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Sunday, 15 November 2015

15 November 2015. On the French Flag Overlay Idiocy…

01 sarah palin age of stupid


I saw this on FB:

I’d take this flag overlaying more seriously if anyone ever changed their Facebook picture (or even showed any interest) when an American drone wipes out a wedding party in Afghanistan. It truly is selective, manipulated, groupthink outrage. To quote somebody else, “Please, don’t tell me to drape my profile picture in the flag of France. Because two days ago you didn’t ask me to drape my profile picture in the flag of Lebanon; and the day before that, in the flag of Yemen or Syria; or two weeks ago, Russia; and in the months before that, Iraq, or Libya, or the flag of Palestine”.

Andreas Walsh

That says it all. I’m proud to say that Andreas is one of my FB friends. I’m humbled to be in his circle.


Sunday, 27 September 2015

27 September 2015. My Reply to Rightwing Drivel Posted on FB by John Whiteford

00 Zyuganov and HH Kirill. 14.09.14


Castro and Metropolitan Kirill Gundyaev


On Facebook, John Whiteford posted utter rot positing that the Church condemns socialism. I’m not kidding. Here’s my reply (which I posted on his timeline):

Here is Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and all the Russias with his dear friend, G A Zyuganov, First Secretary of the KPRF. His Holiness has another dear longtime friend… Fidel Castro! HH has always opposed capitalism. He OPPOSES nearly every political stance that John Whiteford stands for. Mr Whiteford has to commemorate His Holiness, as HH IS the head of our Church. You may follow HH or you may follow John Whiteford. Do note that I attach an image to prove my point.

A case in point is the Church’s support for the DNR and LNR, with their creative Orthodox/Socialist synthesis. Mr Whiteford tramples on that with his support for the amoral satanic “Evangelical” popinjay Ted Cruz, who spat on our Arab bishops in Washington. Mr Whiteford supports the Republican Party, with its demonisation of Holy Rus and its support for the godless Uniate/schismo Ukrainian pseudo-state. In short, Mr Whiteford is full of it… don’t argue with sorts like that. They’re impervious. Block them… as I did. Now, he can’t post to my timeline or cause me any grief. Don’t waste your time with such ignoranuses. God has only given us a short spell to do good. Don’t waste it by fighting with the terminally pigheaded. As a friend of mine said of Whiteford:

He demands the last word in everything, even if it’s only “Yes”.

You can’t dialogue with those whose only wish is to impose a juvenile monologue, where they have the final say. Just be aware that Whiteford (and those like him) are NOT spokesmen for the Church (I, certainly, am not such!)… they not only lack the proper blessing from their bishop, most of them (like Whiteford) lack the proper Orthodox clerical formation to be able and competent spokesmen. Have a care… the times are evil, and not all clergy are straight. Keep it focused…


Thursday, 6 August 2015

6 August 2015. Stephen Freeman is Wrong in His Approval of Deceptive False Anti-PP Videos on Facebook

00 Cracked Facebook Logo. 26.10.13


I want to make one thing clear before I make my main point. No, I’m NOT “Pro-Choice”… however, I AM “Pro-Truth” and all priests who propagate lies are cheats and poseurs, and I say such openly. Read this. Stephen Freeman is a konvert priest without a proper Orthodox formation. His initial formation was in heterodox seminary, which means that he thinks in heterodox, NOT Orthodox terms. Furthermore, he’s a former Anglican, with all that implies… branch theory, in particular. He’s running about telling all and sundry on Facebook that the demonstrably false anti-PP videos that are credible. I’ve seen this. If he said such in private conversation, well, that’s one thing. If he said such on his blog, to his limited audience of clueless konvertsy, I wouldn’t mind that either. That’s just par for the course. That’s what that sort does. Leave them be, I say.

However, Facebook is a larger audience. As a priest of the OCA, any statement made by a cleric in good standing endorsing these deceptive videos implies that the OCA (and other Orthodox bodies) endorses these false and lying videos. As a priest incardinated in a diocese of the OCA, Freeman has a duty to confine himself to official Church pronouncements in public mass media or in social networks with a wide distribution. That’s why Reardon’s stunt about marriage licences was wrong… he presumed to make Church policy by his action. In like manner, Freeman is committing the bishops by his inane statements in a mass circulation venue. He should retract his statements and apologise. He did wrong… no priest can make such statements without clearing it with his bishop and with explicit permission. I know for a fact that most bishops are very careful with what their priests say on online social media.

It’s one thing for a laywoman like myself to post this or that… it does NOT commit the Church. In any case, I state explicitly that nothing I write is official Church policy… it’s my POV. Again, as an obvious non-cleric, I don’t think that I confuse anyone. However, Freeman is a priest; thusly, his duty is to keep his mouth shut in social media unless he has his bishop’s EXPLICIT permission. No, that isn’t “fair”, but that’s life in a hierarchical Church.

NO ORTHODOX CHURCH ENDORSES THESE FALSE VIDEOS. That’s what you can put in the bank. As I stated at the outset, I’m “Pro-Truth”. If you endorse lying and deceptive means, it corrupts the desired end, twisting why might have good under other circumstances into evil. Think on that. Freeman didn’t think things through… he should discuss such matters with a bishop or two before posting… it might save him a lot o’ grief. Pass me the jug… the world’s being gnarly again…


Tuesday, 7 April 2015

7 April 2015. FACEBOOK FUCKS UP!!! Persecutes Orthodox Clergy For “Not Using Legal Names”

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00 Cracked Facebook Logo. 26.10.13


One of my fave Russkie bands, Lyube, doing The Red Army is the Strongest… a real kick-ass anthem


It’s SICK… Facebook is causing grief for clergy and monastics… claiming that they’re not using their “legal names”. Most of us need only give a driver licence number… but some sick bastard is causing trouble because priests are calling themselves “Fr”… that’s WEIRD. Facebook is persecuting Fr Tryphon (of the coffee-roasting monks up in Washington State) and Fr John Whiteford (yes, I know that he’s an asshat… but Facebook is in the wrong, and that’s that).

I wonder if it’s Galician Uniate nationalists… they’re causing trouble for those they label as Russian Orthodox clergy (more so as their cause is going down the shitter). Crazy world, ain’t it? Stand up for our guys… even if they’re idiots. That’s what family is all about… blood IS thicker than water… post this on your Facebook page.


(I’m handing out the AKs, machetes, coshes, axe-handles, and RPGs out back to all interested parties)

‘Nuff said.


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