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Friday, 1 August 2014

1 August 2014. Uniate Pig Journalist Calls for Final Solution in Novorossiya… If You Needed Proof that the Unia is Evil to the Bone, This is It

Uniate SS 1943

THIS is what filth like Butkevich glorify… in fact, all the Uniate hierarchy glorify it, too… any questions?


In an interview on Gromadske TV, Ukrainian journalist Bogdan Butkevich said that we needed to kill many of the residents of the Donbass. He claims that the Donbass is a depressed region, and the Ukraine doesn’t need its people nor its problems. He boasted, “The population of the Donetsk region is about four million people, of whom 1.5 million are surplus. We don’t need to understand what the Donbass wants. We need to understand the Ukrainian national interest, and just use the Donbass as a resource. I don’t have a prescription on how to solve the problem of the Donbass, but overriding what to do… we need to kill many of its people”. The interview dates from late April 2014, but it’s only now begun active dissemination on the Internet.

1 August 2014

Rossiya Segodnya



Note well that the Uniates refuse to condemn this shit. They refuse to do what’s right… but they want us to consider them “Christians”… I think NOT!

All conscious Orthodox Christians should avoid a website called Byzantine Texas… its run by a loudmouth Uniate who doesn’t hesitate to post snarky comments throughout the Orthodox cyberworld. Ignore him… don’t go to his website… don’t argue with him. We’re above that… we’re Orthodox Christians. By the way, he used to call himself “Josephus Flavius” (he may have changed his username). Note well that he doesn’t condemn the Uniate murders on the Maidan, at the Dom Profsoyuzov, or in Novorossiya. Don’t access this evil POS’s site. He supports the murderous policy of the UGKTs, and that’s that. The Unia is EVIL and it corrupts all who succumb to it. I wonder… are the rumours that Freddy M-G’s son apostatised to the Unia true? I’d hope not, but I fear that it’s so…


Thursday, 12 June 2014

12 June 2014. A Point to Ponder… The Miners Are Against the Junta…

00 the Euromaidan Bad Dream. 12.06.14


The miners and workers of the Donbass have risen against the “Ukrainian” oligarchs supported by the USA and the Vatican. The USA wants to smash its boot full-force into the faces of the people of the Donbass to profit American investors and “Ukrainian” oligarchs. The people be damned! The Roman Curia wants to smash its boot full-force into the faces of the people of the Donbass to spread its Unia… a false-flag project that they’ve nurtured since 1596. The people be damned! I seem to see great similarities between these two oppressors, don’t you? “The people be damned”. The people say, “The oligarchs and their money be damned! The Vatican and their pope be damned! Power to the people!” You can stand with the miners and workers, or you can stand with the investors and the cardinals… CHOOSE WELL…


Wednesday, 28 May 2014

28 May 2014. WATCH THIS VIDEO. It Proves the Evil Uniate War Crimes Going on in Novorossiya… It’s Less than Four Minutes

00 #savedonbasspeople 01. 28.05.14


00 Russia. For Decency! 28.05.14



Here’s the original description of the vid:

People of the whole world! Open your eyes. Our government is killing us. Please, don’t be indifferent! The new Ukrainian President, Poroshenko, ordered the repression of the free expression of the people of the Donbass, using a massive attack from the air and ground. Shelling conducted virtually around the clock! Residents given three hours to leave their city! We urge all sane forces of the international community to stop this lawlessness committed by the illegal rebel Ukrainian government! Stop the war! Executioners Poroshenko, Yatsenyuk, Tyagnibok, Timoshenko, Farion, and Turchinov must pay for their crimes! #SAVEDONBASSPEOPLE! We need to stop it! Spread this video everywhere you can.

Quite. Most people in the West don’t understand the full import of this war. It’s a struggle between Orthodoxy and the Unia… between socialism and fascism… between social justice and unbridled crapitalist greed… between Holy Rus and Eurosodom… between the Russian World’s reality against a contrived and invented “Ukraine”. The most basic struggle is that between Orthodoxy and the Unia… between the Orthosphere and the West. The Unia was objectively evil since its start in 1596. Yes, innocent people were and are caught up in it… but do note their silence… their silent consent to all the evil that flows from the fountainhead of falsehood. A friend truly told me:

Sadly, the loudmouths trump the Joe Six-pack Uniates. They’re afraid of their fanatic coreligionists. They cling to popery because it’s all they’ve known. However, they wish us well. Perhaps, you could differentiate between Uniates who wish us no ill-will vs the crazed nationalist/popish janissaries?

Even though such is so, one can’t escape the fact that the Unia IS inescapably evil, an imposture, an artifice to confuse and fuddle the simple amongst us. Yes, there are many excellent people amongst the Uniates… yet, that doesn’t cancel the fact that their “church” is a lie from top to bottom. No, they didn’t make that lie, ’tis true, but they give money to help fascist causes, they glorify fascist collaborationists from the VOV, they support the murderers in Novorossiya, and they believe in a Polish/German/Vatican fairy tale called the “Ukraine”. We’re on opposite sides of the barricades. I’ll use my God-given talents to uphold Christ’s Church and oppose the Vatican’s soulless golem. I hate no individual Uniate, but I hate the Unia with all my heart, especially, after seeing the innocent blood spilt by Uniate pigs in our Russian lands. If Uniates wish us well… rejoin us! That’s the only real choice open to them.

There’s no turning back… the Uniates thrust a knife into our backs and cackled in glee. Remember the dead of the Dom Profsoyuzov fire… the Uniates killed them because they were Russian, Orthodox, and leftist. Never forget that. The Mother-Motherland NEVER forgets…


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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

27 May 2014. Donbass People’s Opolchenie RAPPER… Russian Orthodox!

00 donetsk 01. 23.05.14

Fear has no place where there is FAITH!



Get a load of the above… a opolchenie rapper doing a patriotic Russian Orthodox RAP. Hat tip to the Cabineteer who sent this on. Pray for these brave men fighting for Motherland, Justice, Faith, and Family. Remember, you can have the decency that these men embody or you can have the Eurosodom degeneracy allowed by the pro-American Uniate junta. Interesting… my religious friends and leftist friends are as one on the topic of public morality. Leftists applaud the smashing of slot machines and the closing of porn palaces as much as religious people do! If religious people knew that lefties are “Joe Sixpack” and NOT “Joe Stalin”, it might change a few minds. Religious people should know that the Orthodox people in Novorossiya fight for social justice and demand that the state nationalise oligarch holdings… it’s the “liberals” (“conservatives” in Anglosphere usage) who defend Me First greed and rapine. Lefties want a clean environment for our kids (both socially and physically)… as do religious people. LIBERALS want to do gnarly shit. Lefties ain’t “liberals”, but “conservatives” and “libertarians” are liberals of the first water! Ponder that one…


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