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Friday, 26 June 2015

Patriarch Kirill: Our Soldiers Believed in the Sanctity of Their Motherland

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THIS was the podvig* of the Soviet soldiers… of all nationalities, all social classes, all faiths, all places, and all races… they defeated a racist monstrosity… which rears its head again today, sadly enough. Fascism walks the earth again… thanks to people such as George W Bush and Hillary Clinton… reflect on that.

Ayusheyev killed 25 German soldiers and officers in the battle, but died in action before the end of the fighting.


More than once, I found myself wondering what motivated the Soviet soldiers, whose podvigs, self-sacrifice, and ruthless denial-of-self amazed both friend and foe alike? I have only one answer… they believed in the legitimacy of the Russian people. Our soldiers believed in Russia, in Rus, in the sanctity of their motherland and native soil. For that, not only were they willing to persevere, to suffer, and to shed their blood, they were ready to give their very lives. They had a deep, often unconscious, belief that the Russian Way, the Russian culture, had a right to live, that it had meaning even for those outside of their tradition. The Russian warriors who gave their lives in that terrible war felt that our people have something to say to the whole world. Therefore, if someone destroyed or enslaved our people… that would be an even greater disaster than the war itself. Today, we must often ask ourselves… what would we give our lives for? What is our message to the world? Or, are we just consumers of novel foods, high-tech gadgetry, and vacuous entertainment? Today, do we believe in spiritual, cultural, and national consistency? Can we still perform podvigs; can we reach beyond the empty posturing in the media? Today, what can we say that we’d give our lives for? These aren’t idle questions. Our future depends on how we answer them.

  • Podvig: Should NEVER be “Englished”… one of the most powerful words in the Russian language. There are literally no English equivalents strong enough. Podvig has overtones of “epic”, “heroic”, “bravery”, “self-sacrifice”, “victory”, “effort”, and “triumph”. It’s best to leave it as is, and admit that English lacks the necessary material to give meaning to this word.

00 03.11.12. Patriarch KirillHis Holiness Kirill Gundyaev

Patriarch of Moscow and all the Russias

23 June 2015



Monday, 22 June 2015

OFFICIAL Chairman of the DNR Government A V Zakharchenko on the Day of Memory and Mourning

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Dear citizens of the Donetsk Peoples Republic!

Dear compatriots!

Today, 22 June, the Day of Memory and Grief, we pay tribute to the victims of the Great Patriotic War and remember the worst day in history our people… the beginning of a bloody war that claimed the lives of millions of our mothers and fathers. It was truly a holy war; our ancestors defended their land, their families, their culture, and their language, and the right of their children to a free and happy life. Yes, we won that war, but the Great Victory came at a price, and its bitter losses are still a stinging pain in our hearts. However, the memory of the unprecedented courage, heroism, and fortitude of our people inspires our generation to podvigs* and heroic deeds in our time. Yes, it’s sad to say, but we face aggressors in our land again, and again they shed innocent blood. Fascism has risen up again, and now the grandchildren of the glorious victors stand up to bar the way to the brown menace*. Today, we mourn the dead, but we know that our people are invincible. Like 70 years ago, we stand up to cleanse the foe from our land.  Just like 70 years ago… Victory will be ours!

  • Podvig: Should NEVER be “Englished”… one of the most powerful words in the Russian language. There are literally no English equivalents strong enough. Podvig has overtones of “epic”, “heroic”, “bravery”, “self-sacrifice”, “victory”, “effort”, and “triumph”. It’s best to leave it as is, and admit that English lacks the necessary material to give meaning to this word.
  • Brown menace: Nazis/fascists, from “brownshirt”, a member of the Nazi SA paramilitary group

00 a v zakharchenko. 02. 11.05.15A V Zakharchenko

Chairman of the DNR Government

22 June 2015

VK Official DNR Peoples Soviet


Saturday, 16 May 2015

Zakharchenko sez Poroshenko Signed Law Glorifying UPA Because He Fears Galician Nationalists

00 a v zakharchenko. 01. 11.05.15


DNR Chairman of the Government A V Zakharchenko told us that Poroshenko signed an anti-communist and pro-nationalist law because he and his junta fear Nazis and nationalists, saying, “The current deputies, ministers, and ‘President’ of the Ukraine are simply afraid of the Nazis and thugs that they brought in via the Maidan. They’re afraid that [the Nazis] will kick them out of their luxury villas and offices. Signing this law is nothing but a sop to the Nazis, done out of fear to appease them. This law considers heroes those who hung children on telegraph poles with barbed wire and who slaughtered tens of thousands of Poles… what do you think is the future of a country that does that? Such a country doesn’t have a future. It’s on the verge of disunity and chaos. They make executioners into heroes. In Donetsk, we wouldn’t allow such a thing. We have our perspective, and we aren’t ashamed of it”.

Last night, Poroshenko signed the law “On the Legal Status and Honouring the Memory of Fighters for Ukrainian Independence in the 20th Century”, which recognised the OUN and UPA as “Ukrainian freedom fighters in the country”. At the same time, he signed a law banning the use of the term “Great Patriotic War” in the Ukraine. The Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) was a fascist integral nationalist group operating mostly in the western Ukraine. To achieve its goal of creating an “independent” Ukraine, the OUN resorted to extremism, including terrorism. It had an intense deep-seated anti-Polish, anti-Soviet, and anti-Semitic orientation. During the Great Patriotic War, the OUN cooperated with Nazi German intelligence against the Soviet government. In 1943, it organised the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA). The OUN gave active support to the formation of the Waffen-SS Volunteer Division Galizien. According to scholars, the UPA killed at least a million people, including about 200,000 Poles.

16 May 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


16 May 2015. The USA Rattles Its Toy Sabre… The Bear and the Dragon Wait… “All Those Who March on Russia Will be Put to Death”

00 putin victory day speech. moscow. 15.05.15



The USA makes loud noises about being the sole superpower. The last time that it faced peer opponents, in Korea, the best that they could get was a stalemate, essentially restoring the status quo ante. Russia and China are peer powers… hmm… they WERE the peer powers that fought the USA to a standstill in Korea, weren’t they? The Anglos aren’t very bright, are they? They WANT to fight the very people who bloodied them badly the last time around!

Pray for peace… Russia and China are being responsible, but the Anglo Americans and their Galician Uniate nationalist attack dogs are not. We don’t need a thermonuclear exchange…


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