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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Vladimir Legoida Slams “Conchita Wurst”… Calls It “One More Step Towards the Abandonment of the Christian Identity of European Culture”

01 ever feel you're losing your marbles


V R Legoida head of the MP Synodal Information Department (SINFO) told our correspondent that the Church expressed concern about the victory of Austrian transvestite Thomas Neuwirth (who appeared as “Conchita Wurst”) at the Eurovision-2014 Song Contest, saying, “This is yet another link in the chain of cultural legitimisation of sin in the modern world, an attempt to fasten down new cultural norms. It’s an attempt to legalise that which the Bible refers to as nothing but an abomination, but such is no longer news in the world today. Unfortunately, trends in legal and cultural fields are on parallel paths, as shown by the results of the contest. The cultural recognition of this phenomenon is even more dangerous than the legal, as it often precedes it… it tries to establish it as a right or it tries to change the values orientation of society. Accordingly, sadly, the attempt in modern culture to change moral and cultural values has been quite successful. Therefore, it was very strange for me to hear some experts proclaim… ‘It’s nothing special; it was really nothing’. That’s the thing, such changes are obvious, not only from the standpoint of traditional religion. If I’m honest, I must state that I see a change of cultural and moral guidelines. In other words, this is one more step towards abandoning the Christian identity of European culture”.

Vladimir Romanovich gave his comments as the victor of the Eurovision contest appeared as a bearded woman.


A priest friend asked me to go to the Russian original as he saw a poor Proddie translation of V R Legoida’s remarks. We have to be clear what this is and what it’s not. It’s NOT a call for the illegalisation of homosexuality… that’s not going to happen, as President Putin opposes such. It’s NOT an attack on medically indicated transsexuals, as the state’s allowed them to change their identity documents since 1997, on presentation of the proper medical documentation (the Church hasn’t condemned this move… it hasn’t approved it, either… a priest told me that was to keep the way clear for bishops to use pastoral discretion). It IS a clear and obvious criticism of public gender-benders and other “gender-queer” activists, which is a logical outgrowth of the present law on the ban on the suborning of minors by homosexuals and the new law on the banning of obscene topics in the media. It’s obvious that one doesn’t want kids exposed to this. In any case, it falls under the legal prohibition on two counts. Vladimir Romanovich is stating the Church’s position very clearly and precisely… the Proddie Evangelical media mistranslated him and distorted his points. Legoida is simply reiterating our unchanged position. However, bear in mind that the Church DOES make exceptions via oikonomia… but it NEVER extends its tolerance (NOT blessing) to those who engage in “in-your-face” activity. Oikonomia IS a two-way street… the Church meets those who come halfway to meet it… not those who engage in narcissistic public exhibitionism.

Be focused in your statements… BE CAREFUL… this topic can bring you mucho grief if you present it wrongly.

12 May 2014



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Piter Lawmaker Wants Russia to Ban “Conchita Wurst”

Inessa Safronova. Mankind Without the Cross. 2002

Mankind Without the Cross

Inessa Safronova



Vitaly Milonov, a deputy of the Legislative Assembly of St Petersburg, appealed to Minister of Culture Vladimir Medina to bar Austrian singer Thomas Neuwirth (better known as Conchita Wurst) from entering the Russian Federation. Milonov put forth his proposal after the Eurovision Song Contest winner announced the start of an international tour, including plans to visit Russia, saying, “The Russian government shouldn’t allow this transvestite to enter our country. This ‘Bearded Woman’ is a gross insult to all the peoples of Russia”. Milonov has a reputation for proposing high-profile bills and proposals. In February 2012, he submitted a draft law in the Federal City of St Petersburg, later adopted, establishing fines for promoting paedophilia and homosexuality. In December 2012, he accused Lady Gaga and Madonna of violating Russian visa regulations.


“Conchita Wurst” is shameless and shameful, but we shouldn’t obsess over the situation. Russia should ban their entry and leave it at that. I don’t even like posting pictures of this person. I think that all decent people agree with me. Do have a care with this topic if you live in the West… certain lobbies are very powerful and can cause you great upset and trouble. Choose your arguments well… this is something best left unmentioned. However, the usual cast of suspects (both “left” and “right”) will have a field day. Stay out of the kids’ food fight… it’ll be much Sturm und Drang signifying nothing. I don’t know who’s worse… the so-called “religious” or the so-called “activists”. In my mind, I don’t care much for either.

Need I say more?


12 May 2014



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Sunday, 11 May 2014

You Needed Proof that it’s EuroSodom? Bearded Drag Queen Wins Eurovision Song Contest

00 The REAL Choice Facing the Ukraine. 30.04.14.jpg

You can have the Eurasian Union… you can have the European Union… which ES is which (European Union, Eurasian Union, and EuroSodom all have the initials “ES” in Russian)? 


Well, if you live long enough, you do see it all. However, that doesn’t mean that one approves of it all… merely, that one sees it all. Read this. I knew that there were definitely odd lots out there, and that all sort of flakiness is afoot, but this is too much. I don’t like in-your-face “gender-benders”… they’re oddbod and beyond the pale. It’s one thing to see a doctor to put things to rights and live a quiet life afterwards, it’s quite another to pull odd stunts like this. It does make V V Putin look good, doesn’t it? He wouldn’t stand for such shit publicly in Russia. If oddbods wanted to do such in private, it wouldn’t bother me, it wouldn’t bother VVP… it wouldn’t be on display to offend the public or to shock kids. However, such stuff in the public eye is degenerate, and none dare call it otherwise. All the troglodytes will come crawling out of their holes now… one reason for only allowing this kind of thing in private clubs (which is the status quo in Moscow, by the way) is that it excites the Neanderthals amongst us, and they’re as much a pain-in-the-ass as the flakes are (perhaps, even worse). Normal people want Conchita Wurst to go away… so do I (being of the normal persuasion myself)… normal people want the nutters to put a sock in it, too. Remember, you can go wrong in denouncing wrong. Be focused, be careful, and never forget the Law of Charity… we’re Christians, that’s what we do.


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Sunday, 2 February 2014

One of the Members of the Buranovskiye Babushki Died in Her Native Village… The Babas Plan to Perform at the Sochi Olympics

00a Buranovskiye Babushki 27.05.12



Love them Babas! Pass the jug, if you please…


According to Rossiskaya Gazeta, Yelizaveta Zarbatova, one of the singers in the Buranovskiye Babushki ensemble, died in the 87th year of her life. Zarbatova died in her native village on 13 January, but the news didn’t get out until now because she no longer performed with the group due to her advanced age. Svetlana Syrygina, the spokesman for the Babushki, said, “She was the most aged of the grannies; she wrote many songs, including Puchoko, which was one of the songs the ensemble selected to sing at the Eurovision Song Contest”.

Facts about the Buranovskiye Babushki

The Buranovskiye Babushki ensemble is a Russian folk group from the village of Buranovo in Malopurginsky Raion of the Udmurt Republic, performing Udmurt and Russian folk songs, as well as a variety of pop hits in Udmurt, rehashing well-known Russian and foreign pop songs. The ensemble started over 40 years ago. The group began to sing songs in Udmurt with other musical ensembles in 2008. On the Day of the Udmurt Language, the Babushki sang popular songs of Boris Grebenshchikov and Viktor Tsoi in the Udmurt backed by the Udmurt Philharmonic. Since then, they’ve repeatedly been in the spotlight in the media and on TV. They participated in the qualifying rounds of the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest (ranked third) and were second in the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest in Baku with the song Party for Everybody.

21 January 2014


The Buranovskiye Babushki decided to support the Sochi Olympics through their creative efforts. In a social network post, the Grannies wrote, “Hi to all our friends! Greetings on the upcoming holidays! We’re off to Sochi on 6 February!” The organisers are keeping their programme under wraps, but everyone knows that the consort from Udmurtia is seriously training for the show. Their official website has a song dedicated to the Olympics. Earlier, AIF wrote that the Grannies have a new version of Party for Everybody just for the Sochi Olympics.

27 December 2013

Argumenty i Fakty




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