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Sunday, 2 April 2017

Russia Unloads on Scumbags like Waters and McCain… WITH HUMOUR!



Here’s my “vote” for the best April Fool’s Joke… This sounds like the Old Master’s (Lavrov’s) sense of humour…



😀 The Ministry of Foreign Affairs uploaded the following answering-machine message, “at any diplomatic mission of the Russian Federation”… business as usual, on April Fool’s Day:

Hello, you’ve reached the Embassy of the Russian Federation. If you’d like to request a call from a Russian diplomat to your political opponent… press 1. To use the services of Russian hackers… press 2. To request election interference… press 3 and wait until the next election campaign. Please note that all calls are recorded for quality improvement and training purposes.

1 April 2017

МИД России (MID Rossii)



Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Rewriting History? Polish FM Sez Ukrainians Liberated Auschwitz… Russia Puzzled

00 auschwitz kids. 21.01.15


The Polish FM’s statement that the Ukrainians liberated the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp puzzled Moscow. V I Churkin, the Russian Ambassador to the UN, remarked that the Red Army, which liberated the camp, was multinational. However, on Wednesday, Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs Grzegorz Juliusz Schetyna, speaking on Polish radio, said, “The 1st Ukrainian front and Ukrainians liberated [the concentration camp], as on that January day there were Ukrainian soldiers, so they opened the gates of the camp”. That was in answer to a question related to invitations to join the ceremonies marking the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau by the Red Army on 27 January 1945.

Following the comment, Ambassador Churkin pointed up to Schetyna that Red Army liberated the concentration camp, adding that the front had the title “First Ukrainian” “because it liberated the Ukraine from the Nazis before reaching Poland through battles”. on Wednesday, in New York, Churkin told the Polish UN envoy, Bogusław Walenty Winid, speaking at a UN conference commemorating the liberation of the camp, “Like all other parts of the Red Army, [the front] was multinational and consisted of Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Georgians, Armenians, Azerbaijanis, Central Asians, and many others… from more than 100 Soviet ethnic groups” . Churkin urged Winid to explain the grave mistake to the Polish FM saying, “I’m sure he didn’t intend to offend so many peoples”.

UK-based journalist and writer Neil Clark told RT that interested parties rewrite history for political purposes, saying, “Fact is, the Soviet Red Army liberated that appalling camp Auschwitz. Yet, now, in 2015, we rewrite history to write out the role of the Red army in liberating Auschwitz for political purposes”.

In 2015, the Polish government issued no specific invitations for the commemoration event… the Polish authorities passed this duty to the Auschwitz Museum and the International Auschwitz Council. The organisers of the ceremony stated that they asked all nations who contributed funds to the site to see if they were going to take part, without personal invitations. On Tuesday, Putin’s spokesman D S Peskov said that Putin wouldn’t attend the event, as he hasn’t received any invitation. Meanwhile, S B Ivanov, the Head of the RF Presidential Administration, will represent Russia.

The commemoration of the liberation of the Nazi death camp shall take place on 27 January. It comes 70 years after Soviet troops liberated it in 1945. The Nazis imprisoned about 1.5 million people at Auschwitz, many of them Soviet citizens.

21 January 2015



Auschwitz Memorial: Solemnity Turned into a Diplomatic Snub


Victory Day in Kiev under V F Yanukovich… he honoured the Great Victory… NOT the Nazi collaborationist filth. The present junta praises traitorous, treacherous, and murderous collaborators… that gives you a measure of their (lack of) character, I’d say…


yanukovich with veterans

V F Yanukovich greeting Red Army vets of the VOV… note well that American neocons HATE him for standing tall for the men who FOUGHT Nazism… tells you much about American neocons and their drooling foreign pals, doesn’t it?


Amongst issues like the Paris attacks, many took the news that President Putin didn’t receive an invitation to the 70th Anniversary of the Liberation of the Nazi death camp at Auschwitz in Poland as a sign of a deepening rift between Russia and the West. It had wide coverage from leading news networks, including Bloomberg, Reuters, the AP, and the New York Times, amongst others. However, despite the Polish government’s denials of a snub, dutifully covered in the media, it was rather interesting why nobody dug deeper into the matter beyond official media releases.

As reported, both the Polish Government and Auschwitz Commemoration officials denied sending out invitations to anyone, including Russia, but that they only sent mere notes about the event to other EU countries and financial contributors to the Auschwitz Foundation, trying to make it look like an event at a membership-only nightclub. Today, the preliminary list of attendees and invitees includes President François Hollande of France, President Joachim Gauck of Germany, President Heinz Fischer of Austria, King Philippe of Belgium, King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands, and Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark; they even invited P A Poroshenko, oligarch-turned-President (sic) of the Ukraine, who rose to power due to a rightwing coup last February, but not the leader of the nation whose forces liberated the camp.

In May 2014, the Polish newspaper Rzeczpospolita (Premier: ws. zaproszenia Putina na rocznice w Oswiecimiu byłbym ostrozny) reported that Putin’s attendance at the 70th Anniversary of Auschwitz’s liberation was a political liability to the ruling neoliberal rightwing Platforma Obywatelska (Civic Platform) (PO) and its grip on power in the upcoming Polish election. Rzeczpospolita quoted Donald Franciszek Tusk, Polish President of the Council of Ministers, as saying, “Should there be an invitation sent to President Putin? I’d have to be very careful and reserved with that. We still don’t know how the situation in the Ukraine and Russo-Ukrainian relations will develop”.

Despite deep unaddressed structural problems in the Polish economy, Tusk decided to make a strategic move to capitalise on deep anti-Russian sentiment as a game-winner in the election. This strategy continued despite a recent change at the helm of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MSZ), replacing Radosław Tomasz Sikorski, a die-hard neocon and architect of Polish involvement in the Ukrainian revolution, with PO politician Grzegorz Juliusz Schetyna. Sikorski got the boot over controversial remarks he made regarding Polish foreign policy vis-à-vis the USA and Russia, a policy that he both helped design and implement. According to RzeczpospolitaHow Poland Invited Putin by not Inviting Him, the MSZ used a diplomatic trick to de facto not invite Putin to the event by not following diplomatic protocol reserved for events such as this. As a result, D S Peskov, Putin’s spokesman, confirmed that Putin won’t attend the ceremony, but denied its connection with any kind of diplomatic snub.

The symbolism of an event commemorating the end of the world’s first industrial-scale death camp, where over 1.5 million died, including (but not limited to) Poles, Jews, and Soviet POWs, effectively descended to the level of grotesque political machinations. Putin’s actions on the Crimea started international sanctions and what many believe is a concerted effort to control oil prices. The international community condemned Putin’s actions, as some said they violated both bilateral and multilateral treaties Russia signed in the past. However, until now, the historical legacy of what Russians call the Great Patriotic War was beyond the reach of the political and expedient.

Despite ever-growing Eastern European revisionism, even if one doesn’t like or respect Putin, one can’t forget the enormous sacrifice the Russian people gave in World War II; it has a place in history as one of the greatest triumphs over the ultimate evil of Nazism. The Polish government’s game over invitations snubs not Putin, but the entire Russian nation, which sees the victory in 1945 as one of the most important foundational blocks of its identity, which isn’t surprising when the price paid exceeded 24 million of its people. The effect of the event’s politicisation is such that Poland made itself look ungrateful for its liberation from Nazi occupation, an occupation that only ended through the battle deaths of over half-a-million Red Army soldiers.

Naturally, Polish existence in the Soviet sphere of influence that followed made many Poles conclude Communism was the same as Fascism in its occupying effect, but historically and factually, it’s false, as both systems didn’t represent an equal threat to Polish nationhood or its physical survival. The fact that Poland now proclaims itself a free and democratic country is the best proof of that. At the same time, one can’t help but notice a historical irony in the new age of NATO expansionism. The industrial extermination of millions that took place on Polish soil gave birth to a very strong “Nigdy Wiecej” (Never Again) sentiment in Polish society, which itself paid with over 6 million lives of its citizens.

However, 60 years later, the new reality of “free and democratic” Poland gave rise to CIA “black site” torture camps, a direct and cynically ironic outcome of a foreign policy subordinated to the whims and requirements of a foreign superpower. In the end, a country that sent troops to faraway lands such as Iraq and Afghanistan as part of a so-called pacification action should look no further than its own history and the rhetoric of its past oppressors to see what it looks like. The moral judgement of World War II and its outcome is constant. For those who wish it to revise it, whether they do so on the barricades of Kiev under Banderist flags, in Humvees in Iraq, or in the skies over Yugoslavia or Libya, there’s plenty of blame to go around. Often, hypocrisy in international relations is a sign of weakness of those unwilling or unable to live by the standards they preach, whilst invoking historical amnesia as a tool of instant absolution.

Now, the 70th Anniversary of Auschwitz’s Liberation officially turned into a historical Disneyland of political expediency, where PR prerogatives take precedent over decency and solemn remembrance. As a warning to humanity, we should’ve left the memory of Auschwitz and what transpired there untouched for future generations. We shouldn’t use it as a tool of failed policy to contain and diminish Russia. A Polish word characterises the event even better than the ironically cynical sign on the gate of the camp, “Arbeit Macht Frei” (Work sets you free), installed by the camp creators as a ruse to the ones who entered it. It’s “Hanba”… Shame. The victims of Auschwitz deserve better than this.

20 January 2015

Derek Monroe




00 Uniate fascists. 09.09.14



There’s a world of difference between Russia liberating Nazi death camps and Uniate Galicia’s role operating said death camps. That being so, P A Poroshenko’s participation in the anniversary is a travesty, shitting on the memory of the Red Army men who liberated Auschwitz, on the memory of the prisoners who survived Auschwitz, and on the memory of all the soldiers of all the nations of the Anti-Hitler Coalition, who opposed the mentality that produced Auschwitz. The murderers of the SS wore SS uniform… many of the Ukrainian neofascists proudly wear such uniforms today, as the above image testifies.

The USSR fought against Hitler… the Galician Uniates, Balts, and Croats fought alongside Hitler… they refuse to acknowledge their guilt in Nazi war crimes. They proudly commemorate those who fought under the swastika; they anoint them as heroes. They refuse to acknowledge that their actions were evil… indeed, they erect statues of those who helped murder Jews and who fought the Anti-Hitler Coalition with all their might. This is history, and no amount of revisionism can change it.

None dare call it evil… especially, not the US Republican Party (it embraces the neofascist junta in Kiev as its “milk brother”*)… now, that gives you a clue about what “Pro-Life” means to them. Nasty shit, isn’t it?

*“milk brother”: Russian idiom for two men who’ve shared the same whore


Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Putin Excluded from Holocaust Commemorations

Liberation of Auschwitz by Red Army. 12.11

The Red Army liberated Auschwitz… to exclude V V Putin is to spit in the face of all the surviving World War II vets and of all camp survivors to suck up to Nazi collaborationists, Nazis, and their successors. The Ukraine is now ruled by those who revere Nazi collaborationists and who allow neofascists to prance around in SS uniforms in public. None dare call it evil and obscene… 


Glancing at the headlines, one might believe President Putin had inappropriately decided not to attend Holocaust commemorations in Poland. In one breathtaking display of misinformation, Reuters reported in its article Putin will not attend Holocaust commemorations in Poland that, “On Monday, sources told Reuters that Putin was unlikely to join world leaders gathering at the site of the Auschwitz death camp because distrust caused by the conflict in the Ukraine cast a pall on arrangements”. In reality, Poland, the nation hosting the commemorations, never invited Russian leader. The geopolitical thrust and accompanying misinformation wants to reinforce the perception that Russia is now a hegemonic threat, on par with Nazi Germany during World War II. Reality couldn’t contradict this contrived narrative more.

On 22 June 1941, Operation Barbarossa began. Three massive German armies moved at lightning speed into the USSR as part of a long-anticipated Nazi attempt to conquer Russia. The invasion would quickly overwhelm unprepared Russian forces, bringing German armies up to the gates of several major Russian cities, including Moscow. Along their way, Nazi forces would carry out mass arrests and executions of Eastern European Jews, Slavs, and Russians. The Russian people and their allies fought bitterly at the cost of millions of lives to first slow, then, stop the invasion, then, turn it back, before finally reaching the gates of Berlin themselves. Europe’s Jews, imprisoned and mass murdered by the millions, owe their eventual liberation to the heroic sacrifices of the Russian people who fought the majority of the war in Europe against Germany, years before American boots landed on the beaches of Normandy in 1944.

Thus, President Putin represents a nation and people that formed the vanguard against the Nazi scourge and ended the threat of fascism in Europe. At the end of the war, whilst American soldiers found Hitler’s death camps shocking, the Russian people lived the nightmare of Germany’s systematic regional genocide for years, first-hand. Putin’s exclusion from Holocaust commemorations is more than mere politics; it warns us that an old enemy once again stirs in its dark lair. After the end of World War II, the Americans, along with their newly formed NATO alliance, quickly used Nazis who surrendered to them so as not to face “justice” at the hands of the Soviets for their serial crimes against humanity. The Americans integrated them into some more noble causes such as space exploration, but also amongst darker networks including intelligence, propaganda, and even domestic terror networks (later, known notoriously as Operation Gladio).

At the end of the World War, NATO consistently backed former Nazis and their ideological allies in Soviet territory like the Ukraine, to resist Soviet rule. These networks have survived, continuously, and manifest themselves even today in the form of the current Kiev junta, which violently overthrew the elected Ukrainian government between late 2013 and early 2014. Fully backed by NATO, these successors of Nazi collaborators who literally served Adolf Hitler’s catastrophically tragic bid at global domination and assisted the genocide that accompanied that bid, carry out out similar dark deeds in [Novorossiya], albeit on a smaller but no less tragic scale. In true form, reflecting the obscenely dishonest narratives woven by Nazi propagandists like Joseph Goebbels, the Western world sidestepped these historic and current realities. Instead, they insist that Russia, not literal fascists carrying Nazi flags, represents a resurgent fascism threatening Europe today.

President Putin’s exclusion from Holocaust commemorations is a direct part of forming and reinforcing this narrative. No one could give a greater insult to the victims, survivors, and heroes who suffered and eventually overcame the Nazi scourge than to twist and intentionally distort history, propping up the successors of villains and condemning those representing the millions of Russian lives lost to face such villains and a people who are once again ready to face them again. Once again, Europe approaches precariously the precipice of self-inflicted tragedy. Fascism both old and new is festering and spreading in all directions as European leaders and the special interests that direct them seek a familiar ploy used when all else fails to unite and regiment their peoples. Once again, Russia seems to be standing alone in the face of this growing menace along their border, and once again, the Russian people are quietly preparing to make sacrifices befitting the heroic deeds of their fore-bearers.

Must it come to this? What if people saw and pointed to the gross hypocrisy and betrayal of Poland and the forces of fascism once again festering within that dealt the nation such a tragic blow during the last World War? What if people realised, regardless of their feelings toward Russia, that the path that they’re on leads only to self-ruination? Could Europeans as a whole realise that there’s a middle path between the extremes presented before them? The coming weeks and months will yield these answers. For those who have keenly kept one eye on history, and one on current events today, they must try to hope for the best, but prepare for the worst, remembering the lessons World War II has taught them, even if such lessons seem to be lost on everyone else.

19 January 2015

Ulson Gunnar

New Eastern Outlook



Poland DID invite P A Poroshenko, the fascist junta strongman. I’ll keep it simple… Russians and other Soviet peoples LIBERATED Auschwitz… Galician Uniates helped OPERATE Auschwitz. I find this disgusting and beyond the pale. As I said, this spits in the face of all World War II vets… it honours those who revere Nazi collaborators. It tells you much about the contemporary West, doesn’t it? It started when US Army career officers sheltered Nazis, as they found the anti-leftist and anti-labour viewpoints of the Nazis congenial. Don’t forget, the USA that fought World War II was a centre-left polity… most US Army prewar career officers hated the New Deal… ironically, they hated the very ideology that won the war, as they were mostly rightwing Republicans. That’s why they protected Nazis… it’s why they went along with Cold War rhetoric. In today’s Germany, Nazi officials receive pensions… NVA officers don’t. Now, I call that EVIL. This infection has festered for a VERY long time… the US Republican Party was its “godfather”.

I know that the Uniates and “Ukrainian Orthodox” have prepared for this for years. Sadly, these groups allowed fascist collaborators into their leading circles. I was at a Ukrainian Christmas party where they inappropriately inserted a little sketch attacking Russians and Soviets. This was a holiday party, but they inserted racial hatred into it. Can you think of anything lower? That was over thirty years ago, but I’ve never forgotten it. That explains it all… hatred burns bright in the Galician diaspora. It’s like the Ghost of Christmas Present in A Christmas Carol… I’m thinking of the two urchins that clung to him. The two urchins are Nationalism and Hate… the girl is Nationalism; the boy is Hate. “Beware them both, and all of their degree, but most of all beware this boy, for on his brow I see that written which is Doom unless the writing be erased”.

Look at the Galician diaspora. Hate is corrosive… don’t give it harbour in your heart.


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