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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Gosduma Condemns Western Interference in the Ukraine… More Violence in Kiev

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Editor’s Note:

The West’s attempted coup is a failure. If anything, it’s ruined any possibility of the Ukraine joining the EU in future. The West gambled… and it failed. It repeated the Orangie playbook, forgetting that Yanukovich was the victim of that. It escalated it, only leading to a rebuff from Ukrainian government security forces. Viktor Fyodorovich isn’t going to give in to Western interference, not with Russian aid forthcoming. The American grand grasp at world hegemony has failed… but it’ll take some time for that to register. Kiev WAS “a bridge too far”…



On Wednesday, as rioters battled police in Kiev, Gosduma deputies passed a resolution slamming foreign politicians for interfering in the Ukraine’s deepening political crisis. Increasingly, violence in Kiev escalates, with rioters intensifying anti-government activity in response to the Rada passing legislation curbing the present protests. A Gosduma resolution proposed by Speaker Sergei Naryshkin urging foreign politicians to not interfere in Ukrainian internal affairs passed, with 388 out of 450 deputies supporting it. It read, “The Gosduma urges Western political circles to stop meddling in the internal affairs of the sovereign Ukraine in violation of international law and to stop contributing to the further escalation of conflict”. The deputies called on the Ukrainian opposition to refrain from violence, halt the standoff, and seek constructive dialogue with the authorities. For their part, Ukrainian opposition elements accuse the authorities of escalating violence by spurning genuine high-level dialogue and by its use of rough tactics in attempting to stem the riots. The resolution came in the wake of remarks by Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov describing the situation in the Ukraine as “spinning out of control”, demanding that the West stop “artificially undermining” the government. Meanwhile, also on Wednesday, the American Embassy responded to the sharp escalation in unrest this week by announcing that it’d revoke the visas of several Ukrainian officials it said were responsible for the violence. The embassy statement didn’t name the officials affected.


On Wednesday, the Ukrainian government deployed an APC and more police in their latest push to clear the centre of Kiev of anti-government rioters. In the morning, unrest in Kiev took a turn for the worse with news that at least three people died in clashes with police as the violence that erupted this week showed little immediate sign of diminishing. In recent days, the situation in the Ukraine is increasingly ugly, with rioters intensifying anti-government agitation in response to legislation curbing the present protests. Rioters in helmets, many of them wielding sticks and shields, some of them throwing Molotov cocktails, engaged in pitched battles with police for much of the day on Grushevsky Street, which flanks the Cabinet of Ministers building and Rada building. Police fired what appeared to be rubber bullets and stun grenades at the crowd. By mid-afternoon, police managed to break through makeshift barricades and chased rioters down the street. At least one APC was onsite to clear away debris, although eyewitnesses in Kiev wrote on Twitter that they’d seen other APCs in the city. Acrid smoke shrouded the entire area between the opposing lines after rioters set piles of auto tyres alight.

On the nearby Maidan, the focal point for almost two months of peaceful rallies, opposition figures delivered fiery speeches calling for more people to come to Kiev to join the protest. As the standoff on the street looked to be worsening, Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich’s office said that a meeting was to take place between top government officials and opposition leaders to find a way out of the political crisis. The AP cited a doctor amongst the rioters as saying that at least three people died during clashes with police. According to media reports, one 22-year-old activist died after plummeting from the 13-metre-high colonnade of a Kiev stadium. Reports from the AP and anti-government agitators said that another two protesters were shot dead. The Prokuratura confirmed at least two deaths. The MVDU said that it was opening a homicide investigation into the deaths. On Wednesday, a court approved the arrest of the first 10 of some 50 riot suspects held by police. As a further sign of its resolution, the government decided to lift its ban on police using water cannons in subzero conditions. The temperature in Kiev on Wednesday stood at around -9 degrees (16 degrees Fahrenheit).

The escalation in violence drew voluble international commentary. European Commission President José Manuel Durão Barroso expressed shock over Wednesday’s deaths and urged the authorities to take steps to cool down the crisis, saying, “We deplore in strongest possible terms the use of force and violence, and call on all sides to immediately refrain from it, and start taking steps that would help de-escalate the situation”.

22 January 2014




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Friday, 1 November 2013

Polish FM Warns Kiev of Possible Delay in EU Deal

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On Wednesday, Polish Foreign Minister Radosław Tomasz Sikorski warned the Ukraine about a possible delay in signing an association deal with the EU if Kiev fails to fulfil all conditions, including the timely release of a jailed former premier. He told Polsat News TV that Georgia and Moldova plan to initial similar deals with the EU during this year’s summit and sign them in 2014, saying, “There’s an alternative that the agreement with the Ukraine would also be signed next year”. Sikorski said that the release of Yuliya Timoshenko, a former prime minister and head of the opposition Fatherland Party, remains uncertain to date.

The Ukraine, inching closer to joining the EU, is due to sign an association agreement with the bloc next month. However, last Friday, the European Commission’s president said that they’d postpone inking the deal until the Ukraine makes considerable progress in stamping out “selective justice”, including Timoshenko. Ukrainian Justice Minister Yelena Lukash replied that his country wouldn’t consider pardoning Timoshenko until all judicial proceedings against her are completed. In 2011, Timoshenko received a seven-year prison sentence for abuse of power over a gas contract with Russia that was determined to be financially unfavourable for the Ukraine. She insisted that the charges were politically motivated. A new case against Timoshenko on charges of abuse of office at the United Energy Systems of the Ukraine (ЕЭСУ: EESU), which she headed in the 1990s, has been pending in a Kiev court since April 2012. Timoshenko’s back problems have constantly postponed hearings. She also faces charges of organising the murder of a local politician in 1996.

31 October 2013



Editor’s Note:

Now, one can see why Yanukovich (of all people) was wooing the EU. It’s all for domestic political consumption, especially, amongst his powerbase in the Eastern Ukraine. You see, when the EU balks at accepting them as a member, he can say, “Well, I tried, but the SOBs put conditions that we couldn’t agree to without sacrificing our sovereignty and they wanted to interfere in our internal affairs”. Yanukovich is playing a wily game… give him ten points.

Do note the source. The Poles have claims on Ukrainian territory… and haven’t given them up. Hmm…



Sunday, 31 March 2013

Archbishop Chrysostomos of Cyprus Sez: “We Should Withdraw from the Union”

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Archbishop Chrysostomos Demetriou of Nova Justiniana and all Cyprus said that his country should withdraw from the EU, as the EU would cease to exist in the future, as its coming apart. Vladyki Chrysostomos said in an interview with Pervy Kanal (Первый канал: Channel One), “Currently, the economies of Spain, Portugal, and Italy are in danger. If the Italian economy goes down, just like our economy, the EU won’t withstand it. The people who rule the EU, particularly, those making decisions in the so-called troika, don’t understand many things; that’ll lead to the collapse of the EU. This is why I believe we [Cyprus] should withdraw from the union before the collapse takes place”.

On Monday, the finance ministers of the 17-nation Eurozone agreed to a 10-billion Euro (399 billion Roubles. 12.9 billion USD. 8.5 billion UK Pounds) deal for Cyprus to rescue the island nation and its oversized banking sector from financial collapse. The new deal forces the holders of accounts of over 100,000 Euros (3.99 million Roubles. 128,400 USD. 84,300 UK Pounds) to take losses that could amount to 30 to 40 percent of their deposits. The ministers expect the new deal to yield some 4.2 billion Euros (137.5 billion Roubles. 5.4 billion USD. 3.5 billion UK Pounds) to allow Cyprus, which is currently teetering on the brink of default, to obtain 10 billion Euros in financial aid from the troika of international lenders. The so-called troika of creditors are the International Monetary Fund, the European Commission, and the ECB.

31 March 2013




Thursday, 21 March 2013

Putin Proposes Visa-Free Entry for International Athletes



This summer, Russia will host the World University Games, in 2014, the Winter Olympics, and in 2018, the FIFA World Cup. In the coming five years, it’ll also play host to a number of world championships in individual sports. To make Russia more welcoming, President Putin proposed to grant visa-free entry to foreign athletes participating in these competitions. Mr Nikolai Dolgopolov, President of the Russian Federation of Sports Journalists, said, “The news makes me happy. All this paperwork and biometrics are so time-consuming and tedious! As a great sports fan, President Putin appreciates the importance of easy entry for international athletes. Russia’s getting a better image, and its consular officials, an easier workload”.

Remember, in 2008, Russia granted visa-free entry to some 60,000 Chelsea FC supporters who came to Moscow to watch the final match of the Champions League played between their team and Manchester United FC. Will the EU respond to such Russian measures by bringing forward visa-free travel between EU countries and Russia? We asked Dr Sergei Utkin of the Europe Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences about this, and he said, “Such expectations are unrealistic. True, we have a dialogue. At the same time, the EU countries would have difficulties in finding a common response to the latest easy-visas initiative by the Russian President. Coming to an agreement within the EU is a protracted and difficult matter”. In some of its recent pronouncements, the European Commission said it isn’t in a hurry to bring about visa-free travel between EU countries and Russia.

20 March 2013

Aleksei Lyakhov

Svetlana Kalmykova

Voice of Russia World Service


Editor’s Note:

One reason why the EU is dragging its feet is American pressure. In particular, the US Republican Party supports repressive police state measures that restricts the travel of American citizens abroad. For instance, the Bush fascists destroyed the most peaceful border in the world when it demanded that all Americans travelling to Canada must have passports. I travelled to Canada many times without a passport… that’s no longer possible due to the Department of Homeland Security Gestapo created by the Republican Party. There’s no threat of “terrorism” from Canada. Reflect on this… the Republicans claim that they want “smaller” government… well, they don’t want to dismantle such GOP-founded “American KGB” agencies as the Department of Homeland Security and the TSA (I had contact with the latter… they’re a Kafkaesque and Queen of Hearts madhouse). I think that makes them liars, no? Read and heed…


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