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Sunday, 11 October 2015

Gorlovka Opened New Gas Pipeline to Provide Heat for More than 640 Families

00 donetsk pr donbassgaz flame 111015


Today, Donbassgaz employees started up a new gas boiler in Gorlovka to provide heat for more than 640 families in Rtutny Micro-Raion. They hooked up ten apartment buildings to the gas supply grid; the cost of the project exceeded 750,000 Roubles (77,000 Renminbi. 787,000 INR. 12,200 USD. 15,700 CAD. 16,600 AUD. 10,700 Euros. 7,900 UK Pounds). Sergei Filippov, Head of Donbassgaz, Maksim Leshchenko (who lit the ceremonial torch), Head of Administration for the DNR Chairman of the Government, Roman Khramenkov, Head of the Gorlovka  GMA*, Donbassgaz staff, and locals attended the launch ceremony. Filippov said:

Today, the appropriate agencies carried out the instructions of [Chairman Zakharchenko] on the building of 340 metres of pipeline to connect boiler station №25 to the main gas supply grid permanently. The fighting in the city on 18 January damaged the high-pressure gas supply pipeline serving northeastern Gorlovka. Donbassgaz staff managed to hook up the gas pipeline network to low-pressure sources, but it wasn’t possible to ramp up heat for the people of Rtutny Micro-Raion. Thus, we needed to build a new pipeline to connect with the existing gas supply grid. In July 2015, we came up plans calling for laying a new pipeline over the Seversky Donets-Donbass Canal following the route of an existing low-pressure gas pipeline.

Khramenkov said:

I want to thank the Donbassgaz staff for their tireless work to tackle all the problems to bring heat to our people’s homes.

Throughout the active operations in the recent war, Gorlovka was one of the most “hot” spots. Official figures show that junta attacks killed 164 civilians and injured 501 more. Due to the constant bombardment of infrastructure, there were regular interruptions of such basic public utilities as water, gas, electricity, and heat.

  • GMA: State Municipal Administration, administrative apparat of a city

9 October 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency



Tuesday, 22 September 2015

DNR Kids Asked World Leaders to Stop the War in the Donbass

00 dnr donetsk peoples republic kids peace 01 220915


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On the International Day of Peace, DNR kids appealed to the international community to help stop the war in the Donbass by reading out a message at a peace rally held at the Donbass Liberators Memorial in Lenin Komsomol Park in Donetsk, attended by about 2,000 people.  Members of the Донецкая Республика (Donetskaya Respublika: Donetsk Bloc) (DR) bloc, its youth wing, Deputies of the DNR Peoples Soviet, students, and just plain folks attended the event. Aleksei Muratov, First Deputy Chairman of the DR Executive Committee, told the crowd, “We’ve been at war for more than a year. People that lived in peace yesterday, as a family, now kill each other. Our kids in the Donbass, like no other, know and understand what the horrors of war are. That’s why on 1 September (the Day of Knowledge), as a lesson in peacemaking, our kids wrote letters appealing to the leaders of all countries in the world to stop the war”. Sergei Kondrykinsky, Chairman of Молодая Республика (Molodaya Respublika: Young Republic), said, “Who else but we know the price of peace? Today, we must remember all those terrible moments that happened in our homeland, to remember them and to transmit them to future generations, to our children, to all young people in the DNR… to tell them that it’s impossible to defeat us”.

Those present observed a moment of silence in memory of those killed in the war, both soldiers and civilians. After that, young people read poems and sang a few songs about peace, before reading out a message of peace to the world’s leaders. Sofiya Kochina, a student at Donetsk School № 120, related, “We were only 14, we dreamed of a peaceful sky over our heads, our hearts bled when we heard and saw that windows shattering due to exploding shells. We want very much to see smiles on our families’ faces, not tears of frustration. All of us here in the Donbass appeal to you… please, bring peace to our motherland. We remember how beautiful Donetsk was before the war; we believe in our hearts that the thirst for the advent of peace in the world isn’t yet quenched”. At the conclusion, the people released balloons into the air with letters from Donbass kids about peace and they released doves, symbolising peace and harmony.

The UN General Assembly established the International Day of Peace in 1981 to promote peace among peoples and nations. In 2001, the UN General Assembly unanimously adopted a resolution that stipulated that the International Day of Peace would fall every year on 21 September, as a day of non-violence and a day of ceasefire.

21 September 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


Sunday, 30 August 2015

Russian Rockers and Rappers Drew More than 10,000 to Donetsk Concert

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V R Samoilov in Donetsk


Yu D Chicherina… Please… in memory of the murdered children of Novorossiya


Yu S Andreyeva with Arkhipelag in Donetsk on Victory Day (9 May 2015)


Today, young people flocked to a large festival concert in Shcherbakov Park to celebrate Day of the Miner and City Day (30 August). On the main stage, rockers and rappers, both local and from Russia, appeared, amongst them, Yu D Chicherina, Yu S Andreyeva with Arkhipelag, and V R Samoilov (founder of Agata Kristi), as well as musicians from St Petersburg, Samara, and other Russian parts. The event was truly massive… it filled the entire park; several thousand surrounded the stage. Despite this, the situation remained calm and friendly. An entertainment programme preceded the concert. The first number was a show called “Extreme Power”, put on by Donetsk homies and visitors from Taganrog. Anyone could show off their skills, to see who got the most interest from the crowd. Then, the bikers roared in. The crowd went nuts over the Donetsk branch of the famous Night Wolves MC. Their presentation wasn’t as large as planned, because there were so many people in the park that there wasn’t enough space to put it on in its entirety. However, the main draw of the evening was V R Samoilov, the founder and frontman of the famous band Agata Kristi. Every time that he tried to leave the stage ended in a long photo-op with the crowd. Vadim Rudolfovich is one of the most popular musicians in the DNR; he just couldn’t deny his fans. Local pols and figures gave their greetings and speeches; all those taking part in the festivities expressed their desire for peace and gave encouragement to the Donetsk homies. D V Pushilin, Vice Chairman of the DNR Peoples Soviet, addressed the audience, “We have a dual holiday… Day of the Miner and City Day. Needless to say, for us, our miners and their work are fundamental to our republic… greetings, Donetsk, our mining land, on your holiday!” Currently, the concert is still going on. Meanwhile, the older generation is waiting for tomorrow. One of their faves is appearing in Donetsk, the Generalissimo of Crooners, Peoples Artist of the Russian Federation and of the DNR, I D Kobzon {click here for Somewhere Far Away, the theme to the famous TV show, 17 Moments of Spring).

29 August 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


Friday, 28 August 2015

Donetsk Waterpark to Reopen After Year’s Hiatus

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Today, the Donetsk GMA* announced that the Aquasferra Waterpark in Donetsk will reopen soon, after an extended hiatus due to hostilities. A source said, “Thanks to efforts by DNR Chairman of the Government A V Zakharchenko and Donetsk GMA Head Igor Martynov, Aquasferra Waterpark will reopen on Saturday, 29 August. You’ll be able to use some of your favourite attractions… swimming pools and beaches. The hours will be from 09.00 to 19.00. Unfortunately, due to the military situation prevailing in Donetsk, the hours open and facilities open could change. For more information, contact the waterpark directly”. The Aquasferra Waterpark opened 18 months before the start of the armed conflict in the Donbas, in December 2012. It’s a year-round facility, open both winter and summer. The dome is 85 metres in diameter and 24 metres high… it can open to expose the area to the outdoors. The building has 6 slides and children’s area and it’s in Shcherbakov Park. For security reasons, the DNR government closed it to the public on 2 July 2014.

  • GMA: State Municipal Administration, administrative apparat of a city

27 August 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


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