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Sunday, 5 April 2015

5 April 2015. Something to Think About This Holy Week…

What is the Church. 05.04.15


He was the carpenter’s son from a jerkwater town in a backwoods region… He chose that, y’know… think on THAT this Holy Week…



5 April 2015. Palm Sunday is Today… Holy Week is Next, Kids…

00 light of the world. 05.04.15


Holy Week starts tomorrow… technically, it isn’t Lent, but it ain’t Easter yet, which is next Sunday. This is the most consequential week of the year… it reminds us of who we are and what we believe… and why we believe it. If Christ be not risen from the dead, your faith is in vain… that’s as true today as it was in Roman times… read n’ heed, kids…


Saturday, 4 April 2015

4 April 2015. Today is Lazarus Saturday… Tomorrow is Palm Sunday… Holy Week is On Its Way

00 Icon of the most holy mother of god 'the sovereign'. 04.04.15


00 Icon of the most holy mother of god 'the sovereign'01. 04.04.15


This is the beginning of the most intense week in Orthodox Christianity, both Eastern and Oriental, bar none. This is the week that the Christian Year revolves around. I’m not going to give you a long theological explanation of it all… I’m not qualified to do that; I’m not a theologian, I’m only an internet journalist. However, I do know that this week encapsulates WHY we’re Christians… WHY we’re Orthodox Christians. We walk the path to the Cross… to the Tomb… to the Victory that is Easter. As the Apostle said truly, If Christ be not risen from the dead, your faith is in vain. Indeed…


The images are of the Icon is the Most Holy Mother of God “the Sovereign”

4 April 2015. You Can Learn a Lot from a Singer…

00 Bob Marley. 04.04.15


I think that you can guess that I’m a big-time Bob Marley fan from WAY BACK… however, Don’t Worry, Be Happy wasn’t Bob’s… that was Bobby McFerrin. Most people associate that with Bob, but it isn’t his. Bob was a serious Rastafari, and he accepted baptism in the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church before his death… that makes him part of the Orthosphere. Remember, that’s a sociological, civilisational, and cultural category, not a statement about who’s in communion with whom… so, Orthodoxy (both Eastern and Oriental) is as one from that POV. God willing, we’ll be able to surmount the theological problems someday… we’re already one in a secular sense.


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