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Friday, 8 May 2015

When the German Wolf and the Russian Bear Join Forces… It’ll Shake the World

00 The Bear is Back. 31.10.12 (2)




Russian and German people have lots in common. They are similar in their spirit, their values, and their views of life. Unfortunately, in the past they’ve been divided and forced into confrontation. They’ve been set apart and made enemies. Fortunately, with the beginning of a new era, these two great nations have a chance to come together and change the world for the better. A global awakening would help people to realise that humanity has a common enemy… the Dark Directors, who organise all the wars and revolutions in the world, but always stay behind the scene. They’re “nomads”, ones who “proliferate around the world as a malignant tumour metastases”.



This is V V Putin’s vision… of a Eurasia stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific, embracing the entire North of the World Island. No… he doesn’t want to “restore the USSR”… he isn’t thinking in such picayune terms. He wants a Eurasia cleansed of foreign Anglo American contamination. I think that he can do this. THAT is why the Anglos (and their demented collaborationist allies amongst us) fear… that they’re going to be restricted to the Anglosphere… not the leading element in the world, but only one of many… Eurasia, the Ummah, Eastasia, l’Afrique Noire, Latin America, and the Hindosphere. I welcome a multipolar world… I’m not alone…


Friday, 24 April 2015

“This Alternative is an Invincible Union of Orthodox Christianity and Socialism”

Castro and Metropolitan Kirill Gundyaev



I just didn’t have time to translate the whole post. If you wish to see the rest, click on the URL below.



I think that we’re a people with a legitimate natural right to associate with other peoples. However, I agree with those who say that force isn’t acceptable or an essential means for solving this problem. Primarily, we must act by example, to attract those who want to recreate a Union of Countries opposed to global evil. To do this, we can’t resort to a monarchical form of government; we must reject historically obsolete ideologies, such as the capitalist system, which destroyed Christianity in the West. You must use and improve a unified alternative to world capitalism and in its modern globalist (mondialist) guise. This alternative is an invincible Union of Orthodox Christianity and Socialism. Only a non-adversarial socioeconomic system can bring the people’s life in all its diversity to the real Gospel ideal. This approach could be a key factor and a condition in any decisive victory against global evil and a worthy monument to all our ancestors and contemporaries who gave their lives for Faith, Tsar, and Fatherland, including in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-45, and in the many conflicts provoked by the West and its satellites in the former USSR, Yugoslavia, Africa, the Middle East, and other regions.

23 April 2015

Anatoly Kurnosov

Doctor of Technical Sciences and Professor

Veteran of the Great Patriotic War

Russkoye Narodnoe Liniya


Friday, 10 April 2015

10 April 2015. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words. Graham Philips with VSN Troops Holding an “Essence of Time” Banner

00 Graham Phillips and Esence of Time banner. 10.04.15


Why does the VSN win and why do the junta militants fail? A good part of the reason is that the VSN fights for three things:

  • they fight to defend their native land, for their homes and families
  • they fight to defend their Russian nationality and their Orthodox religion
  • they fight to bring forward a coherent and just ideology

The first two are self-explanatory; most Westerners are aware of the first factor, many are aware of the second one… however, no Westerner seems to grasp that the fight in Novorossiya involves a fight between two inimical ideologies. The junta has a mishmash of world-views within it… ranging from oligarchic self-indulgence to Galician Uniate “Consciousness” (a particularly vicious form of fascist integral nationalism). There are no Western-style “democrats” amongst them, although they mouth Western shibboleths in an attempt to gain support. Opposing them, the Novorossiyans have quickly coalesced around two similar movements… Essence of Time and Eurasianism. In the above image, war correspondent Graham Philips and VSN soldiers hold an Essence of Time banner. This movement strives to unite people with socialist/communist political views, who also hold patriotic views and Orthodox Christian values. The conscious aim is to create a spiritual synthesis of Communism and Orthodoxy. The goal of the movement is to bring to life the best of communism’s ideals… a society that provides for the awakening and development of the higher creative abilities of every human being. Eurasianism posits that the Russian civilisational bloc doesn’t belong in the “European” category (somewhat like the Slavophiles) and that the Bolshevik October Revolution was a necessary component to rapidly modernise Russian society. The original Eurasianists (in the 1920s) believed that the Soviet system was capable of evolving into a new national non-European Orthodox Christian ideology. These supranational communal idealistic ideologies face a narrow parochial selfish nationalism that embraces the worst aspects of capitalism and fascism. One can readily see the clash of good and evil here.

We as Orthodox Christians in the diaspora must face the fact that we have traitors in our midst who oppose godly social justice, who fight against the union of the Cross and the Red Banner implicit in the the two above ideologies (which are very close, by the way). We all know who they are… some sold out for filthy lucre or for a seat at the high table… some others sold themselves as hirelings to the papists… still others crawl on their bellies for the Western media machine. I don’t think that I need name the people involved… you know them well. However, none of them are as dangerous as those who betray us for the sake of their fanatical belief in Libertarian Neoliberalism… that is, Jonas Paffhausen and his ragtag band of konvertsy. These people wish to ally the Church with such Anti-Christian elements as Radical Sectarians (“Evangelicals”) and the warmonger wing of the US Republican Party. The sell-outs are bad… but controllable. The True Believers are dangerous. They want to suck out the interior of our Faith and replace it with Sectarian/Libertarian goo. They’re the ones we must wrestle with and oppose… as our coreligionists abroad must fight the Uniates, we must fight the semi-Sectarians. In both cases, the Church is at stake… which side are you on?


Saturday, 7 June 2014

7 June 2014. In Defence of A G Dugin and V A Kucherenko (“Maksim Kalashnikov”): The Western Pundits are a Buncha Maroons

00 Maksim Kalashnikov. 04.06.14

“Maksim Kalashnikov” (pen-name of V A Kucherenko)


Western pundits have a particular hatred for A G Dugin and “Maksim Kalashnikov” (pen-name of V A Kucherenko). They’re Nazis, they’re purveyors of hate, and they spread lies about the USA! Oh, the humanity!

Of course, that’s a load of horse hockey, bullshit, and outright fabrication. Dugin was a neo-Nazi in his youth… he admits it. That’s no secret. Hey, the USA had no problem with real Nazis after World War II… it put them into influential positions in the Bundesrepublik and made sure that their pensions reflected their service to the Nazis (on the other hand, the USA saw to it that career officers/NCOs of the NVA received no pensions… for the USA, SS guys were OK, but NVA guys were anathema). Dugin hasn’t been such since the end of the ‘90s, though, when he embraced Orthodoxy. Why the beef with him? Aleksandr Gelyevich is the main ideologue of Eurasianism… that’s why the Americans hate him so. Eurasianism sees Russia as distinct from the West, a part of a Eurasian civilisational bloc independent of and not intellectually dependent on the West and its crackbrained neoliberal (“conservative”) notions. You see, the Western pundits take a fact (Dugin was a National Bolshevik in his youth) and imply that he hasn’t changed. Of course, the real reason for the Western hatred is that Eurasianism has support in high circles, and America (in particular) hates the fact that someone’s exposed their deceitful machinations. Is Dugin perfect? Certainly not… however, the picture bruited by Western pundits isn’t righteous either. Remember… they DO have an agenda and it affects their statements.

Kucherenko simply is too popular for the tastes of Western pundits. He’s not only popular… he’s influential, too. Vladimir Aleksandrovich has the ear of V V Putin and D A Medvedev. Simply put, he’s more anti-American than D O Rogozin is (which is saying a lot, to be sure) and he wishes that we restore the best features of the USSR. Of course, what compounds it is that Kucherenko’s books are best-sellers, which means that a large segment of the educated public agrees with him (which angers the juvenile brat Americans to no end). His views aren’t as developed and intellectual as Dugin’s are (Dugin, after all, IS a professor of the Philosophy Faculty of MGU), but he’s got the ear of influential people in the apparat (besides ties to Putin and Medvedev, he’s personal friends with S S Sobyanin, the mayor of Moscow).

In short, Western accusations that Kucherenko and Dugin are “National Bolsheviks” or “Neo-Nazis” are contemptible and not worthy of refutation. Only vacuous neocons or fatuous paleocon sources such as The American Conservative advance such arrant nonsense. Never forget, American “conservatism” isn’t only Liberal, its Radical Liberalism at its worst. True Conservatism implies accepting Tradition and Authority, two concepts rejected by American “conservatives”. They’re grasping and drooling money-worshippers; they idolise the American Revolution, which brought in a government and state founded on warmed-over deistic Enlightenment hogwash. That is, the present American Nihilism (found in both “liberals” and “conservatives”) was implicit in the very founding of the USA as a Radical Republic. Mirabile dictu! Are leftists more “conservative” than American “conservatives” are? They ARE, indeed… American righties only worship money and power, and to hell with the rest… as the present condition of the USA testifies to. Why should you attend to their opinions of Russian political/social figures and intellectual concepts that they barely know, let alone understand? I’d go so far as to say that most material on these men in English is black propaganda… it distorts the truth at best, with most of it being outright lies and falsehood.

America never was “the sole superpower”. The righties hate Kucherenko and Dugin for saying so openly (by the way, that was the real reason for the sanctions against D K Kiselyov… the Americans especially hated his statement of fact, “Russia can turn America into a pile of radioactive ash”). So should we…


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