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Tuesday, 31 October 2017

The DNR Will Return to a Soviet-Style Educational Programme


DNR Minister of Education Republic Larisa Polyakova said:

We’ve abandoned the “Bologna System” of education. This design of this system had the purpose of misleading and degrading children. Therefore, we’ve moved away from the Bologna System. We implemented it when we were part of the Ukraine. However, we took into account all the negative aspects of this system and decided to dump it. The DNR switched to a five-point system, we returned transfer exams in school, starting from the Sixth Class, to try to get as far as possible from the test form of training. Now, our Republic takes all the best from the Soviet education system.

30 October 2017




Monday, 19 October 2015

Plotnitsky Took Part in Oath-Taking Ceremony at the Marshal of Aviation Aleksandr Yefimov Lugansk Cossack Cadet Corps

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Today, Chairman of the LNR Government I V Plotnitsky took part in the oath-taking ceremony at the Marshal of Aviation Aleksandr Yefimov Lugansk Cossack Cadet Corps. The ceremony took place on the main Cossack holyday… the Protection of the Most Holy Virgin and Mother of God, celebrated throughout the Orthodox world on October 14. 43 student cadets of the 10th class gave their Solemn Oath and received certificates, showing their commitment to service to the motherland. The commander of the cadet corps spoke:

The level of training you have is high. All our graduates go on to higher educational institutions in the Russian Federation, the DNR, and here in the LNR. Some went on to serve in the people’s armed forces”.

Plotnitsky added:

All graduates from here have bright and great prospects. Cherish your honour, serve honestly and selflessly, and the Motherland won’t forget you. I congratulate the parents who entrusted their sons to our LNR armed forces. Be aware that none of the cadets get hurt here… they learn… so that they can be worthy replacements [of those serving at present].

Plotnitsky awarded the medal “For Courage” (Second Class) to Cadet Yevgeni Shakhunov, who, despite only being 16-years-old, fought in the Battle of Debaltsevo. The young man said:

I’ve only been here for two weeks, but I received a medal for the liberation of Debaltsevo and Chernukhino. More than a year ago, I joined the Cossack forces. I fought with them, and I intend to go back with them after finishing school.

Vladimir Bazak, the acting director of the educational institution, said:

Each of the cadets had their own, sometimes tragic, personal history, prompting these guys to devote themselves to serving the motherland. Half of our cadets are from Lugansk, the other half are from other parts of the Republic. They’re from Pervomaisk, Krasny Luch, and other places. The Cadet Corps gives students a great education. Our guys clearly follow the orders of their senior mentors; they’re physically hardened. They also get used to the fact that you need to keep your word in life. At this point, the Cadet Corps has 165 members. However, after we complete our start-up, we’d like to take in an additional draft of fifty students.

In April 2015, the LNR Council of Ministers created the LNR State Institution Marshal of Aviation Aleksandr Yefimov Lugansk Cossack Cadet Corps, using the facilities of the Lugansk Oblast Lyceum of Military and Physical Training (with the Heroes of the Young Guard Cadet Corps). The main task of the institution is to prepare students for further study in higher military and security educational institutes.

13 October 2015

LITs Lugansk Information Centre


Saturday, 5 September 2015

The Goal of the LNR is to Make Higher Education Accessible to All



Today, LNR Acting Minister of Education and Science Valentina Tkachenko told us that the Peoples Republic leadership has the goal of making higher education accessible to all, quite unlike the Ukrainian junta, saying:

In our republic, despite the rather difficult times, second-year students study tuition-free. Those who qualify will receive stipends; it’s in our budget. We commit ourselves to the so-called free contract, which makes it possible to offer higher education to everyone. In the Ukraine, they’re doing the opposite. There, every year, they reduce the number of subsidised places in universities and they increase tuition fees. Once, 23 years ago, higher education in the Ukraine was free; then, they practically buried it. There were only a negligible number of subsidised places; the rest had to pay tuition. That was in all universities, colleges, and technical schools. Now, funding for maintenance and development in all LNR institutes of higher education come from the Republic budget.

4 September 2015

LITs Lugansk Information Centre



Let’s keep it simple:

Orthodox Socialism in the Peoples Republics:

socialised medicine for all, free education through university for all, subsidised food prices for the poor, increase in pensions, a sufficiency in the shops

Schismo/Uniate Crapitalist Fascism:

pay-through-the-nose fees for medical treatment, rises in school fees across the board, decrease in pensions, no subsidies, cuts in wages, dearth of goods in the shops

The hierarchies of the so-called “Ukrainian Catholic” and “Ukrainian Orthodox” Churches support the fascist junta and all of its anti-people decrees. Most of the believers, I think, are innocent of such collusion (they’re merely brainwashed… give ‘em some slack). You can see where the right lies… the Peoples Republics are god-fearing Christian socialist societies. The junta-misruled Ukraine is a lawless anarchic godless libertarian paradise (it’s what Ayn Rand and Paul Ryan salivated over)… an epitome of the rule of the Antichrist.

You can choose whom to support. I’ve chosen… so should you. Choose wisely…


Thursday, 3 September 2015

LNR Schools Will Offer Courses in Ukrainian Language and Literature



Alla Podtynnaya, Director of the Lugansk Grammar School №60 told us that schools in the LNR would offer courses in Ukrainian language and literature, saying, “The new curricula for LNR secondary schools in the current academic year is very complete and comprehensive. One evidence of this is that we offer the chance to study the Ukrainian language and its literature. Recently, the Ukraine has dropped classes in Russian. They just removed it from the curriculum. Instead, they introduced the study of two foreign languages ​​and gave the children a choice, first, for example, English, and the second, if you like, German, French, or Russian. That is, the subject of “Russian language [and literature]”, as such, just doesn’t exist. They only study Russian literature in a fragmentary form. They teach a subject called “world literature” and the highest percentage of it are works of foreign writers. Yes, they’re good writers. However, they’ve cut the number of hours devoted to the works of Russian writers (they try to read all of world literature and study Russian on top of that) drastically. The LNR refuses to follow the lead of the Ukraine. We didn’t shut down a single Ukrainian class in the LNR. No recommended that we do so. Children who want to learn the Ukrainian language have every right to do so. We define this right in all the documents about education in the LNR. Our children will learn Russian and Ukrainian; and Russian, Ukrainian, and world literature. I believe that it’s key to the character formation of decent and educated citizens, which is what our Republic really needs today.

2 September 2015

LITs Lugansk information Centre



The use of “Ukrainian” (the semi-Polonised Galician Creole) is going to die out in the Crimea and the Peoples Republics, but they aren’t going to ban it. That’s asinine and weak… that tells you much about the junta, doesn’t it? Russian is a world language, culture, and literature. “Ukrainian” is NOT, emphatically not. People all over the world know of Pushkin… rightfully so… no Ukrainian writer has even one percent of his dissemination. People all over the world know of Tchaikovsky, Repin, the Bolshoi, Tolstoy, and Dostoyevsky. “Ukrainian” “culture” simply doesn’t simply have the same high sophisticated level that Russian culture has… which is why most “Ukrainians” readily adopted Russian… there’s simply more available and of higher quality. Actually, I think that this present artificial cultural state in the “Ukraine” will collapse. In the end, Russian culture will win, not through force, not through violence, not through state diktat, but through its “soft power”. Little girls will always want to dance at the Bolshoi… there’s nothing of comparable stature in the “Ukraine”. May the present interregnum be short… the peoples living on the territory of the Fascist “Ukrainian” state deserve better.


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