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Sunday, 18 May 2014

18 May 2014. Cabinet Vox Pop on SVS Inviting a Uniate to Speak and on Why Syosset Isn’t Protesting the Blunder’s Maltreatment by the Uniate Junta

00smilin jackass. 18.05.14


Here’s some Cabinet vox pop on SVS inviting the Uniate poseur Taft to speak:

Is there anybody in the OCA that understands what’s being perpetrated in the Ukraine and by whom, or do they all just believe in the propaganda put out by the prostitute western media? If there are thinking minds left in the OCA, why haven’t they stood up and demanded the Church support our Ukrainian and Russian Orthodox brothers and sisters murdered in droves by representatives of the Papist Unia? I feel that there are virtually no Orthodox Christians born into the faith left in the OCA.  It sounds like it’s just populated and run by a bunch of Protestant converts whose mindset is now the mindset of what once was a thriving branch of the Orthodox Church. You can print that, too!  I hate these OCA phoney hypocrites.

I can say this… the above poster nailed Syosset and SVS exactly. Yet, Nicky and I were in Western Mass this morning; we went into a small local parish to pray for a moment whilst we were on the road. I can say that there are still “Orthodox Christians born into the faith left in the OCA” and that they don’t reflect the rot found in Syosset and SVS. Unfortunately, such folks don’t get top billing. Another Cabineteer wrote:

I’m surprised Matusiak would defend anything; he’s usually pretty quiet. I’d guess he was “chosen” to make a defence.

The Centre may be watching this topic, so Lyonyo, Jillions, Tosi, and Hatfield chose a patsy to walk the plank. They’re evil… they’re not stupid. Another voice had this to say on the Blunder’s maltreatment by the Uniate scummers in Dnepropetrovsk:

Why hasn’t the OCA defended him? Well, Kishkovsky can’t stand him. We know that Hilarion dressed down Kishkovsky at a meeting in NY over the Jonah fiasco.

This has two important takeaways for us. Firstly, the Centre doesn’t like JP… the chances of him being accepted by ROCOR are slim to none (on the other hand, Soraich had pals in the Australian ROCOR who smoothed his way). It means that Potapov has far less influence than he claims (a contact said, “Everyone knows about Potapov and Artemonov, and who they work for”). Secondly, Lyonyo is supporting the American apparat on the Ukraine… not the Centre. That’s no surprise… he’s a member of the CFR, a major Establishment foreign policy stink tank (and Anya Schmemann, a young First Family member, works/worked for them). Lyonyo may have gone too far… he’s made an enemy at the Centre, and the Centre DOES control its dependency in the USA (that’s what the OCA is, kids). Mollard could remove Lyonyo… and Mollard’s not in danger of deposition, as no one in the OCA wants any upset after the JP affair, and most people hate Lyonyo with a purple passion anyway. If Lyonyo goes, his stooge Jillions would go with him. That’d satisfy Alfeyev on TWO counts… Jillions is a pro-Uniate suck-ass and he’s Lyonyo’s faithful dogsbody. Are they going down? I don’t know… but it’s a possibility, and not a slim one.

Pass the jug, the world’s being its crank old self again. I wouldn’t bet much on Lyonyo, though… and neither should you.


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Friday, 30 August 2013

30 August 2013. Stop the Presses! Vassa Larina’s Started a New YouTube Lecture Series! Hear, Hear!

01 read all about it


I got the following from the Cabinet:

V. L. has started a YouTube lecture series (click here). Expect much more of her cutting mockery of her parents, her home parish, and the Russian Orthodox tradition more generally, now straight to your computer screen!

I quite agree. Another Cabineteer sent me this:

Don’t link Mother Vassa with Fr George! He’s quite upset with her dalliance with Bob Taft and of some of her public utterances. He’s an Old School ROCOR priest, in the best sense of the term.

I quite agree with that, too. The Larins are part of the First Families apparat, but that doesn’t mean that they’re corrupt or evil. Once we have a united Church here in the American and Canadian diasporas many of the First Family sorts will have leading positions in it. You’re stupid to think otherwise. As for me, I agree with Deng Xiaoping:

It doesn’t matter whether the cat is black or white, as long as it catches mice.

Some of the First Family sorts (such as John Jillions, Eric Tosi, Victor Potapov, and Leonid Ksihkovsky) are incompetents and/or corrupt to the bone. Others are “operators” but competent (such as Alexander Lebedeff), whilst still others simply have the “right pedigree” (Alexander Golitzin, many of the Lukianovtsy, George Larin, and Alexander Garklavs). There’s a deep longing for unity amongst Russian Orthodox in the American diaspora. That’s the impression that I received from my conversations at St T’s and Jackson. Let’s not ruin it by stupid vendettas that’ll do nothing but advance personal agendas and halt unity. Keep it focused; keep it businesslike; keep it issues-oriented; we’ll get there (and faster than you’d think, too)



Sunday, 9 September 2012

9 September 2012. Tosi Believes Himself the “Grand Inquisitor” of the OCA…


Word’s reached me that Eric Tosi is strutting about, demanding that people “shut up”, that they shouldn’t talk to me, and that (basically) he has the right to vet all posting of information about the OCA. Tosi is nothing but a self-important apparatchik… remember what he said when there was a question of “missing” money and suspicions centring on Piggy Iggy Burdikoff? “The records simply don’t exist”. I can state clearly that’s the dumbest thing that a responsible party could make in public. A lawyer acquaintance of mine said, “He put the OCA out on a limb with that one. He stated, for the record, that the OCA was negligent with tax records, and that it either allowed them to be destroyed or to fall into the wrong hands”. That’s the sort of person that Tosi is… but he’s small fry, kids. He doesn’t have half the influence of a Hunchak or Hopko fils… or of Garklavs or Berzonsky, for that matter.

The situation is getting “curiouser and curiouser” and all sort of rumour, innuendo, and down-right lies are going to circulate in the absence of truthful reporting by Church authorities. Also, certain of the figures in the current apparat are going to be going about threatening this one and that one. Hunker down… say nothing… they can’t hurt you.

They’re “the man behind the curtain” (click here for a video of the scene), it’s If I Were King of the Forest without Bert Lahr‘s evident comedic talent (click here for a video of the song)…


9 September 2012. Tosi Arrogantly Attacks Those He Thinks are “Leaking” to Me… and He’s Getting the Wrong People


Eric Tosi is running about like a fool, accusing that this one and that one of “leaking” to me. I’m here to say that Tosi’s got the wrong people! He’s not very bright, is he? Note well that Tosi is SILENT concerning Ray Velencia’s attacks on Fr Mike Regan… SILENT. In short, he’s a power-hungry and nasty apparatchik… he’s part of the problem that we face. However, in its way, this is very GOOD news. It means that the Syosset/SVS gang is going off their heads and acting irrationally. In short, they’re scared. However, do have a care. From now on in, they’re not going to act with prudence or care. They’re going to lash out at all supposed “enemies”. Ergo, I’ll warn most people to keep their heads down… let us old sweats carry the burden.

We’re in the final act, but NOT the last scene. Have a care, please… they’re not nice folks deep down…


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