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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

25 April 2017. Only in Russia…



Monday, 13 March 2017

The Ethiopians, the Kefir Vendor, and the End of the War in the Eastern Ukraine


This afternoon, I met two guys from Ethiopia who have lived in Donetsk for more than 30 years. They invited me to share a cappuccino in the Don Cafe, a cool spot not far from the Orthodox church on Artyoma Avenue (the main artery of this city). Here, we have many foreigners that came to Donetsk from developing countries in the Soviet time to get a free education, an education that their countries weren’t able to provide them. Some of them remained here since they found a job and their “half an orange” or a better environment than the countries where they came from. The Ethiopians told me that they went today to the central market to buy cottage cheese and kefir from a lady who imports those products from the Ukraine. She crosses the border very often with her trade. The lady told them that today at the checkpoint the Ukrainian soldiers were unusually polite and kind with her. They told her that the war would end before the end of April. They told her they hate Poroshenko and they respect Putin. After checking her documents, they allowed her to cross the border with a smile. This story comes from the particular experience of a lady who sells milk, kefir, and cheese in the Donetsk central market. She isn’t a “political analyst” or an “expert”. However, I’ve heard this rumour lately many times from local people here… that the war will end in a couple of months or so. I think that the common people are wiser and know better what is going on than any “expert”, politician, bureaucrat, or journo-mercenary working for the mainstream media.

12 March 2017

Miguel Puertas


Sunday, 12 February 2017

12 February 2017. From the Russian Web… A Very Good Morning!



The original image isn’t Russian… but it’s all over the RuNet with its greeting. I “Englished” it and put it in the opposite  corner. I DO wish you a very good morning…

Oh, if you call them “cookies” or “biscuits” does tell people what part of the Anglosphere that you hail from…


Saturday, 17 December 2016

Sputnik International Presents… Moscow Kicks Off Winter Season with Opening of Colourful Skating Rinks


A fireworks display at the opening of the skating rink at the VDNKh exhibition centre



The VDNKh rink can accommodate about five thousand people; its area is almost 70,000 square metres (753,474 square feet) (7 hectares: 17.3 acres).



At the VDNKh rink, the largest in Russia, the decorations have an “Arctic” theme, with figures of Northern animals and imitations of the Northern Lights.



Fireworks display at the VDNKh rink opening; DUNDU, a famous German light theatre, provided a fantastic Momentum of Lights performance that spectacularly climaxed the celebration



Theatrical performance at the opening of the skating rink in the Ermitazh Garden



Visitors took pictures at the Ermitazh Garden rink opening



The Serebryany Lyod (Silver Ice) skating rink opened at Izmailovsky Park; on opening day, it gave all comers free admission, which was true at many other municipal skating rinks as well



Skaters at the Lyod (Ice) skating rink in Sokolniki Park


Winter season officially started in Moscow… massive festivities celebrated the opening of the outdoor skating rinks at the city’s main parks. A beautiful light show took place at VDNKh’s skating rink, which was the largest ice rink in Europe for the third year in a row. Those who attended the opening show of the Ermitazh Garden’s skating rink enjoyed a Venetian carnival. Due to the unique technology used to create it, the Lyod skating rink at Sokolniki Park is one of the most colourful and modern rinks in Moscow as its artificial ice doesn’t depend on the weather.

28 November 2016

Sputnik International


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