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Monday, 16 November 2015

16 November 2015. Only With the Birth of a Child Do We Begin to Understand the Sacrifice of Domestic Life

00 gabe and lydia 161115


Friday, 4 September 2015

4 September 2015. Only in Russia… As Seen On the Side of a Building…

00 beer turns the stronger sex into the weaker sex russia 040915


Пиво преврашает сильный пол в слабый… Pivo prevrashaet silny pol v slaby… Beer turns the stronger sex into the weaker sex.

It appears to be a rural or suburban bus stop.


Thursday, 3 September 2015

LNR Schools Will Offer Courses in Ukrainian Language and Literature



Alla Podtynnaya, Director of the Lugansk Grammar School №60 told us that schools in the LNR would offer courses in Ukrainian language and literature, saying, “The new curricula for LNR secondary schools in the current academic year is very complete and comprehensive. One evidence of this is that we offer the chance to study the Ukrainian language and its literature. Recently, the Ukraine has dropped classes in Russian. They just removed it from the curriculum. Instead, they introduced the study of two foreign languages ​​and gave the children a choice, first, for example, English, and the second, if you like, German, French, or Russian. That is, the subject of “Russian language [and literature]”, as such, just doesn’t exist. They only study Russian literature in a fragmentary form. They teach a subject called “world literature” and the highest percentage of it are works of foreign writers. Yes, they’re good writers. However, they’ve cut the number of hours devoted to the works of Russian writers (they try to read all of world literature and study Russian on top of that) drastically. The LNR refuses to follow the lead of the Ukraine. We didn’t shut down a single Ukrainian class in the LNR. No recommended that we do so. Children who want to learn the Ukrainian language have every right to do so. We define this right in all the documents about education in the LNR. Our children will learn Russian and Ukrainian; and Russian, Ukrainian, and world literature. I believe that it’s key to the character formation of decent and educated citizens, which is what our Republic really needs today.

2 September 2015

LITs Lugansk information Centre



The use of “Ukrainian” (the semi-Polonised Galician Creole) is going to die out in the Crimea and the Peoples Republics, but they aren’t going to ban it. That’s asinine and weak… that tells you much about the junta, doesn’t it? Russian is a world language, culture, and literature. “Ukrainian” is NOT, emphatically not. People all over the world know of Pushkin… rightfully so… no Ukrainian writer has even one percent of his dissemination. People all over the world know of Tchaikovsky, Repin, the Bolshoi, Tolstoy, and Dostoyevsky. “Ukrainian” “culture” simply doesn’t simply have the same high sophisticated level that Russian culture has… which is why most “Ukrainians” readily adopted Russian… there’s simply more available and of higher quality. Actually, I think that this present artificial cultural state in the “Ukraine” will collapse. In the end, Russian culture will win, not through force, not through violence, not through state diktat, but through its “soft power”. Little girls will always want to dance at the Bolshoi… there’s nothing of comparable stature in the “Ukraine”. May the present interregnum be short… the peoples living on the territory of the Fascist “Ukrainian” state deserve better.


3 September 2015. No Comment Necessary Department… It was First Bell for EVERY Kid in the Rodina…

00 russia special kids 01 030915


00 russia special kids 02 030915


They’re all our kids… or none of ’em are our kids. ‘Nuff said. The Good Lord made ALL of us… NO exceptions…


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