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Thursday, 14 August 2014

14 August 2014. Video. THIS is What the American Establishment Supports in the Ukraine… This is Why We Can Have NOTHING to Do with the Uniate Pig Hierarchy and Churches

00 Ukrainian rioter 01. 31.01.14



This is the YouTube description:

Published on 8 Aug 2014

[Rada People’s Deputy] Irina Farion from the Svoboda faction, which took power in the 2014 revolution in the Ukraine, tells children in a kindergarten that their names are wrong. This woman has also said things like, “The demonstrators against the government should be killed”, and after the arson fire in Odessa that killed 35+ anti-Kiev demonstrators, she wrote on Facebook, “Bravo Odessa…. Let the demons burn in hell”.

This is evil. This is why I hate EVERYTHING that Victor Potapov, Jonas Paffhausen, Rod Dreher, and John Whiteford stand for… their support of the American Establishment (which, sadly enough, is “bipartisan”) upholds those who hate our Faith, our Motherland, our Holy Rus, and our Great Russian Civilisation and Culture. You can’t be in both camps. You are either for Christ and Holy Russia or you are for the USA and Godless Mammon. There’s no other choice. I’ve chosen. What about you? You may have real religion and follow Christ or you can have sectarian goo and follow Jayzuss/Jesus™. As always… it’s up to you. You can believe in Christ and His Church or you can believe in the Bible and its 10,000 interpretations. Choose well…

By the way, “niceness” doesn’t mean a hill o’ beans… some of the “nicest” people that I know are proponents of evil ideologies. Have a care… the times are indeed crank and disordered…



Thursday, 5 June 2014

5 June 2014. A Plea from Novorossiya…Remember the Dead of the Dom Profsoyuzov Fire… “Don’t Forget! Don’t Forgive!”

00 Don't forget. Don't forgive. 05.06.14

Don’t Forget! Don’t Forgive!


As many of you are aware, many people perished in the terrible arson at the Dom Profsoyuzov in Odessa. This is one of the war crimes now under investigation by the SK RF. As for me, I’d trip the trap under the entire junta with no emotion… I’d watch them all dangle and die with no feeling. Watch all the goodthinker pseudo-Christians come crawling out of the woodwork to condemn me! Go ahead… I don’t give a shit what any of you say. I’m long past impressing people… I only care to hold to the Truth and to tell the Truth. These scumbags brutally took lives and expect to get off scot-free. Yes, there’s little enough justice this side of the veil… but sometimes it does happen. The arch-instigator and the most guilty is Shevchuk… he urges on the killers and refuses to condemn their enormities. If you go to SVS on 12 June to hear Taft speak, you say to the world, “I support the Unia! I won’t let anyone attack it!” I’d remind everyone of what Metropolitan Ilarion Alfeyev just said:

The Greek Catholics played a very destructive role in making this situation. Their leading archbishop, hierarchs, and clergy affirm an extremely politicised position that’s a factor in polarising society; this position deepened the conflict, which already has numerous victims. Unlike the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church, which managed in these difficult months to unite people of various political persuasions, including those who’re on both sides of the barricades, the Uniates ostentatiously associate themselves with only one of the belligerent forces. The Uniates issue aggressive statements, initiate actions intended to undermine the canonical Orthodox Church, have active contacts with schismatical Orthodox, and they strive to split the united multinational Russian Orthodox Church. These actions caused great damage not only to the Ukraine and its population, but also to the Orthodox-Catholic dialogue. All of this pushed us far back, reminding us of the times when Orthodox and Catholics viewed each other not as friends, but as rivals. Today, once again, it’s clear what most Orthodox already knew… that the Unia was and, unfortunately, remains a special project of the Catholic Church aimed at undermining canonical Orthodoxy. The notorious “Union of Brest” in 1596 occurred here in Belarus, an event that brought untold suffering to the Orthodox population of these lands.

If you go to the SVS talk, you spit on the Church. If you excuse the enormities of the Uniate hierarchy, you spit on the Church. If you excuse the atrocities committed by the junta, you not only spit on the Church, you spit on all decent people. Go ahead… call me a “hater”… I’ve been called worse by better. There comes a time when justice MUST prevail… or our claim to be Christians is very specious, indeed. I WON’T forget… and I WON’T forgive… in the sense of letting them off the hook. I’d pray that God receive their souls as I sprung the trap… I do daresay that I’m not alone in feeling that way.


Monday, 5 May 2014

5 May 2014. We Have Crossed the Rubicon… Civil War (At Least) is Inevitable… The West Shows Its True Colours (Again)

00 galician UPA Democracy. 29.04.14


Reports are coming out that the death toll in the Dom Profsoyuzov assault is climbing into the hundreds. It isn’t bloggers saying  this… it’s sober responsible Russian lawmakers. Unfortunately, most of the zapadniki are misreading the situation due to their ignorance. If one were to put it simply, this present conflict is over whether the Ukraine shall be Western and papist or Eastern and Orthodox. The West tried once earlier to impose itself upon Malorossiya… the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth laid a cruel occupation upon the land and rammed papism down people’s throats via the Unia of Brest of 1596. This led to a long national resistance, led by the Cossacks (that’s why Uniates purloining Cossack imagery isn’t only false, it’s offensive)… the Cossacks killed Uniates when they laid their hands on them. Polacks could live… but Uniate turncoats? NEVER!

“Ukrainian nationalism” is a false construct, pushed by the West to weaken the Russian World. However, the assault on the Dom Profsoyuzov showed us what the West truly is. They haven’t changed since the Fourth Crusade or the False Union of Ferrara-Firenze… we exist only on sufferance of our “betters”. This is the First Act of a terrible drama that, I fear, must play out to its end, with much blood spilt. They wish our destruction as a people and wish to destroy our culture and faith. We shall NOT submit.

I can’t write much more on the topic… this enormity is JUST TOO MUCH. These people died because they were Russians… because they were Orthodox (in culture, if not faith)… because they were leftists. I’m all three of those. It could’ve been me. Ponder that, if you’re a Russian Orthodox person… please, do…

A feral night is falling upon my ancestral motherland… I weep…


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