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Saturday, 18 January 2014

Russian Neo-Nazi Homophobe Extremist Arrested in Cuba

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On Saturday, the MVD reported that Cuba arrested Maksim Martsinkevich, a Russian Neo-Nazi activist known for his violent campaign targeting alleged paedophiles, on an international arrest warrant. Cuba informed Russia of the affair through Interpol. More widely known under his nickname of Tesak, or “Machete”, a Russian court ordered Martsinkevich’s arrest last month on extremism charges.

According to Russian tabloid Life News, which has close links to security sources, during an 8 January interview, Martsinkevich said that Russia’s “peado-lobby” orchestrated the criminal charges against him, and that he didn’t intend to return to Russia. The RF SK said that it’s finalising the details of Martsinkevich’s extradition. In a 9 January post on his website, Martsinkevich wrote that he’d flown to Cuba from Kiev, via Frankfurt. In 2011, Martsinkevich founded the Occupy Paedophile vigilante group, which lured men to abusive encounters using false promises of sex with minors. They recorded the encounters and posted them online. Reports also said that the group targeted gay men, whom they subjected to similar abusive treatment. Martsinkevich has over 130,000 subscribers to his page on Russian social networking site Vkontakte where he posts information about himself and his political beliefs. The former leader of banned nationalist group Format 18, the authorities released Martsinkevich from prison in 2010 after he served a 3½-year sentence on incitement to hatred charges.

18 January 2014




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