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Sunday, 15 February 2015

“Grexit” Could Cause EU Collapse

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo. Euroised Greece. 2012


American economist Barry Eichengreen warned that the consequences of a Greek exit from the Eurozone could be devastating, and that the governments of the monetary union are taking the possible repercussions too lightly. In an interview with Die Welt am Sonntag, Eichengreen, UC Berkeley Professor of Economics, said that the consequences “would spread to other countries. When a Portuguese family or Spanish businessperson sees that Euros have been converted into drachmas, they’ll take their money out of their accounts. That could lead to a run on the banks”. Eichengreen continued that this scenario would snowball, “investors would speculate on the next candidate to leave the Eurozone”, thus endangering the entire Euro project. He also thinks that financial markets are also guilty of miscalculation, with share prices giving an overly positive picture. “My experience as an economic historian has taught me that markets always look relaxed, until suddenly… they aren’t. From the banking crisis of 2008 to the emerging markets crises of the 1990s, anybody can take their favourite financial crisis and discover that markets are really not a good crisis indicator. In the run-up to the crash, the players were always too relaxed for too long, and then later fell into a complete panic”. Eichengreen believed that the new Greek government should be given more time, “They should be given some breathing space, which is also in the interests of their creditors. I’d be in favour of tying interest payments on the borrowing to economic growth. Only when the Greek economy grows, should the country pay interest, otherwise the payments will simply be deferred. The Euro is of great symbolic and geostrategic worth for Europe”. He added that such an eventuality on the economic front would also have consequences for the West in terms of the European geostrategic situation. He observed, “The West hardly wants Russia to be able to position itself as a saviour, and become involved”, adding that this would have “dramatic consequences” for NATO.

15 February 2015

Sputnik International


Saturday, 21 July 2012

A View from Moscow by Valentin Zorin… “Bilderbergers” Try to Rally the Troops


The heads of the two most powerful financial empires of the world 97-year-old David Rockefeller, and 76-year-old Lord Jacob Rothschild, decided to combine a large portion of their assets. Although the participants of the transaction preferred to operate in an environment far away from publicity, news of it still leaked out to the media. An influential and well-informed source on big business affairs in Britain, The Financial Times, reported that after long negotiations and secret meetings, the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds “seem to have decided to form a fundamental and long-term union, joining their forces”. This is all the more sensational because these two families have keenly competed in global financial markets for nearly 150 years. The fact that age-old enemies formed an alliance demonstrates the anxiety felt by the captains of capitalism, as they realise the depth and seriousness of the current threats to the global economy.

Combining the power of these two powerful financial groups is actually a continuation of a policy that started over half a century ago. In May 1954, the then-heads of the same two families, Edmond de Rothschild and Laurence Rockefeller, met in the Bilderberg Hotel in Amsterdam in an atmosphere of great secrecy. The most influential financiers and politicians conferred on a private agenda. Experts believe that they outlined the basis of the political and economic policies followed by the Western powers in the decades ahead. Since then, these secret gatherings are held annually. This year, the secret meeting of financial and political bigwigs lasted from 31 May to 2 June in Chantilly VA. As always, the deliberations and their outcomes were shrouded in mystery.

Members of the “club” still shun “daylight” and any publicity. We only know that bankers, prime ministers, ex-presidents, and other famous world leaders meet away from prying eyes, usually in expensive hotels and luxury resorts. All come alone, without advisers and translators. Of course, the press isn’t present, since no outsiders know where and when these secret meetings occur. The authoritative Encyclopaedia Britannica stated that these meetings comprise what’s called the “Bilderberg Group”:

The meeting takes place in an informal setting, and those who have an impact on national and international politics discuss important issues. After each meeting, an unofficial “Top Secret” report is distributed to past and current participants, ensuring the continuity of the Group’s policies.

Some politicians, including well-known figures, have called the Bilderberg Group a world government. That’s an exaggeration, but the fact that an informal body, operating on a continuous basis and surrounded by secrecy, determines much of the political and economic direction in the West, we can hardly doubt. A new alliance of the Rockefeller and Rothschild clans… the Founding Fathers of the Bilderberg Group… when a global crisis threatens the foundations of the post-war economic model of the West, is intended, as they say, to “close ranks” and increase the influence of a secret community of Western bankers and politicians in the course of affairs in world economic and political policy.

12 July 2012

Valentin Zorin

Voice of Russia World Service


Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Fr Vsevolod Chaplin Sez Modern Capitalism Shall Commit Suicide


On Wednesday, at a seminar hosted by Academician Oleg Bogomolov* at the RAN, Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin, the head of the MP Department for Church and Society, believes that capitalism in its present form is signing its own death warrant, saying, “Now, it’s time for us to give a moral judgement on modern capitalism, on the contemporary world economic system. This isn’t the first time that Christian circles have issued such a verdict, including those circles that historically, according to Weber, were the spiritual founders of capitalism”.

The seminar focused its activities on the prospects of convergence of different socio-economic systems in a globalising world. In Fr Vsevolod’s view, neither modern capitalism nor the return of Soviet ideology “can confront the great challenges now facing mankind”. He noted that the basis of the modern global economic system is the principle of “money makes money” and that this notion is deeply immoral, saying, “Liberal capitalism is doomed to kill itself, or, it’ll cease to be capitalism, or, it’ll cease to be liberal. It’s no coincidence that today’s crisis is pushing the global élite to try to implement a programme to control the chaos, a scenario of global electronic dictatorship, in which a total surveillance and control of all sides of human life would be accompanied by a uniform ideological monopoly”.

Fr Vsevolod believes that when Russia looks for possible ways of development for itself and the world, it shouldn’t reject any given possibility, “whether it’s an elected or hereditary monarchy, a convergence of capitalism and socialism, a parliamentary republic, or a strengthened presidential state”. In his opinion, you need to have an ability of listening to people to develop meaningful guidelines, “so that we can embrace those that would lead us to victory, and to avoid those rules that would lead us to defeat. Russia has always had a strong central government, with much power concentrated in the hands of the sovereign. Whether we like it or not, it gives priority in the social hierarchy to the sovereign ruler over the economic actors in society. Even more so, it doesn’t grant credence to all sorts of informal centres of power, whether it’s a criminal gang or some self-proclaimed group of ‘wise men’”.

In summation, Fr Vsevolod thought that the joint duty of the state and society is to combine these ideals with all possible new options for development, saying, “I’d hope that the leadership, including leading economic elements, would listen to the public and encourage a dialogue on the themes of economic and social policy in the mass media, which are overly-filled with vulgarity and porn at present”.

* This is Oleg Timofeyevich Bogomolov, who’s an economist, NOT Oleg Alekseyevich Bogomolov, who’s the governor of Kurgan Oblast.

6 June 2012



Editor’s Note:

American readers should note that Vsevolod Anatolyevich uses “liberal” in the Russian sense… if one were speaking Russian, one would describe Wafflin’ Willy and Rick Perry as “liberals” and their ideology as “liberalism” (no lie).

Rod Dreher’s attempted marriage of Orthodoxy and Western “conservatism” just bit the dust. That means that Paffhausen, Reardon, Freddie M-G, and all the rest are chock fulla shit, too. You have a choice. You can follow Rod Dreher et al or you can follow Fr Vsevolod. Vsevolod Anatolyevich is the closest confidant of HH… Rod Dreher is a self-important jumped-up fraud, with no Orthodox higher education and too much contact with the nasty oddbod Gleb Podmoshensky (which is also true of JP, too).

Choose well… the fate of your soul DOES ride on it. By the way… Fr Vsevolod’s viewpoint means that the present ideology of the Republican Party isn’t merely mistaken; it’s evil. What concord hath Christ with Belialno man can serve both God and Mammon… have we forgotten that?


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