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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Vasili Anisimov: The Current Ukrainian Junta is Bloodthirsty

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Vasili Anisimov, head of the UOC/MP press service, criticised the current Ukrainian junta, telling us in an interview on Tuesday, “The current junta and its associated political ‘reconstruction’ of the Ukraine is bloodthirsty. Unfortunately, this isn’t just a metaphor. We’ve always been proud that we were almost the only post-Soviet country where there was no bloodshed. Today, both supporters and opponents of the Euromaidan might not realise and accept that the coup and early elections came at the cost of people’s lives. The government had already given in to the oppositionists. The campaign for the upcoming election was already underway. Besides that, it’s a fact that we’re broke and destabilised, we’re on the brink of social and economic collapse, even on the brink of a war… for no good reason. We should create a government made up of worthies from all regions, from the Crimea to Užgorod, with all political parties taking responsibility for the fate of the country. That’s obvious to everyone. Yanukovich didn’t order a decisive assault on the Maidan, so, he lost everything, condemned himself to reproach. He’s certainly to blame for the fact that our country is now in its current tragic situation. Crimeans and Russians are brothers in the faith, blood, and way of life, therefore, the government must find a comprehensive solution to the conflict that would be fair for the Ukraine, the Crimea, and Russia. I’m sure that we could find such a solution”.

For the complete interview (in Russian), click here

I checked this against the interview… the sentence order is that of the post, not the interview, but the content is congruent with the interview text

11 March 2014



Editor’s Note:

Anisimov is the spokesman for the UOC/MP; ergo, one can take this as the official take on the situation. Do be careful with sources such as Euronews, they pump up Filaret Denisenko as “Patriarch of the Ukraine”… this may presage junta attacks against the canonical Church at the behest of the EU. Denisenko is a disgraced defrocked MP hierarch and one of the few people to have a personal anathema levelled against him (as was also true of Yakunin and Rusantsov). Also be careful with AsiaNews… they have an obvious axe to grind (although they’re useful in discerning the papist “line” at any given moment). Do have a care… there be cow pats out there.


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Friday, 23 November 2012

Greece Loses 400,000 Civil Service Jobs to Crisis


On Thursday, Greek Administrative Reform Minister Antonis Maniatakis said that the number of Greek civil servants fell by 400,000 over three years of crisis. He told a parliamentary hearing that there were nearly a million civil servants in 2009, but now there are just 640,000. He added that as more than 40,000 are due to be pensioned off before the end of the year, no more than 600,000 will be left. Maniatakis believes that the state should move more government employees into sectors such as the police, education, local administration, and healthcare. Wage and personnel cuts in a number of public sectors are part of new austerity measures approved by parliament last week, but civil servants vigorously opposed them. According to Euronews, Kostas Tsikrikas of government employee union ADEDY said, “We continue our battle to demand from the government that there isn’t a single layoff in the public sector”. Civil service employees have seen their salaries cut 40 percent since 2010 and their holiday bonuses scrapped.

22 November 2012



Editor’s Note:

”Reform” in ”Rightspeak” means that ordinary people take it in the neck so that the Affluent Effluent can party on undisturbed, without any sacrifices or belt-tightening. In their eyes, they’re the “makers” and we’re the “takers”. If that’s so, why is it that they have the above-average incomes and that they don’t do any actual work themselves? Just wonderin’…



Tuesday, 2 October 2012

2 October 2012. RIA-Novosti Infographics. Government Support for the News Media


The Chinese government runs the most expensive media operation; it allocates 873.3 million USD (27.2 billion Roubles. 676 million Euros. 540 million UK Pounds) to support CCTV. One of the lowest levels of funding is for the around-the-clock news channel Euronews and the Portuguese news agency Lusa, who received only 15 million Euros (604 million Roubles. 19.4 million USD. 12 million UK Pounds).

1 October 2012



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