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Thursday, 14 May 2015

14 May 2015. Heavy Buzz Out There That GOAA Shitcanned Iakovos of Chicago and His Vicar Over Milwaukee Brouhaha

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There’s much rumour and buzz out there that the GOAA shitcanned Metropolitan Iakovos of Chicago and his vicar due to the present scandal around Light-Fingered Clerical Louies sticking their hand into the cookie jar at Annunciation parish in Milwaukee WI. Of course, the Monomoron toddlers are caterwauling. I’d say, “Let’s wait for the official word on this one”… but the Monomuckos toddlers aren’t particularly known for prudence and care, are they? A source told me:

I have confirmation that the EP asked Met Iakovos and Bishop Dimitri of Chicago to resign… the confirmation is from 79th Street.

Is this so? Keep tuned… same bat-time, same bat-station…



Monday, 21 October 2013

Kondratick Pleads Guilty To Embezzling From Venice Church


It’s only just begun… now, we’ve got to clean up the mess that Bobby et al left for us. How sweet it isn’t!


The former administrator of a Venice FL church, accused of embezzling funds, won’t go to jail as part of a plea deal. Police arrested Robert Kondratick in March for embezzling more than 50,000 USD from Holy Spirit Orthodox Church, 700 Shamrock Blvd. The case was supposed to go to trial this week, but court records show that Kondratick entered a guilty plea on 16 October to a second-degree felony charge of larceny instead. Assistant State Attorney Erika Quartermaine said that he agreed to serve two years of community control and eight years of probation and that he’d pay restitution. His defence attorney, Derek Byrd, said, “If he had pressed that case to trial, there’s a good chance he would’ve been found not guilty”. However, to avoid the possibility of a conviction and jail time, Kondratick agreed to the plea offer.

Church leaders told the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office that Kondratick requested signed blank checques to pay what he claimed were church expenses. However, an investigation revealed he cashed 28 checks made out to “cash” or to himself… totalling 53,950 USD. Byrd said evidence shows that instead of keeping the money, Kondratick may have given at least some of it away through a “Good Samaritan” fund. The parish fired him after it discovered the misuse of funds. It appears that this isn’t the first time Kondratick was accused of stealing from a church, the Herald-Tribune previously reported. In 2007, the Orthodox Church in America in Syosset NY, relieved Kondratick of his duties as priest following an investigation into financial misconduct. No criminal charges were filed in that case.

21 October 2013

Sarasota (FL) Herald-Tribune


Editor’s Note:

Byrd’s remarks have the smell of “spin” about them. After all, those who cop a plea usually do so on the advice of their attorney. I’d lay even money that’s what happened here. If Byrd thought that he’d win, he would’ve pressed forward. Indeed, it smells as thought the HS got tired of Bobby (and, perhaps, of his “threats”). Will they press Storheim to plea, too? Will they retire Iggy over the “unaccounted for” 115 Gs (“The records simply don’t exist”, as Tosi put it)? What about the fact that Fatso ran overbudget on some items? Hmm… there be a whole lotta shit in that there byre… maybe, that’s why so many flies are buzzing around in there!

It’s no fun to clean up the aftermath of a “toot”. This is no exception. I’d say, “Note well who defended who and when… and who savaged who and when… it’ll tell ya who’s naughty and who’s nice”. We could start with firing Tosi, retiring Iggy (frankly, that’s all we need to neutralise him, so, we shouldn’t do more), and sending Fatso off to a far-away monastery, far from the District and from the City (sending him back to Manton wouldn’t do… however, we could send off to Athos or Solovki, literally). If we don’t, we won’t have a real church, and that’s that.


Monday, 7 May 2012

7 May 2012. Multiple-Sourced Whispers in the Loggia on Embezzlement at the OCA Representation at the Centre


If I were the cops at the Centre, I’d nose around the OCA Representation parish, St Catherine-in-the-Fields. Buzz has reached me from rather disparate sources (indeed, sources that are opposed to one another) of possible skimming and embezzlement by one of the prominent priests, one Sergei Alikov. When one hears the same story from radically-opposing sources, one sits up and listens. That doesn’t mean that it’s true, it simply means that it bears investigation. The whispers have it that Alikov, who was put in charge at St Catherine parish after the OCA powers-that-be kicked Dickie Wood out, is stealing about 20,000 USD (599,000 Roubles. 15,400 Euros. 12,400 UK Pounds) a month from the income from rent and other income related to the church complex. More than one source told me that various parties have tried to warn the OCA powers-that-be repeatedly that Alikov’s a rum go, yet, the OCA failed to respond to any of the parishioners’ concerns. For an organisation that loves money, it seems odd that they wouldn’t be concerned about such an allegation. Perhaps, the money’s being siphoned for them personally? Hard to know, but something isn’t right.

This needs to be checked by His Nibs, Mayor Sobyanin, the Genprokuratura, and Archbishop Mark Golovkov (as head of the Secretariat, he’s in charge of MP foreign affairs). If it’s reached me, its common knowledge in some circles (trust me, I’m NOT an “insider”). Fathausen does seem to “have money”. Where’s he getting it? Is he in cahoots with Alikov? Was Dickie shitcanned for not going along (he’s an incompetent self-publicising blowhard, but in that he’s no worse than sorts like Lyonyo, Jillions, or Sigrist). This does put a new face on Dickie getting le sabot. He’s incompetent… he’s a liar… he’s an enabler of HOOMie cultists… he’s a typical clueless SVS paladin… his Orthodoxy’s questionable at best… but that doesn’t mean that he’s a thief or that he’d cooperate with such.

The Russian governmental and MP Church authorities should look into this, especially given Paffhausen’s ties with Potapov, a known Langley asset (check it out… Potapov had/has a “red” official US passport). If someone’s embezzling the Representation’s money, where’s it going? Cui bono? I say, let the Prokuratura and Metropolitan Yuvenaly Poyarkov (he’s not the unsinkable satrap for nothing… he has no use for the present OCA) get to the bottom of this. If it’s true… Alikov belongs in the Sakha Republic bustin’ rocks under the Arctic Sun. His Nibs should rip up the OCA Tomos immediately and re-establish the Metropolia under the MP. That’s what should happen. As for Paffhausen, if this is true, he deserves to join his pal, Alikov, but that won’t happen. Shall he form a “Rump OCA?” Only time will tell us…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Monday 7 May 2012

Albany NY

Latest Update Department:

Someone told me that Sergei Alikov isn’t a priest, but rather the starosta of St Catherine parish. I’ve no way to check this out. Nevertheless, the whole incident’s as fishy as stud fees for Kelso. It still bears looking into. That’s the latest buzz…


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