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Sunday, 4 February 2018

4 February 2018. A Thought from Vladyki Lazar


Sad to relate, but “religion” and Faith are often polar opposites. The same is true of piety and pietism… and of morality and self-righteousness. Do take a second look at things… what seems holy isn’t… what seems “right” is shockingly wrong. Especially, question those who jump on one-issue hobbyhorses. Have a particular care with those who’ve collapsed morality into an obsession with guns, gays, and “right-to-life”… the distortion here is such that one almost never finds any real faith… just ignorant fanaticism. The times aren’t good… keep your head about you…


Saturday, 7 May 2016

7 May 2016. Sometimes, It’s the Only Thing That One Can Do…

00 forgiveness 040516


Sometimes, a situation just doesn’t “go right”. In such cases, you simply can’t sit there and moon over what can’t be done and what can’t be put right. To put it plainly, there are cases that never get resolved this side of the veil. The only thing that a Christian can do is to forgive the other party and move on… oftentimes, to try to “fix things” only worsens them, sadly enough. We aren’t God, and the sooner that we realise that, the better it is for all concerned. Some things ARE beyond our powers, but we do have the power to not let such poison our lives. I know this from personal experience…


Tuesday, 23 June 2015

No Comment Necessary Department… Some Good (Orthodox) Sense on Mania About the Antichrist

Antichrist and his deceits. 07.12


One day Elder Porphyrios told me, “Fr Athanasios (taking me by the hand tightly), I’m blind now, my eyes don’t work physically because I have cancer of the pituitary gland, but I have spiritual eyes and see. Before you leave, I want you to tell me, what did Elder Aemilianos say about 666 and the Antichrist?” This was in the days of Chernobyl. This upset people and they went by the dozens every day, particularly to Elder Porphyrios near Athens, asking, “What’ll happen? Will the Antichrist come and stamp us with 666?” The Elder asked me, “My child, tell me what Elder Aemilianos said about 666 and the Antichrist?” I told him, “He told us in a gathering a few days ago to not worry. We should be interested in having a vibrant relationship with Christ and not give so much attention to the Antichrist, because then he’d become the centre of our lives and not Christ.

For us Christians, when we experience Christ there’s no Antichrist… when we have Christ inside us, can the Antichrist come? Can anything opposite this enter our souls? My child, for this reason, today, we don’t have Christ within us; because of this, we worry about the Antichrist. When Christ is within us, everything becomes Paradise. My child, Christ is everything, and we shouldn’t fear the Opposer; you should always tell people this.

You should tell the people not to fear the Antichrist. We’re children of Christ; we’re children of the Church”.

21 June 2015

Fr Ted’s Blog


Sunday, 12 April 2015

12 April 2015. A Believer’s Take on Marriage

00 Nayzak. How 2  b a Good Muslim Husband. 2011

How 2 B a Good Muslim Husband





Gabe and Laura… this one’s for you. May Laura deliver safely…



When Allah has decided to unite two hearts in marriage:

  • no distance is too far
  • no time is too long
  • no powerful force can separate them
  • no one can break them apart

Mohsin Hasan Mumtaz

Dedicated to my lovely sister FATIMA MICHEL BARNES


Today is Easter… spread the joy… to all around you… to believers (including non-Christians)… to secularists (don’t call ‘em atheists, please)… to all of God’s Creation (including your animals).

To Mr Mumtaz… thank you for such a beautiful (and concise) post. God luv ya…

To all rightwing asshats… Muslims are believers, too… you’ve forgotten that. Neither ISIS nor the Azov Battalion represent real Christian and real Muslim believers. That’s that… it’s what I hold and what I stand for, any road.

THIS IS MY PERSONAL BELIEF… I don’t claim it to be the “Teaching of the Church”… however… I’d say that it doesn’t contradict it, though. Be careful with labelling things the “Teaching of the Church”… quite often, it’s nothing but idiosyncratic opinion decked out in ill-fitting (and utterly false) finery… reflect on that, this Easter…


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