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Saturday, 21 July 2012

Putin Warned West Not to Bypass UN Security Council Veto on Syria


On Friday, President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman Dmitri Peskov said that the president opposes any action related to Syria not authorised by the UN Security Council, saying, “In [Putin’s] opinion, any attempt to act without the [UN] Security Council’s approval will be unproductive and undermine the authority of this international organization”. After Russia and China vetoed the Western-backed UN Security Council resolution, US Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice said that the USA and its partners “have no choice but to look to partnerships and actions outside of this council to protect the Syrian people”. On Friday, Putin met with members of Russia’s Security Council to discuss the latest developments on Syria, including the veto. Peskov said, “Members of Russia’s Security Council emphasised that attempts to link the deteriorating situation in Syria to Russia’s stance were inappropriate and inadmissible”.

20 July 2012




Tuesday, 19 June 2012

President Putin May Attend Judo Competitions at London Olympics

President Vladimir Putin (1952- ) is a 6th-dan Rokudan “black belt” (actually, the belt is red and white at such a high level) in judo, and is a Master of Sport in both judo and sambo. Therefore, at the dojo, one would address VVP as “sensei”. He won his distinction before entering politics… he’s the real deal. Remember, judo is the “gentle way”… it’s why VVP often flummoxes his opposition.


On Tuesday, Press Attaché Dmitry Peskov said that President Vladimir Putin is considering attending the judo competitions at the upcoming Summer Olympics in London. After a meeting between Putin and British Prime Minister David Cameron on the sidelines of the G20 Summit in Los Cabos in Mexico, Peskov said, “President Putin wished Cameron success at the Olympic Games and said that he was thinking about attending the Olympics to watch some judo events. He’ll make the final decision later”. Putin, 59, is a black belt judoka and an Honorary President of the International Judo Federation and the European Judo Union. He’s the most famous promoter of judo in Russia and the co-author of a book entitled Let’s Learn Judo with Vladimir Putin. London will host the 2012 Summer Olympic Games on 27 July through 12 August.


Click here for a video and here for an image gallery of VVP at the dojo.

19 June 2012



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