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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Russian Orthodox Church Raises Fears Over Pro-Gay Protestant Churches

Olav Fykse Tveit

Olav Fykse Tveit (1960- ), General Secretary of the WCC


Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev of Moscow and all the Russias told the head of the World Council of Churches of his concerns over the position of some Protestant Churches towards homosexuality. WCC General Secretary Dr Olav Fykse Tveit met the Patriarch in Moscow today as part of his first visit to the Russian Orthodox Church (sic) since taking up office last September. According to the WCC, Kirill expressed a “serious concern” about some of the challenges facing ecumenical dialogue in view of what he termed the “new positions of some Protestant churches” on several important moral issues, including their understanding of homosexuality. The Episcopal Church in the USA, in particular, has pursued a liberal agenda in the last decade, consecrating its first openly-gay bishop in 2003, and consecrating its first partnered lesbian bishop this year. The actions angered traditionalist Anglicans worldwide and met with alarm from other denominations, including the Orthodox and Roman Catholic Churches.

Dr Tveit said the discussion with the Patriarch was “frank”. He said, “His Holiness challenged the council to articulate how it can contribute to build bridges in this situation”. In spite of this, Kirill spoke of his “deep commitment” to the WCC. Dr Tveit praised the work of the Russian Orthodox Church in reaching out to youths. “The Russian Orthodox Church can play an inspiring role in the fellowship of WCC member churches”, he said. “Bringing the younger generations to the faith is a common concern for all of our member churches. We’ve learnt about some of the initiatives taken in this regard under Kirill’s leadership and I think all WCC member churches could benefit from them”.

During the last part of his visit today, Dr Tveit will meet the Very Rev Arkady Shatov, chairman of the Department for Church Charity and Social Services, a visit to the St Dmitri School of Sisters of Charity, and meetings with Russian government officials. The Russian Orthodox Church joined the WCC in 1961, and is its largest member today, with five of its representatives currently sitting on the WCC’s 150-member Central Committee. Joining him on the visit is the WCC deputy general secretary Georges Lemopoulos, as well as WCC staff members, Rev Dr Dagmar Heller (Ecumenical Institute Bossey/Faith and Order) and Fr Dr Daniel Buda (Church and Ecumenical Relations). Following the visit, the Russian Orthodox Church will host the annual meeting of the Permanent Committee on Consensus and Collaboration, which has the responsibility for continuing the dynamic of the Special Commission on Orthodox Participation in the WCC.

29 June 2010

Brian Hutt

Christian Today


Editor’s Note:

I’m not going to ignore the friendly gorilla sitting in the Barcalounger (Mr Gorilla, there’s a cold brewskie on the lamp stand and a pizza on the coffee table). So, His Nibs has a “serious concern” with overt homosexuality amongst Christians. That’s not surprising, given the Scripture’s teaching on sodomites. Do remember Nikon in Yekaterinburg in ’99… he was doctrinally solid, but he was bounced because of unnatural doings (and his highhanded treatment of his diocese didn’t help matters). Everyone knows the stories that circulated (and still circulate) about Feodosy Lazor, Peter l’Huillier, and Benjamin Peterson. There’s no need to repeat them here (I’m not saying that they’re true… I’m saying that they’re circulating… draw your own conclusion, dearies). One should mention that the konvertsy make VERY loud noises about how they’re “superior” to the rest of us as far as morality and Christian life is concerned (they don’t say such overtly, but one picks that impression up easily from all their writing). I’ll content myself by saying that they defend a certain crowd tooth-and-nail… and ignore the obvious evidence of tolerance of a certain perversity. It’s why I pay Reardon, Jacobses, Freeman, Herbel, Honeycutt et al no mind… they have no complaints about the West Village Cowboy or the Iliff cover-up, after all.

In 2009, per friends of mine, Moscow paid for three junkets by JP… two to Moscow and one to Georgia. This year… NADA. I wonder if that had anything to do with JP’s shameless kissing up to the TEC at Nashotah House? After all, KMG has “serious concern” about overt homosexuality in Christian circles… and the TEC is known for such, isn’t it? Indeed… it’s no secret; it’s rather open and notorious. Then, why did JP ink a concordat with such a body? One wonders if he discussed it with Moscow beforehand… one Moscow friend assures me that JP was called to Moscow in late ’09 not only to answer questions from the Holy Synod concerning the diaspora, but also to be taken out to the woodshed by KMG for this stupid move.

I believe that the Centre is well aware of the rumour and innuendo that surrounds many figures in American Orthodoxy. I believe that they’ve investigated the same and drawn their conclusions from it. The only reason that the OCA is still in existence is that it’s useful to the MP in its chess match with the EP… once it loses its utility, it’ll be discarded like a used tissue. Trust me, there’ll be familiar names bandied about… KMG shall have such a PIOUS look on his face… and so shall Bart.

By the way, what’ll be the effect of the end of the OCA on the normal American parish? … Zilch to nada. The Syosset/SVS superstructure is only crudely welded on to the main body of the old Metropolia. Normal parish life would go on… we’d lose some of the HOOMie parishes and a few would go over to Saliba’s bunch (especially those headed by ill-digested Espiskie converts with no real Orthodox formation)… that’s all. Most people wouldn’t even notice the passing of SVS and New Skete… they’re the lucky ones, aren’t they?


Friday, 4 December 2009

Please Listen to This… and Weep!

The Call to Arms of Kuzma Minin in Novgorod

Konstantin Makovsky



A friend of mine commented on my site recently. I’m going to post his comment below, but click here to listen to the following drivel.

I listened recently to a presentation by Sister Vassa Larina about Schmemann and Monasticism. Too long to listen to all, I skipped to the end. The conclusions were presented by the “Archimandrite” Bob the Tough. He gave a tough talk, “provocative”. He praised the paper for the use of the expression “self-critical Orthodoxy” that “should be chiseled in stone and put up at the entrance of every Orthodox institution!” Furthermore, “the non-critical canonisation in contemporary Orthodoxy of Athonite monasticism and what it says and does is an enormous block to the kind of self-critical Orthodoxy that Orthodoxy in today’s world needs just like everybody else does. I think it’s time that somebody says that out loud”. His utterances were received with guffaws and applause by the audience (at SVS).

Nasha sestra seconded him by relating her experience at a meeting between Bart and the monks from Athos, wondering that the monks, instead of taking advantage of their “luxury of sitting over there blocking out women and stuff” (sic!) for praying day and night for the Patriarch “who lives in the real world”, made a “scene” accusing “the other part” of betraying Orthodoxy. “That was a condemnation from the monastic side that was out of place and very presumptuous”, concluded the monastic academic sustained by an explosion of guffaws. Almost needless to say that she can’t remember the name of that abbot from Athos! He didn’t present an academic paper!

My reply was:

Thank you for this. If it’s true, and I’m not accusing you of making this up, but can you “source” this for me? If it has a URL, please send it so that I can post it here with an appropriate rocket. If this is so, Vassa Larina’s gone beyond the acceptable, and she must be taken to task. Speaking at that pesthole of heresy, SVS! St John Maksimovich is in heaven weeping. Metropolitan Hilarion… why do you allow this? Did you know that it occurred? It’s scandalous in the extreme! If Vassa Larina’s attacking Athos she needs her ears pinned back and sent to the woodshed for a good paddling. Absolutely disgusting! Robert Taft is a stinking Jesuit Uniate with no standing in the Church. Who shall be our Kuzma Minin? It’s 1612, all over again.


My friend “sourced” this, and it’s disturbing on many levels. Firstly, SVS invited a stinking Uniate imposter to speak on an Orthodox campus. That’s beyond the pale… but then again, they just inked an agreement with an institution of the Episcopal Church, didn’t they? No Uniate has any right to speak on the Church, for they’re outside of the Body of Christ. They’re nothing but papists of the worst sort and SVS tells the world that we and they are part of a notional “Eastern Church“. His criticisms of Athos are otiose and just plain wrong. Athos is the beating heart of Orthodoxy. Full stop. V V Putin went to the Great Lavra and the monastic fathers all came out and gave him a rousing welcome! Bully for them. Secondly, Vassa Larina has no call to be attacking the Church in agreement with a Uniate snake. Metropolitan Hilarion, discipline this academic poseur and do it immediately! She’s agreeing with a Uniate in attacking the Holy Mountain… what cheek! What impudence! I’d look closely at that Andrei Psaryov too. I’ll say this… the late Vladyki Laurus wouldn’t have put up with such vile smut! Neither should you. Thirdly, it proves that Ancient Faith Radio isn’t a good thing for grounded Orthodox Christians to be listening to. After all, Bradley Nassif, Frederica Matthewes-Green, and Joseph Honeycutt are nothing but Anglicans in Orthodox drag. Attacking Athos… what absolute and vile rubbish. God have mercy on the lot of ’em, they deserve to dance at the end of a rope (but they won’t… and don’t call the cops, I’m NOT making a threat, I’m just expressing righteous anger at pigs who are attacking the heart of the Church). “Self-critical Orthodoxy”… what immature and juvenile rot! Give me the monks manning the guns at the Troitsky Lavra any road! Give me Kuzma Minin holding an icon in one hand and a battle-axe in the other, standing on the stump rousing the people against the papist aggressors. Let’s emulate the brave Varengoi, who died rather than surrender to the papist snakes. This is so sickening and reprehensible. God do HELP us!

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Friday 4 December 2009

Albany NY

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