now they recognise a government in Kiev that has obvious fascists as members. Svoboda speaks of ‘Russian pigs’ and ‘Jewish swine’, and that Ukrainians should turn their guns against both. It’s a scandal that the EU chose such a government as a partner. Do you want to coöperate with such a government, Frau Merkel? I hope that everyone would learn a lesson from the Ukrainian crisis, that we’d once again respect the law as the law”.

13 March 2014

Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten


Editor’s Note:

I thought that you’d like to know that “the Ukraine” in German is “der Ukraine”, not “Ukraine” as unhinged Ukie nationalists have it. We should follow the rules and traditions of English, not the demented vapourings of interested and unrepresentative activists. If German follows German rules, then, English should follow its rules, not the screaming of nationalist cretins. Do use “the Ukraine”… it’s what’s correct in English… let the activists caterwaul… the caravan does move on.

The most important point that Herr Gysi brings up is, “Just when does this Constitution apply?” Indeed. The present criminal junta in Kiev seized power extra-constitutionally… yet, it appeals to that very Constitution to oppose a democratic referendum in the Crimea (asking for Western aid to do so). In fact, when it suits them, they amend it at every turn, it seems (“moving the goalposts” in a rather obvious and slipshod manner). It’s Jabberwockian, and it gets more so with every day. Yes… Alice is beyond the looking-glass and everything’s upside down (at best). Queen Yuliya demands, “Off with their heads…”


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