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Saturday, 6 June 2015

6 June 2015. Live Your Religion!

00 Live your religion. 01.06.15



Wednesday, 22 April 2015

22 April 2015. URA! For the Continuity of Our Russian History!

00 Know No Fear. Marshal G K Zhukov. 22.04.15


G K Zhukov was the greatest Russian war leader since Suvorov. There were only a few such in Russian History… St Aleksandr Nevsky… St Dmitri Donskoi… Minin and Pozharsky… A V Suvorov… G K Zhukov… they’re the pantheon of Russian Leadership. They’re the Great War Lords… the Great Captains of Holy Rus. It’s a real and rich history. Our history is a seamless garment… one that one can’t divide without destroying the whole. The Ukraine? It has no past, no history, and, therefore, no soul. It’s a golem built by the West to try to topple Holy Rus. It shall not prevail!

If we forget our history, we lose our soul. Look at the “Ukrainians”… that’s an object lesson. They’ve forgotten who they are… need I say more?


Friday, 26 September 2014

26 September 2014. Thus Always to Banderovtsy

00 Thus Always to Banderovtsy. 25.09.14


I don’t think that the Anglo American ignoranuses quite understood what they did by backing the Galician Uniate fascists. The Galician Uniates were willing Nazi collaborators in the VOV… they volunteered for the SS… they were bully boys for the Germans in Auxiliary Police Battalions… they were guards in concentration camps and killers in mobile extermination squads. The Uniates and “Ukrainian Orthodox” in the diaspora looked up to these men, lionised them, and held them up as exemplars. That’s only part of the equation. The Anglos are so stupid that they conflate Orthodox and Uniates… there are external similarities to be sure, but the internals are wildly different. Orthodox people are free Christians, subservient to no one, of the Ancient Church of the Upper Room… Uniates are papist slaves who kiss the Pope of Rome’s ass for all the world to see, they broke from the Ancient Church when they sucked up to the Pope. They decide nothing for themselves, they crawl off to the Pope for everything… they’re slaves not only in fact, but in mentality, too.

Besides that, the Anglo simpletons don’t realise that 1612 still has cred and tread in our minds. His Holiness has a great devotion to St Germogen… starved to death by the Poles for refusing the Unia. We remember Talerhof… we remember the murder of St Maksim Sandovich… we remember the murder of Blessed Gavriil Kostelnik… we remember the beating of Fr Mikhail Shuvar… the Anglos go to school to “study” us, and end by understanding and knowing NOTHING. NO RUSSIAN WILL KISS THE POPE’S ASS… FULL STOP. That’s one reason Russia won’t allow the Unia to rape the Ukraine. The USA won’t understand this… it refuses to see the religious and cultural sides to this affair. Of course, they’re superior to us and our categories don’t matter…

Look at the above demot… it’s very popular in Russia now. There’s no compromise possible between Holy Rus and Uniate Galicia… one or the other MUST go down to defeat. The papists have been trying to defeat us and subjugate us since 1242… they won’t succeed this time either. The Galicians surrendered to Rome in 1596… they can’t win, for subservience has become habitual to them… in a war between free men and slaves., the free men have the advantage. Here’s the sad part… when it becomes expedient, the Anglos will cast off their Uniate associates… they show no loyalty to their own, why should they show loyalty to outsiders? When the Americans have no more to get from the Ukraine, they’ll drop the Uniate junta like a hot brick… they’ll watch events unfold and not raise a hand to help their erstwhile allies.

However, them be the wages of treachery… thus always to traitors…


26 September 2014. Four Patriotic Russian Demots Translated to English

00 Glory to the Defenders of the Russian Land. 25.09.14


00 O Russian Land. 25.09.14.


00 desantnikov. 25.09.14


00 rokossovsky quote. 25.09.14


You can’t turn patriotism off and on like a light bulb. The Anglo pigs riled the Russians for no good reason by siccing their vicious Uniate attack dogs on them. This is but a sampling of ordinary Russians’ response to the Anglo aggression. Ted Cruz, George Will, Bob Menendez, Chilly Hilly, and Marco Rubio… eat shit and die. You hate us and what we stand for… so be it. March on Russia, you Anglo SOBs… you’ll be the latest to learn the ancient truth… All those who march on Russia will be put to death

As it was, as it is, as it ever shall be. Shame on all Orthodox who suck up to the Republican aggressor slimers. How can you support those who stab the Motherland in the back? You dare to call yourself Orthodox! I think not…


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