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Sunday, 29 May 2016

29 May 2016. Bernie on Economic Justice…

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The “conservatives” tell us that we must leave the rich unfettered… to benefit all of us. Well, we’ve tried that for 35 years, and all that it’s gotten us is “the rich get richer and the rest of us get poorer”. Note well that mercenary pundits such as Rod Dreher and Sean Hannity drool their approval of it all. Also note that Chilly Hilly and Butcher Biden are just as swinish as the Repugs are… there’s not a tuppence worth of difference between them and Trump… in fact, they’re MORE swinish and more attentive to the powers-that-be than Trump is. Trump has his pile (mostly ill-gotten, but the banksters back all his failures and bail him out), so, he’s not as grasping as Hilly and Biden are.

Here’s the choices on offer… Trump is a twice-divorced gazillionaire developer with more failures than successes… Chilly Hilly is the front for Bill’s Third Term, besides being the Whore of Wall Street/K Street (she’s on sale to all comers, if the price be right)… Bernie is the only honest choice in the pack. No, he isn’t perfect… but his record is clear… as are the records of Trump and Hilly. Don’t follow the Trump Chumps and the HillyBillys… vote for Bernie… the only candidate who even comes close to the Christian moral vision. To vote for Christ’s injunctions, one must vote for a secularist Jew… who woulda thunk it…


29 May 2016. What Kind of “Democracy” Do Chilly Hilly and Trump Want?

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Remember this… Chilly Hilly gave head to all of Wall Street and K Street as soon as DWS changed the rules on lobbyist contributions. “He who pays the piper, determines the tune”… if that’s so (and it is), what does that tell you about Chilly Hilly and about who pulls her marionette strings? You can tell who she favours, can’t you? Just bear in mind… shitbirds of a feather flock together. Our Lord Christ put it another way… Woe to those who call good “evil” and evil “good”. I need say no more.

As for the Donald, he’s never hidden his greed and covetousness. He’s an open votary of evil… Hilly’s a smarmy closeted devotee of evil. Bernie isn’t in their league at all… he’s honest, as politicians go. You KNOW who to vote for…


Saturday, 28 May 2016

28 May 2016. What Do You Want? Books or Bombs?

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Chilly Hilly wants to take on Iran, China, and Russia… “America’s the hyperpower and no one can stand against us”. Wonderful… the Afghan insurgency drags on since 2001 with no end in sight… the Iraqi invasion has simmered since 2003… Libya still smoulders and burns… gee, it seems that the “hyperpower” ain’t so “hyper”, after all. What would happen if the USA took on peers such as China and Russia, and large second-tier states like Iran? It’d end like Korea, no doubt, with Russia and China achieving their objectives, and the USA utterly failing… but this time, it’d be on the Eurasian World Island, with a large butcher’s bill and an even larger price-tag. Britain never recovered from the expense of the two world wars… the USA wouldn’t recover from the double-whammy of paying for the Cold War and for the present aggression in foreign parts.

Bernie sees it correctly. Put things right here first. End the wars. End the corruption. End the corporate welfare. Above all, end the lies.

You can vote for Bernie… or you can vote for Chilly Hilly or be a Trump Chump.

It’s YOUR choice…


Tuesday, 24 May 2016

24 May 2016. Bernie vs Chilly Hilly… Fuckery is DEFINITELY Afoot

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In my neck of the woods, there was a “tale of two appearances”. Chilly Hilly showed up at an out-of-the-way venue, a small-town high-school auditorium with 1,300 tickets available (and one needed a ticket to get past security at the door). A friend who works for a state senator told me that there were untaken tickets. Bernie showed up at the Washington Avenue Armoury, which can accommodate 4,500… it was open to the public, first come, first served. He had an overflow crowd that spilled over into the small plaza outside and in front of the public library. Did I mention that the Armoury is three loud farts from the State Capitol, and that the rally took place during the state workers’ lunch-hour? MY BAD! Hmm… it looks like Bernie did FAR better than Chilly Hilly did. He won Albany County in the primary… that means that Handy Andy Cuomo and the Albany County Democratic Party machine either didn’t get out the vote or couldn’t get it out. In fact, Hilly did far worse than she did in 2008, when she won every county… she lost all upstate counties except for the counties containing the cities of Syracuse, Rochester, and Buffalo. Note well that the lapdog corporate media told you none of that.

Fuckery IS afoot. If the Dems nominate Hilly, many people will write in Bernie (I certainly will). In fact, the Republicans WANT Hilly to run… some are her real soulmates… others see her as an easy mark. Either way, it spells B-A-D for the Democratic Party Establishment. Don’t Chilly Hilly and the Establishment understand that Repug Lite is screamingly unpopular? They’ll have to find that out the hard way, I guess…


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