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Thursday, 28 August 2014

28 August 2014. Well, Dog My Cat!! ERROR!! I SCREWED UP. Something Bundled with Obits… Shoulda Looked Closer. MY BAD (NO EXCUSES, KIDS)

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00 OOPS! Computer. 14.09.13


Well, I FUCKED UP. ROYALLY. The article on Archimandrite Pitirim Stehnach was bundled with a bunch of obits (got ’em from a W PA contact in Yinzerville)… did I look closely enough?


Any responsible agency or individual screws up occasionally. However, ya gotta step up and admit your mistake. I DO THAT… unlike certain other people and websites I could name (like oca.org). It was my mistake… my bad… my mistake… no excuses… no bullshit. However, do note that I accept the brickbats as well as the roses. Do note that certain people don’t… especially, those tied in with the Western media machine. Hat tip to my informant. It keeps me honest (unlike Dreher, Lil’ Mizz Ginny, Lyonyo & daughter, and Potapov).



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