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Sunday, 19 February 2017

19 February 2017. Five Reasons Why VVP Is One of the Foremost Statesmen in the World Today



I saw this on a Russian website. It explains why many people throughout the world think highly of VVP:

  • He kicks Yankee ass
  • He kicks Yankee ass but good
  • He kicks Yankee ass with regularity
  • He kicks Yankee ass where everyone can see him kick Yankee ass
  • He kicks Yankee ass and he makes us laugh and smile when he does it

That’s why Chilly Hilly hates him. He not only didn’t kiss her ass… he kicked her ass for the whole world to see, and that was the unpardonable sin. I agree with the above wholeheartedly… I’m glad that D O Rogozin is probably going to replace Vova. Dmitri Olegovich isn’t only smart and determined; he’s anti-American to the bone because of the Nasty Nineties. Trust me, Russia is on the upswing; America is trending downwards due to its coddling of the financial nabobs and greedster oligarchs. Russia has real wealth whereas the USA only has paper wealth… we all know what really counts in the crunch, don’t we?

America has no one of V V Putin’s calibre and none of the specious disparagement flung against him can change that fact.



Sunday, 26 June 2016

26 June 2016. Did You Know?

04a Kirill and Zyuganov

HH with his good friend Comrade Zyuganov… he doesn’t pal around with “conservative” trash


00 Zyuganov and Church. KPRF. Russia. 01. 09.07.14

Here’s Comrade Zyuganov with clergy from the REAL Church (not Krazy Konvert Konventicle types… that’s the famous Igumen Sergei Rybko from Bibirevo… the rocker priest)… that’s Deputy Chairman of the RF Government D O Rogozin in the background (one of the most competent men in the apparat… he’s anti-neoliberal and anti-American to the bone)


Did you know that most Party members are believers? I think that the Peoples Republics foreshadow the Great Russian future… a synthesis of Christianity and Marxism that’s simply amazing. Old antitheist Marxism is dead… the people in the Donbass want BOTH the Cross and the Red Banner. The Church is NOT the handmaiden of the ravening and rapacious Neoliberal Right (Potapov, Whiteford, and Paffhausen do NOT reflect the REAL Church led by HH)… do ponder that…


Saturday, 21 May 2016

21 May 2016. A Point to Ponder From General Shoigu… Russians Take the LOOONG View

00 Sergei Shoigu EU 210516


Unlike Anglos, who are bratty juveniles with the attention-span of a gnat in heat during the mating season, Russians take the LOOONG view. General Shoigu looks beyond the near term… which Anglos can’t do at all; they’re arrogant toddlers who want everything NOW. This is especially true of “conservatives”… their greed (Crapitalism) pops out of every pore; their adolescent rebelliousness (“Libertarianism”) and toxic “religiosity” (“Evangelicalism”) infects large swathes of the USA. I’d say that the USA faces tough and competent foes in S K Shoigu and D O Rogozin… do note that the Anglos don’t (and don’t want to) realise that.

Bet on Red… as in “Red Banner”… that’s where the future lies…


Sunday, 31 January 2016

31 January 2016. A FB Vid from Deputy Chairman of the RF Government D O Rogozin… “Dedicated to ALL Our Mothers”

russian soldier with mother



Dmitri Olegovich gets this one right. He opposes godless filth like US Republicans and Chilly Hilly/Butcher Biden and their traitor accomplices in the Rodina. THIS is what Holy Rus stands for…

His mother just passed… pray for her and for the entire Rogozin family (her Christian name is Tamara… his father Oleg died in 2010).


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