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Thursday, 2 November 2017

2 November 2017. VVP to Students: “Don’t Forget the Moral Component of Work”


V V Putin said the following to young people gathered in Sochi for the World Youth and Student Congress:

Don’t forget the moral component of work… of any job. We spoke about biology and medicine here. Undoubtedly, genetic engineering will open up incredible opportunities in pharmacology, new medicines, and by altering the human genome if a person suffers from genetic diseases. All right, that’s good. However, there’s another part to this process. What does it mean? It means that mankind can acquire the ability to get into the genetic code created by nature… or as religious people say… by Our Lord. What practical consequences can this entail? It means that it’s possible to create an individual with desired features. This may be a mathematical genius, this may be a talented musician, but it can also be a soldier, who can fight without fear or compassion, mercy, or pain. What I’ve just said may be more terrifying than a nuclear bomb. When we do something, whatever we may be doing… we should never forget about the moral and ethical foundations of our work. Whatever we do should benefit people, make them stronger… not destroy them.

That’s good. Note well that rightwing filth in our country (including Orthodox) are attempting to hijack VVP’s words. These words are against the essence of Anglo “conservatism”… a life-denying and self-serving ideology. These words are against “religion”… yes, they’re against “religion”. There’s a real faith in the Living God and there’s “religion”… a made-up simulacrum of Faith composed of rules, ritual, and repression (the Three R’s of Evil). Yes… the Church has rules… but it often relaxes them for this or that individual. Yes… the Church has ritual… but it isn’t the essence of what She IS. However, the Church NEVER represses… it frees us… it’s the freest form of religious expression there is. Reflect on that when you hear spiritual midgets bloviate on inconsequential points of liturgy or theology… reflect on that when you hear religious bigots pontificate on some minor point of the canons and rules.

VVP isn’t an American-style “conservative”… if he were, the American Establishment wouldn’t hate him so. Take the ranting of certain elements in the American Right (and amongst we Orthodox) with a great deal of scepticism…



Saturday, 28 October 2017

Caleb Maupin: “The supposed ‘Left’ Declared White Workers to Be Their Enemies”

The Affluent Effluent Limousine Liberals hate and despise us (arguably, worse than “conservatives” do). We’re nothing but objects to them… we’re not quite human. I can understand why so many voted for Trump when the Clintonistas pissed all over them and laughed at them afterwards. It’s why I HATE “liberals” and all their works…


Even after Charlottesville, the “white nationalists” are still in motion. Today, they’re in Tennessee spewing their confused racist garbage. You know why they have momentum? Because low-income white people see their communities destroyed by deindustrialisation, low wages, the police state, and heroin gangs, all brought to you by Globalist Capitalism. Why have “white nationalists” captured their anger? Because the so-called “Left” hates them, and instead of organising them, it told them to “check their privilege” and said they deserve to be poor. Just because the white working-class isn’t trendy and hip, and their suffering doesn’t win a gold medal in the Tumblr Oppression Olympics, doesn’t mean they don’t exist. The supposed “Left” embraced Middle-Class anti-populism and declared white workers to be their enemies. Naturally, they found other forces to lead them.

28 October 2017

Caleb Maupin


Trump is Just a Symptom


It rather boggles my mind when people frame Trump as the problem. Trump is the tip of the iceberg, a symptom of the problem, a visible manifestation of a much deeper underlying cancer, not just in our political world, but also in our very culture, and culture includes everything and everyone. Our entire culture needs to change. Everything about our popular politics needs to change. Singling out Trump takes our eyes OFF the problem. Trump becomes no less of a scapegoat than Muslims or undocumented immigrants. You can’t fix a car or heal a human body without a proper analysis of what’s wrong. It’s the same thing for a political system. Just a thought, but have you considered that neither of the two parties proposes any presidential candidate that anyone in their right mind would ever want to vote for? They haven’t yet, so we get a combination of the crazy voters, Nazi symps, dimwit fearful Munchkins, myopic identity politics, one-issue-wonders, and pissed off Molotovian protest voters showing out on Election Day = Trump, just because he’s not really a Republican or a Democrat. The potential for something wonderful to come out of this grand-scale alienation with the status quo is just as great as the current gaping morass of dumbass dysfunction. Keep your eyes on the prize, a new political leadership that reflects the aspirations of most working-class people, the majority, and not Trump, the carnie huckster luring slack-jawed farm-boys into his lurid peep show of a presidency. Please, just walk past this peacock-feathered buffoon ASAP… spend your time, money, and energy organising for a progressive coup d’état in the Democratic Party.

28 October 2017

Torry Mercer


“Disciplining the Clinton ‘Charities’ Might Open the Drain Under the Swamp”


The Clinton Foundation found itself under the microscope due to a reinvigorated probe into the Obama-era uranium deal. Speaking to Sputnik, Wall Street analyst and investigative journalist Charles Ortel (well-known for his exposure of the General Electric fraud in 2007) said that it’s only the beginning and shed light on the potential ramifications of an all-out inquiry into the Clintons’ endeavours. Ortel, who’s been investigating the Clinton Foundation’s (CF) alleged fraud over the past few years, believed that disciplining Bill and Hillary’s charities “might open the drain under the swamp”. The congressional investigation into the 2010 Uranium One deal approved by then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton may become the trigger for a series of scrupulous inquiries into the Clintons’ charity, which Ortel dubbed “the largest unprosecuted fraud ever”, and their other endeavours.

The Clinton Foundation May Have Already Been Investigated

According to Ortel, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Tax Exempt and Government Entities Division has already quietly reviewed the tax status of the Clinton Foundation since 2016. Speaking to Sputnik in June, Ortel noted:

In addition, the FBI and foreign governments, as well as US states, may also be investigating the CF and its many affiliates. I’m already in contact with certain governments concerning the apparent legal status of the Clinton Foundation and the nature and amount of sums solicited and received by Clinton interests, supposedly for charitable pursuits. I hope the investigations will be exhaustive and include flagging of foundations and others who illegally claimed tax deductions for making “contributions” to these false-front charities that I believe were organised and operated illegally starting on 23 October 1997, right to the present under the theoretical scrutiny of the IRS and US state and foreign governments.

Political Earthquake? All-Out Investigation Into the Clintons May Affect Many

According to Ortel:

An all-out investigation into the Clintons would certainly affect the FBI, the Department of Justice (DoJ), the IRS, and US state attorneys general, who are ignoring responsibilities to follow and enforce applicable laws, to further partisan aims. In these vast bureaucracies, I suspect there are many career officials as well as political appointees who’ve been playing politics. Some of these officials may have family members who might’ve profited, as it seems the Clintons did, from their political connections.

In his previous interviews with Sputnik, Ortel emphasised the suspicious “blindness” of Rod Rosenstein, James Comey, and Robert Mueller who failed to catch the Clinton Foundation red-handed over the past decade and a half, though the three held top positions either in the FBI or in the DoJ at that time. In this context, the fact that former FBI Director James Comey wrote a draft statement regarding the exoneration of Hillary Clinton during the agency’s investigation into the former secretary of state’s use of a private email server, months before interviewing her, appears to be hardly surprising, according to Ortel. It seems that US President Donald Trump was right when he tweeted in May 2017:

FBI Director Comey was the best thing that ever happened to Hillary Clinton in that he gave her a free pass for many bad deeds! The phoney…

To tackle the controversial issue the chairmen of the House Judiciary and Oversight committees, Bob Goodlatte and Trey Gowdy, kicked off a joint inquiry into how the FBI handled Clinton’s email case on Tuesday. Their joint statement, as quoted by The Hill, said:

Decisions made by the Department of Justice in 2016 have led to a host of outstanding questions that must be answered.

By Attacking “Clinton Charity Fraud” Trump Can Reshuffle the System

How might a wide-scale probe into the Clintons’ supposed misdeeds impact the balance of power in Washington, and what’d be the potential consequences of the inquiry? Ortel noted:

The “balance of power” in the USA used to refer to the balance between Republicans and Democrats. Now, in 2017, political parties are increasingly less relevant. Attacking the Clinton “charity” frauds could offer the Trump administration a chance to bring regulation of the vast pool of charity assets into compliance with applicable laws… this pool is approximately 5 trillion USD (290.142 trillion Roubles. 33.254 trillion Renminbi. 324.427 trillion INR. 6.407 trillion CAD. 6.51 trillion AUD. 4.307 trillion Euros. 3.809 trillion UK Pounds) in size. My first pass suggests that a reinvigorated IRS and DoJ that policed the largest charities first might find it fair and reasonable to exact penalties of 100 billion USD (5.8 trillion Roubles. 665 billion Renminbi. 6.49 trillion INR. 128.12 billion CAD. 130.19 billion AUD. 86.14 billion Euros. 76.17 billion UK Pounds) or more against flagrant violators of existing laws. Such an amount would help score the proposed tax cut package as a clear win, even though some revenue losses may occur in early years because of reduced tax rates. This approach would certainly alter the flagrant ways in which “charities” and their assets are used by elements across the political spectrum to finance and advance partisan political aims, and even to enrich donors, trustees, and executives.

Since 1989, Americans have been told that élites in government, business, academia, and media “know best”, and in particular that American prosperity will flourish in a “globalist” world. However, US government statistics and international statistics don’t defend this outlook, quite the contrary. Elites certainly are better off, but the mass of workers aren’t finding rising incomes, while they experience rising living expenses and have little to no financial capital saved up. Meanwhile, government spending has soared to absurdly high levels. In light of this, Donald Trump’s vow to “drain the swamp” sounds especially relevant.

25 October 2017

Yekaterina Blinova

Sputnik International


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