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Saturday, 19 April 2014

Peskov sez Putin’s Popularity at Its Peak

00 Putin Easter. Moscow. 19.04.14


On Saturday, Presidential Spokesman Dmitri Peskov told TVC TV that President Vladimir Putin’s popularity is at its peak, “It’s absolutely obvious that we can see a phenomenal consolidation of society around the idea of patriotism, a sort of renaissance of Russian patriotism. Practically all of society supported Putin’s position on the Crimea’s reunification with Russia. [Putin] showed that he’s the president of both those who agree and those who disagree [with his views], as long as they act according to the law. It’s regrettable that there’s been intolerance towards other points of view in Russia, but it isn’t widespread”. Peskov pointed up Putin’s words about rejection of such intolerance, “He said, ‘I think this is also a good signal… as the saying goes, every cloud has its silver lining’, this is what he said on the direct line [on 17 April]”.

19 April 2014



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Monday, 14 April 2014

Lavrov Urged French to Tell Junta to Cool It… Junta Tries to Shut Off Water Spigot… Putin Watches Situation “With Great Alarm”

00 Slavyansk 04. 14.04.14

Free Slavyansk… still in patriot hands


On Monday, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MID), Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergei Lavrov urged his French counterpart Laurent Fabius in a phone conversation to prevent the junta in Kiev from using security or military forces against the patriotic resistance in the Ukraine. The MID reported, “The Russian side emphasised the necessity to promptly put an end to the Kiev-pursued policy of aggravated provocation of the already critically tense situation in southern and eastern Ukraine. Lavrov dismissed well-known attempts by the USA and a number of European countries to lay the blame for events taking place there on Russia, and called on Paris as one of the guarantors of the 21 February agreement (between Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich and the radical oppositionists) to hold the Kiev authorities back from using force and the army against protesters in Slavyansk and other Ukrainian cities. Russia is ready for international coöperation to settle the situation in Ukraine, including within a possible four-party meeting in Geneva, but its holding directly depends on decisions being made by Kiev under the patronage of, firstly, Washington”.


There one has it. The Old Master openly accused the junta of being Washington’s obsequious Stepin Fetchits… of turning the Ukraine into an American colony in all but name. Note well that the American and Canadian Galician Uniate diasporas are silent… you see, they’d have a special position as middlemen for the American occupiers. I’d say that their silence covers them all with guilt. Why won’t they condemn this act of terrorism and rapine? Why? I can understand why those who personally profit from an American rape of the Ukraine would keep silent, but what about the rest? Why? Do the fascists cow them all into silence? God have mercy on them… their complicity in evil has led to deaths… and shall lead to more. Pass the jug…



On Monday, Kryminform reported that Republic of the Crimea (RK) First Vice-Chairman of the Government Rustam Temirgaliyev told journalists that Kiev reduced water supply to the Crimea via the North Crimean Canal from 50 cubic metres per second to 16 cubic metres per second. He said that the RK government prevented the Kiev junta from cutting off all water by finding a technical solution. Temirgaliyev said that the acting junta Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration Andrei Senchenko was behind issuing a direct order to cut off water supplies to the peninsula. Temporary water shortages caused minor irrigation problems in the RK’s Saksky Raion because early sorts of ground vegetables require special watering. However, the Crimean authorities found resources for irrigation.

Temirgaliyev said, “The officials in Kiev should seriously think over what they’re doing by cutting off water supplies on the North Crimean Canal. Such actions arouse bewilderment, to put it mildly. I believe that everything will get back to normal, and these people will be found responsible for issuing criminal orders, including to the Ukrainian Committee for Water Management”. He flatly denied the junta’s allegations that claimed the Crimea didn’t pay for its water {unlike the Ukrainians, who refuse to pay for the gas that they use: editor}. He said that the RK met Ukrainian requirements and handed over all the necessary documents for concluding a water supply contract to Kherson Oblast last Saturday. Temirgaliyev explained, “We said that we were ready to pay the price that inept Kiev officials would set. However, again, they found some formal reasons by saying that we had sent them the wrong documents”.

The North Crimean Canal is a land improvement canal for irrigation and watering of Kherson Oblast in southern Ukraine and the Crimea. The Soviets built it in 1961-71; it has many branches. The canal starts from the Kakhovka Reservoir and stretches out to Kerch in the eastern Crimea.


Asked about President Putin’s reaction to reports coming from the eastern Ukraine asking the Russian president to intervene, Presidential press secretary Dmitri Peskov told journalists, “Regrettably, there are many such requests, addressed personally to Putin and asking him to help, to intervene in this or that form, coming from the eastern Ukraine. [President Putin] watches the situation’s development in these regions with great alarm. That’s all I can say on the issue”.

14 April 2014





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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Putin Spokesman Peskov Sez Russia’s Internal Affairs No Concern of USA

00.01ac KPRF Election Protest. 24.12.11. Moscow


The USA has no place in any dialog between Russia’s government and opposition movements opposed to President Putin’s rule, Putin’s spokesman told an American journal. In an interview published on Thursday, Dmitri Peskov told The National Interest, a bi-monthly American foreign policy journal, “The dialogue between the Russian government and the opposition can’t be a subject of the bilateral relationship between Moscow and Washington, and in no way can be an issue of [interstate] discussion”.

Putin frequently accused the USA of being behind the unprecedented protests against his rule that broke out in December 2011, whilst late last year the alleged torture of opposition activist Leonid Razvozzhayev sparked a diplomatic row between the two former Cold War foes. The USA also slammed last year a Moscow court’s decision to jail members of the anti-Putin punk rock group Pussy Riot over a protest in the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow. Washington also expressed concern over the treatment of protest leaders such as Aleksei Navalny and Sergei Udaltsov, both whom are facing long jail terms.

However, Peskov told the journal that Russia wouldn’t take into account American concerns over what The National Interest called “the domestic climate inside Russia”, saying, “Those are our domestic affairs, our domestic politics. We’re a democratic country, sharing the same values with the whole world, but we’re a country that’ll solve all the problems, domestic and the like, without any interference from abroad”. Peskov also praised what he called Russia’s “growing civil society”.

 25 January 2013




Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Putin Spokesman Dmitri Peskov Sez Playing with Religion in Russia Dangerous

These people are America‘s Pussy Riot… think about it…


Editor’s Foreword:

I’m using an “old” story for a reason. Check out my comments after the article.



Playing with people’s religious feelings in Russia is dangerous, President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman Dmitri Peskov said in commentary on the case of female punk group Pussy Riot, telling the Dozhd TV channel on Thursday, “In this country playing with nationalities, playing with religion, is the same as smoking at a filling station”. An edited clip of the Pussy Riot protest posted online showed the group alternately high-kicking and crossing themselves near the entrance to the altar of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, accompanying their song Holy Shit, urging the Virgin Mary to “drive Putin out”. The song contained words insulting to Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev of Moscow and all the Russias and rude references to believers.

A Moscow court found three band members guilty of hooliganism; it sentenced them to two years imprisonment each on 17 August. This attracted both media attention and international criticism, which Moscow dismissed as “groundless” saying the band’s act was not an issue of artistic performance, but was “insulting to millions of Orthodox believers”. Peskov observed, “Most probably, I belong to the part of society that’s genuinely indignant and believes that such deeds should be punished very harshly”.

7 September 2012



Editor’s Afterword:

This is a little old, but it hasn’t lost its relevance. No one has the right to play with another person’s religious observance or beliefs in certain venues. Online, there’s a vigorous debate; let the devil take the hindmost! We can be harsh and astringent… if the situation calls for it. One can be blunt, for the internet is the agora of today’s society… you meet everything and everybody there, it’s an open space, full of life and discussion.

However, in our relations to living institutions and living people, we have responsibilities to one another. The Mormons are chock fulla shit… there are fewer groups more offensive in their greedy rapaciousness or more full of arrant lies (The Book of Mormon is the looniest “scripture” ever created… only an American sectarian could’ve thought it up). However, I’m not going to disrupt a Mormon “service”… I don’t have that right. In like manner, the protesters from “Westboro Baptist Church” at soldiers’ funerals don’t have the right to disrupt them. It’s shouting “fire” in a crowded auditorium, I say… it’s looking for trouble, and, one day, they’re going to find it, and they’re not going to like it one bit (I’d love to see it though, and I’m not alone in thinking that way).

Terry Jones is an arrant liar and extremist rabble-rouser. However, I have no right to disrupt his church services. There are simple souls in his congregation that I wouldn’t wish to hurt. I think that Freddie M-G has a lotta brass to demand that people fork over 25 bucks (785 Roubles. 20 Euros. 16 UK Pounds) apiece to hear her speak. Yet, I’m of the opinion that if you’re stupid enough to pay such an extortionate fee, I’ll not stop Freddie from fleecing you. I’d heckle her good n’ hard, though… a lecture isn’t a church service, a funeral, baptism, wedding, or other family celebration… all of which merit our respect.

In other words, we can be harsh on JP and his nasty lying claque in the agora. Such isn’t only our right; it’s our duty to the truth. On the other hand, we must pay an honourable homage to his sister’s passing and respect the services marking that passing. That’s what decent people do… both so-called “believers” and “non-believers” alike… I think that I have much company in thinking that.


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