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Monday, 19 October 2015

Hackers Attacked the LITs Website

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Dear readers!

Hackers subjected the Lugansk Information Centre to DoS attacks starting on the evening of Saturday, 17 October. In particular, this led to bogus material release. Yesterday, 18 October, the hackers shut down the website all day. As of now, we’ve resolved most of the problems related to cyberattacks; however, short-term glitches are still possible on our site.

19 October 2015

LITs Lugansk Information Centre



Monday, 30 April 2012

30 April 2012. Who Woulda Thunk It… Some Good Sense on Monomakhos for a Change


Get a load of this:

All of this skata. All caused and created by converts. Dreher, Maymon, Frederick, Jonah. This is the down fall of the DOS. Too many converts bringing their baggage and fighting over who’s who and who’s what. Let them all go to the Antiochians or Greeks. The OCA needs “normal” converts without agendas.


Good on “Diogenes!” D’you want the jug, dear? It’s the good stuff, it’s not the rancid stuff we keep for the phonies.

It truly does seem that the natives are restless and rejecting Maymon. Apparently, he fucked with the Diocese of the South‘s sacred cow, St Seraphim in Dallas (how many people know that it’s in the heart of the “gay neighbourhood?”). As that parish was so precious to Royster, Maymon fucked himself. Maymon’s a convert like many in the OCA in the South. I think they wouldn’t have rejected him, but he messed with Royster’s “legacy”. “Normal” converts? That’s a contradiction in terms. I know people in the DOS who’re converts in all-convert parishes with convert priests. I think the convert parishes in the South are the worst of it, since the folks are former “Evangelicals”. I’d like to pull those people out of the South, and throw them, scattered, into one of the old parishes in the Northeast or the former industrial strongholds of the Rustbelt (from Pittsburgh to the Midwest). I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, put them in a “normal” Orthodox parish, and they wouldn’t know how to cope. I actually pity priests in “normal” parishes who have to deal with these folks who want to convert. They must have an awfully strong stomach.

Be good, “Diogenes”…


A Little Bird Just Told Me:

According to several informed sources, “Diogenes” is the monomakhos.com pseudonym of Eric Wheeler… accept it or not as you will. I’m still offering the jug to the writer… when someone’s right, they’re right, and if this is Monsieur Wheeler, it means that a lot of folks are pissed off with the way things are going. It also means that JP’s incompetence has “opened” many eyes. In the real world, the most surprising things occur… ALWAYS keep an open mind, but always watch your back… shitbirds remain shitbirds, no matter whose side they’re on.


Some More Buzz on the Topic:

A Kitchen Cabinet source told me:

Wheeler denied it definitively early today…if his words can be taken at face value…

Indeed… this is what happens when people use “usernames” to hide behind… one can’t be sure that Wheeler’s telling the truth. Taking into account his past as a Syosset insider and apparatchik, such protests sound hollow to most of us. Then, Wheeler shouldn’t post except under his legal name, and not post on the questionable Monomakhos site at all. Shall he? My own opinion, for what it’s worth, is that people like him have an over-exaggerated view of their importance… they truly believe that the rules that bind most of us don’t apply to them. In any case, one should never counter internet buzz about oneself, as it usually has the opposite effect. My view about the misinformation that some pass about me is simple… you can believe them or you can believe me, and no amount of expostulation on my part will change any minds. Mr Wheeler will find that out… if he has eyes to see and ears to hear (don’t hold your breath)…


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