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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Paralysed Father Took Daughter to the Altar with the help of Exoskeleton

00 exoskeleton wedding 240516



RT reported that The Sun published that a man in the UK, paralysed for the past four years, was able to take part in the wedding of his daughter by using a modern exoskeleton aid. The man brought his daughter to the altar and handed her to the bridegroom. Cancer paralysed 55-year-old Chris Palmer in 2012. Whilst preparing for the wedding of his daughter Heather, he approached management at Rex Bionics, which provided a trial model of its exoskeleton designed for people with disabilities. Company specialists gave the father a course in how to operate it, which allowed him to take part in the ceremony.

24 May 2016


Official website of the MP Department for Church Charity and Social Action


Saturday, 9 April 2016

9 April 2016. Kids are Still Kids in Russia

00 Kids in Moscow School. 23.10.12



Kids are still kids in Russia… here are two boys playing Katyusha on their kid-sized accordions. Remember, it ain’t a party until the guy with the accordion shows up…


Saturday, 26 March 2016

26 March 2016. Russians NEVER Give Up… Here’s What You Do If It Rains

00 russian tailgate party 240316


Russians love to party hearty… even if it starts to rain. NOTHING can get us irrepressible Russians down… here’s what you do if it starts to rain on your picnic… the party MUST go on!


Tuesday, 15 March 2016

15 March 2016. Brothers From the Congo Sing Gazmanov at Picnic

00e VDV Chaplains. 29.03.13

African soldiers training with the VDV (Airborne Troops)



Congolese military personnel doing training in Russia took a break to have a picnic with locals. Here, they sing a famous song by O M Gazmanov, Offitseri (Officers)… good show, mates!


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