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Saturday, 23 April 2016

23 April 2016. It Was Seventeen Years Ago That Chilly Hilly Laughed at the Killing of Serbian Journalists in Their Studio… Friends Don’t Let Friends Vote for Soulless Fiends

00 serbia memorial 230416

A memorial to the murdered RTS staff… Chilly Hilly laughed at this and wants to repeat it. What does that tell you about her backers?


I saw this on FB:

17 years ago, 16 employees of the Radio-Television ‪#‎Serbia‬ lost their lives during the NATO bombing of ‪#‎Yugoslavia‬. On 23 April 1999, NATO hit the RTS studios with two devastating missile strikes. That was just one out of many civilian buildings bombed in 1999, and still no one from any of the NATO member states is held responsible for that crime. Those killed during the NATO attack were:

  • Jelica Munitlak (27)
  • Ksenija Banković (27)
  • Darko Stoimenovski (25)
  • Nebojša Stojanović (26)
  • Dragorad Dragojević (27)
  • Dragan Tasić (29)
  • Aleksandar Deletić (30)
  • Slaviša Stevanović ( 32)
  • Siniša Medić (32)
  • Ivan Stukalo (33)
  • Dejan Marković (39)
  • Milan Joksimović (47)
  • Branislav Jovanović (50)
  • Milovan Janković (59)
  • Tomislav Mitrović (61)
  • Slobodan Jontić (54)

Вечная память

There is something that you can do. One of the war criminals responsible for this criminal attack is running for US President. Don’t vote for Hillary Clinton. She laughed, not only at the death of these journalists, but at the Easter Bombing of Belgrade. What does that tell you about her backers (especially, those who claim to be Orthodox)? That’s sad, ain’t it? Remember to light a candle for the dead tomorrow… we’re Christians; that’s what we do.

Keep Chilly Hilly out of the White House.


Connecting the Dots: Did Bernie Sanders Ever Really Have a Chance in New York State?

00 Get Off Your Ass and Vote! 25.04.15


Voter fraud is a major theme in this year’s election cycle. Whilst Republicans completely ignore voters, Democrats resort to other methods. The result? They use the ballot box to suppress the will of the people. The woman, on her to way to vote in the primary, checked all of her documents once again. Not too long ago, she’d moved, and although she’d notified the proper authorities of her change of address and re-registered with her party, she still wanted to make sure that she dotted her i’s and crossed her t’s. Once she got to her neighbourhood voting station, she went up to the man at the front desk, introduced herself, and asked for a ballot. The man looked over his list and frowned. Double-checking the name, he told her that she wasn’t on the list and asked if she’d registered. The woman exclaimed, “Yes!”… she told the man her story. Quickly looking at her watch, she realised that she didn’t have time to vote, because she was going to be late for work. Now, if you were in New York City last week, that could have been you, dear listener. The race between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders was close, and probably much closer than media pundits would have you believe. However, why?

For starters, the Daily Beast posted this… “New York is a closed primary, where only registered Democrats can vote in the Democratic Primary… and voters had to be registered by last October”. So, it’s important to note that to blame the Republicans and their bag of tricks won’t work in New York. This is a strictly Democrat Party issue. So, what happened? The New York Daily News ran a story that dug a little deeper in the scandal. It wrote:

A spokesman for New York Attorney Eric Schneiderman said that his office received “by far the largest volume of complaints we’ve received for an election since Attorney General Schneiderman took office in 2011”. … Some polling sites didn’t open on time, citing too few election workers. Others had faulty voting machines, or were delivered half the number of promised voting machines.

That’s right. More sleight of hand to disenfranchise voters… but it get’s worse! In that very same Daily Beast article, a woman discovered that she not only can’t vote, but that she was registered as a Republican!

It was her 2004 voter registration, replete, she remembers, with her name, her social security number, her birthday… and someone else’s signature. (Get that? Someone else’s signature!) Sure enough, the signatures are strikingly different. Next to a box checked “Republican”, her 2004 signature is written in clear, deliberate, legible cursive and includes her middle name. Her more recent signature is a loopy, illegible scrawl. She insists she’s never changed it in her life, and says she can produce old tax forms to prove it.

If this is true, then this is a clear case of fraud. The case of the mistaken party identity could be explained, but the signature? Someone not only had to think of this plan, but had to literally get out a pen and put it to paper! To shed some light on just how massive this fraud was, WNYC reported, “126,000 Brooklyn Democrats had been removed from the voting rolls since last fall”. 126k people gone! That was just in Brooklyn! What about the other four boroughs and even the rest of the state? In fact, the very same thing just happened in Arizona. A story at Heavy noted:

Many are questioning the results of the Arizona primary, after rumours of potential election fraud started circulating. Reduced numbers of polling stations in Maricopa County resulted in long lines of up to 5 hours that may have prevented some people from being able to vote. In addition, there were concerns that some Democrats were reclassified as Republicans or Independents, forcing them to vote provisionally or not have their vote count at all.

This is a conspiracy that goes all the way to the top of the Democratic Party. Time and time again, across the country, Democrats get short-changed by their very own party and by the very same methods. Again, and again, and again. Seemingly, the will of the people is fine, as long as they all “choose” Hillary. If there ever was a lesson to be learned in this year’s election cycle, it’s the growing divergence between what the people of the 99 Percent think and what they say they want versus what the top One Percent, the insiders, the bankers, and the lobbyists want and think the nation needs.

So, what do you think dear listeners… “Did Bernie Sanders ever really have a chance?”

22 April 2016

Sputnik International


23 April 2016. I’m Tired of the Moralising of the Rightwing Greedsters… and of the Condescending Liberals, Too!



I saw the following on FB:

I could say we we’re all brought into this life between faeces and urine and that’s all this life amounts to! I could say we’re not worthy of the rights that we fail to respect each day. I could say our collective complacency is destroying our vision of a brighter future for humanity. I could say we’ve lost our way! Yes, my cynicism is real as well, Mr Repub, but not for the same reasons as yours. My cynicism lies in sorrow for our world gone mad with fear, greed, and hate. My cynicism comes from our failing to feed the needy at the expense of the unquenchable thirst of the ultra-greedy. Indeed Mr Repub, my cynicism isn’t aimed at hard-working Americans just trying to survive in this rigged system of greed-driven max-profit. My cynicism comes from people who make it off the backs of the most vulnerable people in our society. My cynicism comes from your selfish “so-called” value system which says that your profit is more important than the needs of the whole of our society. Yes Sir, the same system that says your life is worth more than mine is the exact system that breeds my cynicism for your self-servative nature.


I quite agree. I’ve had it with “conservatives” who bleat about abortion and homosexuality, yet steal money from the poor and elderly to enrich the already-bloated spiders at the top of the pyramid. I’ve had it with Liberals who objectify people, strip them of their individuality and humanity, to reassure themselves that they’re the crème de la crème of society. I’ve had it with “Traditionalists” who think that their made-up fancies are the Wisdom of the Ages. I’ve had it with “Activists” who distort and distend the Truth to suit their petty ends. I’ve had it with phoniness of all sorts.

I’ll tell you a secret… I’m not alone… that’s why Chilly Hilly is in the deep kimchi. She’s just Republican Lite… if the Dems nominate her, so be it, I and millions of others won’t vote for her. Watch the Liberals holler! You see… their “disinterested patriotism” is all about their jobs and perks… they want to protect their weekends in Dubai, more-than-average pay packets, and foreign holidays. We don’t matter one little bit to them. The Clintons benefited the Upper Middles… all of their gains came at the expense of working people, but the UMs didn’t and don’t give a damn. We’re all “trolls”… we’re all “ungrateful”.

It’s time to wake these bastards up… we need to channel Sockless Jerry and Pitchfork Ben (the latter wrote the first real campaign finance law)… we need to dust off EVD and FDR… we need the spirit of BOTH Norman Thomas and George Wallace (the latter was more of a populist than anything else… he was the first Alabama judge to call black lawyers “Mr”)… we need to stop the “conservative” hijacking of our history and the Liberal rewriting of our history. Andrew Jackson came up from nothing… he let common folks into the White House! That’s the REAL reason the Liberals hate him (he also hated and scourged bankers… oh, the humanity!). It has nothing to do with slavery… it has to do with him being from “the wrong side of the tracks” and favouring the unwashed hoi polloi (they truly do consider all the rest of us ignorant proles only fit to be their servitors). My American Pantheon includes many that Establishment “conservatives” and Liberals find anathema. So be it… let them consider me (and many others) “ignorant”. I’ll say this… I’m smart enough to see through their self-serving rhetoric… again, I’m far from the only one to see that…

We CAN do something… #Feelthebern 


President Killary: Would the World Survive President Hillary?

00 NO HILLARY! 081115



See how much Chilly Hilly makes for a single speech. Do you make as much in a year? Ponder the fact that she produces or purveys nothing. That is, it’s bribery pure and simple. The fatcats aren’t throwing money at her for nought. To speak bluntly, she’s for them and NOT for you. It does shed much light on her backers, doesn’t it? I’ve found that many of her supporters work in the financial services industry, which anticipates a free-for-all Libertarian casino if she becomes President. Do slice the cheese before biting into it… it may be mouldy and maggotty inside…


This is an English translation of an article that I wrote for the German magazine Compact. The high level of intelligent discourse that Compact brings to its readers encouraged me. If only the USA had more people capable of reaching beyond entertainment to comprehending the forces that affect them, then, there might be some hope for America. Compact brings hope to Germany. The German people are beginning to understand that their country isn’t sovereign, but a vassal of Washington, and that their Chancellor serves Washington’s hegemony and American financial interests, not the German people.

Hillary Clinton is proving to be a “teflon candidate”. In her campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination, she’s escaped damage from major scandals, any one of which would destroy a politician. Hillary accepted massive bribes in the form of speaking fees from financial organisations and corporations. She’s under investigation for misuse of classified data, an offense for which a number of whistleblowers are in prison. Hillary survived the bombing of Libya, her creation of a failed Libyan state that’s today a major source of jihadi terrorists, and the Benghazi controversy. She survived charges that as US Secretary of State she arranged favours for foreign interests in exchange for donations to the Clinton Foundation. Of course, there’s a long list of previous scandals… Whitewater, Travelgate, Filegate.  Diana Johnstone’s book, Queen of Chaos, describes Hillary Clinton as “the top salesperson for the ruling oligarchy”.

Hillary Clinton is a bought-and-paid-for representative of the big banks, the military-security complex, and the Israel Lobby.  She’d represent these interests, not those of the American people or America’s European allies. The Clintons’ purchase by interest groups is public knowledge. For example, CNN reported that between February 2001 and May 2015  Bill and Hillary Clinton received 153 million USD (10.23 billion Roubles. 994.28 million Renminbi. 10.2 billion INR. 193.85 million CAD. 198.41 million AUD. 136.33 million Euros. 106.23 million UK Pounds) in speaking fees for 729 speeches, an average fee of 210,000 USD (14.04 million Roubles. 1.37 million Renminbi. 14 million INR. 266,060 CAD. 272,320 AUD. 187,110 Euros. 145,800 UK Pounds) for each one. As it became clear that Hillary Clinton would emerge as the likely Democratic presidential candidate, she got more. Deutsche Bank paid her 485,000 USD (32.43 million Roubles. 3.16 million Renminbi. 32.33 million INR. 614,470 CAD. 628,930 AUD. 432,130 Euros. 336,740 UK Pounds) for one speech, and Goldman Sachs paid her 675,000 USD (45.12 million Roubles. 4.38 million Renminbi. 45 million INR. 855,180 CAD. 875,310 AUD. 601,410 Euros. 468,660 UK Pounds) for three speeches. Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, UBS, and Fidelity Investments each paid her 225,000 USD (15.04 million Roubles. 1.46 million Renminbi. 15 million INR. 285,060 CAD. 291,770 AUD. 200,470 Euros. 156,220 UK Pounds). Despite Hillary’s blatant willingness to take such bribes publicly, her opponent, Bernie Sanders, hasn’t succeeded in making an issue of Hillary’s shamelessness. Both of the main establishment newspapers, the Washington Post and the New York Times defend Hillary.

Hillary is a warmonger. She pushed the Obama régime into destroying a stable and largely cooperative government in Libya, where the “Arab Spring” were really CIA-backed jihadists used to dislodge China from its oil investments in eastern Libya. She urged her husband to bomb Yugoslavia. She pushed for “régime change” in Syria. She oversaw the coup that overthrew the democratically elected president of Honduras.  She brought neocon Victoria Nuland, who arranged the coup that overthrew the democratically elected president of the Ukraine, into the State Department. Hillary called President Vladimir Putin of Russia the “new Hitler.” Hillary as president guarantees war and more war.

Now, the US government is privatised. Officeholders use their positions to make themselves wealthy, not to serve the public interest. Bill and Hillary Clinton epitomise the use of public office in behalf of the officeholder’s interest. For the Clintons, government means using public office to rake in rewards for doing favors for private interests. The Wall Street Journal reported:

“At least 60 companies that lobbied the State Department during her [Hillary Clinton’s] tenure as Secretary of State donated a total of more than 26 million USD (1.74 billion Roubles. 169 million Renminbi) 1.73 billion INR. 32.94 million CAD. 33.72 million AUD. 23.17 million Euros. 18.05 million UK Pounds) to the Clinton Foundation.”

13 April 2016

Paul Craig Roberts

Sputnik International


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