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Saturday, 20 January 2018

KAMAZ Team Wins Dakar Rally in Truck Category… AGAIN!


A KAMAZ-Master Team crew led by Eduard Nikolayev won the 2018 Dakar rally in the truck category. The closing stage of the truck race began on Saturday and ended in Cordoba, Argentina. This the third time for Nikolayev in the Dakar Rally. His crews also won in 2013 and 2017. The 2018 Dakar Rally course was in Peru, Bolivia, and Argentina.

21 January 2018




Mighty KAMAZ does it again! Every year, the KAMAZ team wins top honours at the Dakar for trucks. EVERY YEAR. The only question is whether they’re going to snag the second and third spots, too. As for the top spot, KAMAZ is top dog, all the time and every time. This tells you about the toughness of both Russian trucks and Russian drivers. USA… take notice…



Tuesday, 26 July 2016

26 July 2016. Fyodor Emelianenko Tells Us What’s Important

00 Fyodor Eremelianenko. 260716


Of course, you’d have to be living under a rock not to know that F V Emelianenko, eight-time MMA champ, is a big-time Orthodox Christian. Here, Fyodor Vladimirovich is holding one of our most sacred wonderworking images, the Kursk-Root Icon. This is a rare blessing and honour… it speaks of the high regard that he’s held in higher Church circles. Not all Christians are intellectuals or scholars… in fact, most of us aren’t. Reading won’t get you the Kingdom… simple humility will. Know yourself and act accordingly. Do the good that’s set in front of you… we’re Christians; that’s what we do!


Thursday, 14 July 2016

14 July 2106. the Faith of MMA Champ Fyodor Emelianenko

00 Fyodor Emelianenko faith 140716


Fyodor Emelianenko is a big-time Orthodox Christian and patriotic Russian. Unlike smarmy and flashy Americans, he doesn’t make a huge show of his faith. However, most Orthodox believers are like Fyodor Vladimirovich… we don’t parade our faith… we let it show through our works and lives. That’s the way it should be. We’re Christians… that’s what we do…


Sunday, 6 September 2015

MChS Rossii Issued Certificate to Rename Peak to DNR Climbers after Conquering Caucasian Peak

00 dnr donetsk peoples republic mountain climbers 060915


Today, expedition leader Oleg Paly told us that his party of mountaineers received a preliminary certificate to rename a peak in the Caucasus after the Republic, saying:

We’ve received a certificate from the MChS Rossii authorising the rename, but the real work is still ahead of us. We have to reach agreement on an official name for the peak with the RF Mountaineering Federation… we’ve already passed on the necessary photos and our route map.

Paly noted that they carried out the climb on the unnamed mountain (3,795 metres-high (12,450 feet-high)) as part of a project “The DNR Flag over World Mountaintops”, timed to the Day of Liberation of the Donbass, saying:

We began our climb on 27 August and unfurled our flag on 1 September. In fact, the approach to the mountain took longer than the ascent itself. There were melting glaciers and rockfalls everywhere, we had to change our route, and attack the peak from the other side. The ascent was of the second-hardest (out of six possible categories) category, but those who’ll come after us will find it easier going.

Earlier, DNR mountaineers conquered Mount Elbrus, were they also hoisted the DNR flag. That event coincided with the Day of the Great Victory over Fascism. They later topped off at Mount Kazbek in Georgia. Then, they announced their plan of conquering an unnamed peak in the Russian Federation, followed by an application for awarding it the name of “Mount Donetsk Peoples Republic”. Originally, the climbers wanted to tackle one of the over-5,000-metre (16,405-feet) peaks, but it turned out that all the mountains of that size already had names.

5 September 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


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