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Sunday, 4 February 2018

4 February 2018. Comrade Xi on Great China



Sunday, 14 January 2018

14 January 2018. From Sea to (Not So) Shining Sea… What Will Future Generations Say of Us?


Trump’s order opening all areas to grasping corporate rape shall reverberate for generations, even if it’s repealed in 2019 (if the GOP loses Congress, which may very well happen). the plug-uglies will have a year to dump all sorts of shit into the environment. It takes a LONG time to clean up the mess left by a short period of rapine. It took the USSR a full generation to truly recover from the mess that the fascists left… it’d take longer to recover from the objective fouling that the corporatists would leave in our seas, rivers, wetlands, and wilderness areas.

If this doesn’t prove to you that the Republicans are evil… nothing will. Mind you, Dems are all too often like that, too. However, they’d overturn this just for the sake of utzing Trump. Sometimes, the evil do good despite themselves… this would be one such case.


Sunday, 4 December 2016

4 December 2016. DAPL Stopped… FOR NOW… Will Trump Reverse the Order?



There’s much glee about the supposed rerouting of the DAPL by the Army Corps of Engineers. I’d say that it’s much too early to break out the bubbly. Trump will take office in six weeks, and he’s got his own money invested in the pipeline. Furthermore, he’s an asshat who enjoys suckerpunching people. Therefore, just because Obama and the Corps of Engineers rejected the present route, doesn’t mean that Trump won’t reverse that order. There’s no call for any celebration yet. It’s time to organise… for when the plug-uglies pull a fast one (it’s not a question of “if”). Besides, the Corps didn’t nix the pipeline, it merely rerouted it, which means that DAPL is still a threat to the environment. I’d point up that’s there’s no call for joy in Mudville, yet. There’s every chance that the oligarchs are planning a riposte, with their boy in office. Have a care… the times are evil…

The First Nations won a reprieve for the time being, not a lasting victory (sad to say).


Saturday, 26 November 2016

26 November 2016. A Thought from HH…



When one sees what’s happening at Standing Rock, it’s clear that the oligarchs and their political puppets have no solidarity with the Native peoples protesting the pipeline. Indeed, the passion of sinful greed motivates the pipeline builders, it fills them with the desire to run roughshod over all those who stand in the way of their amassing more filthy lucre. Look at how they treat their fellow human beings! Their brutality and cruelty are on display for all to see… to think that many of those wielding the club in the name of Almighty Mammon fancy themselves Christians. HH is correct… you can see why he prefers the company of Comrades Zyuganov and Castro to the diseased and perverted company of the Republican Party and its oligarch puppeteers. Yes… your political outlook does affect your eternal destiny… do think on that, for that is what HH is pointing up here.


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