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Friday, 13 June 2014

13 June 2014. You Can’t Make Up Shit Like This… Junta Supporter Proposes Building a 2,000-kilometre Border Wall! The Great Wall of Salo! (IS THIS REAL OR IS THIS A FRIDAY THE 13TH GOOF?)

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This being Friday the Thirteenth, the post below MIGHT be a goof on the part of jolly VOR sorts who got into the Mousecatel* early. Here’s the gnarly part… some of the Uniate nationalists are that crazy… you have to see their disconnect from reality to believe it. Read the following… it may be real, it may not… but the sad part is that the hoaxers (if, indeed, they were hoaxers) based it on the real behaviour and pathologies of the Uniate nutters. Of course, if it IS real, it illustrates the loony mentality loose in the junta.

*Mousecatel: NOT a typo, it was in one of those classic Friz Freleng Warner Brothers cartoons… some mice raised a cat, and Mama Mouse said, “You gotta excuse Pops, he got into the Mousecatel”.



Dnepropetrovsk Oblast *OGA Deputy Head Gennady Korban presented to the Ukrainian Presidential Administration an engineering project and a feasibility study of a 1,920-kilometre-long (1,193-mile-long) wall along the Russian border with an approximate value of 100 million Euros (4.66 billion roubles. 136 million USD. 147 million CAD. 144 million AUD. 80 million UK Pounds). Dnepropetrovsk Oblast OGA Deputy Head Svyatoslav Oleinik told Interfax, “Dnepropetrovsk Oblast Governor Igor Kolomoisky proposed this project. We can do it in six months”.

*OGA: Oblast State Administration

The project includes building a 1,920-kilometre-long blind metal fence along the Russian border; the electric fence would be of high-strength steel and have barbed wire on top. The proposal proposes to build the fence on the borders of Kharkov, Donetsk, and Lugansk Oblasts {the last two are no longer in junta control… fancy that: editor}. Deep wide ditches and barbed wire would block the approaches to the wall, which would impede movement of civilians, animals, cars, and armoured vehicles. Signal and antipersonnel mines would cover the space between the ditch and the fence. Ukrainian soldiers, border guards, and “National Guard” (sic) forces would protect the border fortifications.

Oleinik said, “Charities will finance this project. Everything that the project needs we make in the Ukraine; from this point of view, this is a good infrastructural project based on Ukrainian industries. A number of Dnepropetrovsk Oblast businesses could take part in the project {to profit Kolomoisky, his boss, natch: editor}. It will cost about 50 million Euros (2.33 billion roubles. 68 million USD. 73.5 million CAD. 72 million AUD. 40 million UK Pounds) to install a metal fence along 1,920 kilometres of the state border. The overall value of engineering works wouldn’t exceed 100 million Euros. There’d probably be money from the government, too”.


This is too Jabberwockian even for unhinged Galician Uniate nationalists, who don’t have a particularly firm grip on reality. The only comparison would be with the Inner German Border of the Cold War, between the DDR and BRD. That border was 1,393-kilometres-long (866-miles-long), so, the Russo-Ukrainian border would be 50 percent more than that. However, that’s not all… to ensure security, the Belarus-Ukrainian border would have to be similarly protected; otherwise, it’d leave the Ukraine open to infiltration and smuggling from Belarus. That’d add another 1,084 kilometres (684 miles) to the Great Wall of Salo, making it 3,004-kilometres-long (1,867-miles-long), a defended length a bit over twice the length of the putative Inner German Border.

The Inner German Border required 50,000 Grenzpolizei to man it. The Inner German Border was 47 percent of the length of the proposed border fortification, which means that the Ukraine would need to raise 80,000 troops over-and-above its current armed forces just to man the Russian-Ukrainian part of it (it would need 50 percent more to secure the Belarus part, too). The present Ukrainian Army has a TO&E strength of 73,000 and the defence budget is 2 billion USD (69 billion roubles. 2.17 billion CAD. 2.13 billion AUD. 1.48 billion Euros. 1.18 billion UK Pounds) (1.1 percent of GDP)… ergo, the size of the standing army would more than double, and the defence budget would skyrocket. This isn’t taking into account the funds necessary for fortification maintenance and oligarch theft (an obligatory item in the “Ukraine”). In short, the proposal (if, indeed, it’s real) is completely barmy, half-baked, and not based in reality. It shows you the mental landscape of the Galician Uniate nationalists, though…

Another normal day in the life of the “Ukraine”… “Off with their heads! The sun rises in the West!”


13 June 2014

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