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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Wife of DNR Soldier Goes to ECHR in Strasbourg to Prevent Her Deportation from Finland to Banderstan… The West Shows Its Unrequited Evil, Yet Again

00 european court of human rights. strasbourg. france. 100715


Tatyana Imatova, the wife of a DNR soldier, told our correspondent over the phone that she was going to challenge her deportation from Finland at the European Court of Human Rights, saying, “Together with my representative Johan Backman, we’ve prepared a petition to the European Court of Human Rights. We hope that the court will side with me and my seven-year-old son”. Almost a year ago, fleeing the war, Imatova and her son left Donetsk, moving to Helsinki, where her parents lived a long time, for they’re natives of Finland. The Finnish authorities refused her and her child refugee status. Despite Imatova’s pleas that she faced threats from Right Sector thugs, the Supreme Administrative Court approved a deportation order against Imatova and her. They want to send her to Kiev, because the court alleged, “There is no armed conflict in the Donbass”, and it further alleged that the junta doesn’t persecute dissidents, including DNR supporters.

4 August 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency



All can see the hand of the Anglo pigs in this. The woman is from DONETSK, ergo, any legal deportation order would deport her to her home via the Russian Federation. This proves the evil of the American authorities for the entire world to see. The Uniate nationalists are nasty sorts at best… I know this from personal experience… I have felt and suffered their hate. They WOULD kill this woman and steal the child to raise it as a hate-filled Uniate. I have to walk away from this one… its sheer unrelieved evil.



Friday, 10 July 2015

DNR Barristers to Present Case of Tuv Family from Gorlovka at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg

00 european court of human rights. strasbourg. france. 100715


Ivan Kopyl, Chairman of the DNR Commission to Identify and Document War Crimes, stated that our barristers would present the case of the Tuv family from Gorlovka at the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) in Strasbourg. The Tuv family suffered losses due to shelling from junta forces. On 26 May, a junta shell hit the Tuv home. The father and 11-year-old daughter died on the scene, a 2-year-old child received multiple shell-fragment wounds, the youngest child (2-weeks-old) suffered contusions, and the mother, Anna Tuv, lost her hands. Kopyl said, “Right now, our barristers are working on preparing the case of Anna Tuv, whose child and husband died [in the incident]. They’re readying a lawsuit for submission to the ECtHR”. According to the Commission, in February 2015, human rights activists received more than 2,000 thousand complaints about war crime committed by the Kiev junta. Some cases are already pending before the ECtHR. Kopyl added that his office developed methodologies for filing these cases at the ECtHR, noting, “The challenge is to ensure that everyone responsible for these crimes face justice”.

9 July 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency



Saturday, 4 October 2014

Junta Repressed Magyar Political Movement in Podkarpatskaya

00 zakarpattya Carpatho-Russia


Because of junta repression of the Magyar community in Podkarpatskaya, community members filed a lawsuit against the Ukraine in the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). The nationalist Party for a Better Hungary (Jobbik) established a fund, which had a programme of returning Podkarpatskaya to the Republic of Hungary (as well as reiterating their support for the DNR, Novorossiya, and the Russian Federation). A junta kangaroo court decided that the fund aimed at interfering in Ukrainian internal affairs and encroached on its territorial integrity. However, Magyars in Podkarpatskaya believe that the junta is trying to deprive them of support from a major nationalist political party, which has international recognition. Earlier, Magyars in Podkarpatskaya complained to the ECHR about the junta’s infringement of the rights of national minorities. As reported by LifeNews, the junta wouldn’t create a special national minority district in Podkarpatskaya to elect a People’s Deputy to the Rada. In addition, in Budapest earlier, Jobbik stated that the National Assembly of Hungary shouldn’t impose sanctions against Russia. Márton Dendesi, the head of the Jobbik foreign relations office, said that the embargo on shipping agricultural products and foodstuffs to Russia was a serious blow to Magyar producers. Jobbik urged the Hungarian government to follow the example of other EU countries to demand compensation from Brussels, to hold Hungarian-Russian intergovernmental meetings, and to start bilateral talks.

4 October 2014




There is no such thing as a “Ukrainian” nationality… there is a faltering Ukrainian state at present, but no unified “Ukrainian” nation. There are Rusins, Poles, Magyars, Romanians, Russians, Roma, Jews, Galicians (the only purely “Ukrainian” group), and several “flavours” of Surzhik-speaking groups. The picture painted by “Ukrainian Catholics” and “Ukrainian Orthodox” is a fable, spun out of whole cloth, and utterly false to the bone. Russia can buy off the neighbours of the Ukraine by offering pieces of the dead carcass. Russia wants the bear’s share… it or its clients will control all territory under tsarist control in 1914. Hungary will get Podkarpatskaya… Romania will get Bukovina… Poland will get the Lvovshchina (Poland has never given up its claim to Lwów… a Polish and Jewish, NOT Galician, city in 1939… the Lwów Eaglets, anyone?). The USA? It won’t be able to do shit… and all the Europeans will know it.

“The Ukraine isn’t dead yet”… no, but it soon shall be…


Sunday, 21 September 2014

German Families to Sue the Ukraine Over MH17 Crash

00 Rossiya-Segodnya Infographics. Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 Crash Near Donetsk. 2014


The families of German citizens killed in the Malaysian plane crash in the eastern Ukraine plan to sue the Ukrainian authorities in the European Court of Human Rights, accusing them of manslaughter by negligence. Elmar Giemulla, a professor of aviation law representing three families of German victims, told Bild am Sonntag, a German Sunday newspaper that the Ukraine should’ve closed its airspace if it couldn’t provide for the safety of flights over its territory, saying, “Each state is responsible for securing its airspace. If it isn’t able to do so temporarily, it must close its airspace. As that didn’t happen, the Ukraine is liable for the damage”. According to Giemulla, by leaving the airspace open, Kiev authorities “destroyed” the lives of hundreds of innocent people. Thus, he concluded that the Ukraine committed human rights violations; therefore, it should pay at least one million Euros (49.4 million Roubles. 7.9 million Renminbi. 78.2 million INR. 1.3 million USD. 1.4 million CAD. 1.45 million AUD. 787,000 UK Pounds) to each family of the German crash victims.

Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crashed on its way from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur over the eastern Ukraine on 17 July. Amongst the 298 victims killed in the incident were four German citizens. A preliminary report into the disaster delivered by Dutch investigators on 9 September said that the MH17 crash was a result of structural damage caused by a large number of high-energy objects striking the Boeing from the outside. Earlier, a number of Western countries blamed Russia for the tragedy, which they said came about because Novorossiyan forces helped by Moscow launched a SAM at the airliner. Russia denied such allegations, expressing some irritation with the lack of new evidence presented in the report. Moscow suggested that the UN should appoint a special representative to monitor the investigation into the MH17 shootdown. Moscow made radar surveillance data of the incident public, arguing that it pointed to the possibility that the Ukrainian side downed the Malaysian plane. On Wednesday, an independent German fraud investigation company said that it’d pay 30 million USD (1.16 billion Roubles. 185 million Renminbi. 1.83 billion INR. 32.9 million CAD. 33.6 million AUD. 23.4 million Euros. 18.4 million UK Pounds) to those who’d help identify the perpetrators of the disaster.

21 September 2014



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Some irresponsible Western sources attack RT… the above proves that RT IS credible… perhaps, more so than its Western analogues. After all, why would Western media sources attack it if it weren’t making them look bad? You may believe Patrick Buchanan George Will, Rich Lowry, and Rod Dreher, who issue pre-digested Western pap in praise of and puffing up undisguised evil in the form of unbridled crapitalism, or you may believe non-Western sources such as RT… it’s up to you…


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