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Thursday, 11 December 2014

Carpetbagger Minister sez Uniate Junta Broke and Bankrupt… I Wonder Where the Money Went… It Went to the Yanks, For Rent!

01 broke


Read this. Look at this shit:

The state, as a matter of fact, is a bankrupt, so, it’s simply unrealistic to expect us to offer real, but not declarative, programmes of motivation. Hence, the main thing now is not to impede businesses, and business will put things at rights.

That’s the mantra of the Republican Party. Look at what it’s gotten America. We’re on the brink on an economic meltdown due to thirty years of coddling and feeding the Affluent Effluent. Anyone who advocates the GOP line opposes decency, humanity, morality, and justice. Keep that in mind as you hear their bleats about “Pro-Life”. They are “of the rich, by the rich, and for the rich”… first, last, and always. “Business will put things right”. Our Lord Christ hung on a cross due to the respectable of His day. I’d observe that the respectable of this day crucify Him anew… and “Christians” applaud it. That’s too much of a muchness and I need to find a place to get sick to get that out of my system. Evil grows in the shadow of the altar… DO bite the coin, for not everything is what it appears to be.



Uniate Junta Pigs to Cut Education, Social Services, and Health to Please their Neoliberal Anglo American Puppeteers

00.00k Politics Through a Cartoonist's Eyes 09.11.11


Read this. Wretched, isn’t it? Well, that’s the world of the Me-First, greedster, amoral, ravening Republican neoliberal (“conservative”) Libertarian Paradise. Look at what the godless narcissistic GOP pigs have already done… “welfare reform”… opposition to a sane single-payer healthcare plan (one endorsed by most hospitals and doctors)… laying the burden of college costs on families and students, instead of sharing these costs (as education benefits the entire community, it follows that the entire community should pay for it). The Uniate filth will cut all expenditures to the bone… except war spending! That’ll go into the stratosphere! THIS is why I oppose Jonas Paffhausen without let-up and I WON’T “go easy” on him. He tried to ally the Church with Uniates, sectarians, Mormons, and the worst warmonger elements of the Republican Party. By his actions, he supported the Uniate enemies of Christ’s Church and still supports the Republican enemies of mankind. By his actions, he’s told the world that he opposes social justice in the general society and simple justice in the Church (do note how he attacked Kristi Koumentakos directly and how he attacked Fr Michael Regan indirectly through his support of his cat’s-paw Ray Velencia).

The Uniates are only doing what the US Republicans want to do! If you work for a living and vote for Republicans, you’re a boob and lack all good-sense and intelligence. Orthodox people… this is why I oppose Paffhausen, Potapov, Webster, Whiteford, and Dreher… so should you. These people spit on Our Lord Christ and His Church by their support of the Republican Party and its amoral Almighty Dollar agenda. Do you worship Almighty God or do you worship Almighty Mammon? Do choose well… your soul IS at stake…


Tuesday, 29 January 2013

30 January 2013. There’ll Always be a Russia… Why We’re Not Giving In to the Zapadniki Any Time Soon (Or, Any Time Later, For That Matter)

00 Russia. vodka. 30.01.13


There are those who want Russians (or Greeks or Romanians or Serbs) to become good little pinheaded Western-style consumers. You can see this in the USA, where, despite all the so-called “evangelical” hoopla, godlessness is most fixed in any human society. Some of it has infected us, too… some are our own people, who want all the trappings of bourgeois “success”… others are converts who’ve never shucked off the mindset of the West. Trust me, a whole new world needs to be born in the soul of a Westerner to become truly Orthodox. It’s not just Russia… it’s the WHOLE Orthosphere that has a different mindset from that of the West. For starters, we don’t worship money and things as much as the zapadniki do. We aren’t as censorious and puritanical (hell, we’re downright earthy and funky, when it comes right down to it). We’re much closer to the “soul” of American blacks or to the holistic synergy of the Native American or to the “rhythm” of the Latino than we are to the tight-arsed prunishness and cold grasping greed of American Anglos. We’re alive… we sin… we forgive… we repent… we fall down. We get up again… without condemning those around us.

We smile… we laugh… perhaps, we have one more drink than we should. However… we don’t live in tomorrow, for God doesn’t give us that. He gives us TODAY… and that’s what we’re to ennoble. It may mean that that we have fewer toys than the zapadniki do… it may mean that our house is a tad shabbier and our car a bit more shopworn… but we live our lives to the fullest… which the Anglos do not do. They’re eaten alive by a notional future that never quite arrives. Can the Anglo become Orthodox? Yes… but only after putting the torch to the Western edifice and letting it burn to the foundations… few can do this in earnest. We’ve all seen those who didn’t, haven’t we? There’s no need to name names… we all know who they are. Come, take my hand… it’s a long road, but it’s a rewarding one…


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