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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

18 May 2016. On Discerning the Worthy and the Unworthy… How One Can Tell the Difference

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In speaking of those worthy of respect, I should say that I’ve been privileged enough to have met blokadniki… those who survived the Siege of Leningrad (the famous “900 Days”). One notices serenity and wisdom in them… knowledge that only such a tremendous and horrendous event could bring one. I found this true of most VOV survivors… for the war marked all those in the USSR, as the war took place on its soil; it didn’t happen in far-off foreign parts. I should mention that President V V Putin’s older brother died in the Siege… he was one the fascists’ victims… he was only Untermenschtum (subhumanity) in Western eyes. By the way, that’s why the memory of the war is still green in the Russian soul… it wasn’t some faraway event… it happened right in the homeland, and it was, perhaps, the most vicious war of the 20th century.

Sadly, the Western “conservative” movement and its demented votaries are the antipode of the blokadniki. Western neoliberalism, both “conservative” and “liberal” has degenerated to a feral vicious level. Greed is its most conspicuous characteristic. Allied to that is a callous viciousness towards those that they consider “inferiors”. It doesn’t matter if a drone strike kills wedding partiers and not “terrorists”… they’re all just dirty Muslim wogs who support terrorists, anyway! It doesn’t matter that welfare payments aren’t enough to support someone… if they were any damned good, they’d be working and not a drag on the public! It’s OK to lie about foreign countries and leaders… America is Number One, always has been, and always will be! Russia and China are evil for not kissing our ass and telling us that we’re Number One and always will be!

Having met both sorts mentioned above, there’s no doubt in my mind that American Neoliberalism is satanic, and that anyone who supports Chilly Hilly (or any other Establishment Dem) or any Republican is either a dupe or they’re someone who bought into this ideology knowing how evil it is, but doesn’t care because it benefits them. The first sort is simply clueless and ignorant. The second sort has bought into evil with knowledge of what it is… but they’re successful, dontcha know! They’re respectable, dontcha know! They’re religious, dontcha know! They’re more moral than the rest of us are, dontcha know!

I have met both sublime people and loathsome people… all too many of the latter espouse “conservatism”. Have a care with anyone who either calls themselves “conservative” or issues favourable commentary on “conservative” talking points. They may very well get uncouth with you… it’s all too common amongst such sorts; they get extraordinarily nasty when vexed or disagreed with. Here’s a point to be especially wary of… many of the most wretched sorts are outwardly polite and “oh-so-nice”… that is, until you cross them… do have a care, the times aren’t good and they won’t get better for some time yet…



Tuesday, 17 May 2016

17 May 2016. Wisdom from the Cabinet

01 Creationist Bible Thumper


Here’s some wisdom from one of my longstanding Cabineteers:

The loudest ones are the dumbest ones. They love to shout the lies and myths that they hold as opinions in the hope that people will eventually believe them. You can’t engage them (and shouldn’t) because they don’t want to dialogue; they want to shout their opinions down your throat.

Now, that’s WELL-SAID! That deserves not only a hat-tip, but also a tip of the jug! In contrast to that, Facebook is obsessing over the Target Bathroom Brouhaha. Now, it’s showing a woman holding a Bible and criticising the Target decision. Of course, one can catch Zuckerberg’s implication… all Christians are ignorant rubes and clueless boobs. Firstly, I don’t give a ruby-red goddamn what Zuckerberg thinks of my religion (I already had the idea that he disliked it). Secondly, schmidiots like the Bible-toting screamer don’t speak for me and for the bulk of Orthodox believers (unfortunately, she does speak for konvertsy trash like Whiteford and Dreher). Thirdly, the Bible-toting Know-Nothings aren’t Christian in any case, they’re Radical Evangelical Sectarians, a group that’s appropriated Christian verbiage and Scriptures and distorted them out of all recognition.

As my friend said, “They want to shout their opinions down your throat”. I welcome their enmity… you can gauge the worth of a person by seeing whom they attract as enemies. If I’ve attracted the like of Whiteford and Dreher as enemies, then, it means that I’m on the right track to holiness. After all, they defend Free Market Crapitalism… something that our Holy Patriarch attacks as a fraudulent and demonic system. He shows it by his choice of friends (Comrades Fidel and Zyuganov) and by the enemies that he’s attracted (that noisome lot of self-serving careerists and corrupt power-seekers that makes up the Washington Apparat).

Have a care… the times are NOT good… the rightwing brats are running amuck and God alone knows when it’s going to end…


Sunday, 15 May 2016

15 May 2016. If You Want to KNOW About a Topic… Ask Specialists… NOT Activists… NOT Politicos… NOT “Preachers”… NOT Ignorant Lay People

00 Andy Marlette. Obama Bathroom Debates. 2016


I saw the following on FB in re the current imbroglio over Target’s “bathroom policy”:

I love how ignorant people are. They boycott Target because of bathrooms, but not all the other corporations sending our jobs overseas putting our people out of work, or Wal-Mart for not paying their employees a liveable wage, forcing them to take welfare at the expense of the taxpayers. People in America have their values up their asses!

Let’s all step back and take a deep breath. Transsexuality is a medical situation, treatable by modern medicine, using standard diagnoses and protocols. Therefore, it makes sense that the only people who can comment coherently and authoritatively on the topic are MDs who deal with such clinical affairs. Here’s the rub… NONE OF THE LOUDEST AND MOST STRIDENT COMMENTERS ON THE SITUATION BEFORE US ARE EVEN MEDICAL DOCTORS! NONE!

If it’s clear that the only reasonable commentary can come from MDs, then, it’s obvious that all the present brouhaha before us is loud and malodorous bullshit. That is, none of it’s worthy of any attention from decent and grounded people. If you want the real-deal intel, look up a MD who’s active in treating the syndrome. My information comes from an MD who interned at the Mayo Clinic, is a full professor of endocrinology at a second-tier medical college, a board-certified endocrinologist, a division head at a regional medical centre, and a clinician with experience of over 100 cases of this sort. Such a person can speak to the issue. Phil Robertson can’t… Greg Abbot can’t… the American Family Association can’t… the legislature of North Carolina can’t. If you lack the medical chops, you don’t have the creds to issue coherent comments. If you lack such standing, shut the fuck up (that’s why I’m not discussing it now, as I lack the creds to do so… that’s an attitude that Rod Dreher and John Whiteford would do well to emulate).

There’s nothing else to say. Never give bigots, religious fanatics, and the ignorant a forum. NEVER.


Monday, 16 November 2015

16 November 2015. A Point to Ponder from Frantz Fanon… DO NOT ARGUE WITH FANATICS…

00 frantz fanon hate speech 151115


Do NOT argue with know-alls, fanatics, true believers, or the messianic. You’ll not only get nowhere, you might actually WORSEN the situation. Sometimes, the only thing that a decent person of good-sense can do is to let the idiots ramble on. Trust me, they refute themselves through their own words! You might even garner sympathy for them if you jumped in. Let the disconnected incoherency and loopy trumpery of their thought strut out in all its “finery”. Let it blossom forth in all its Jabberwockian inanity. Besides, pass the jug… people will see that YOU aren’t flustered by their numbskulled and knuckleheaded bloviations. “Often, we mar what’s well enough by trying to do better”… NEVER forget that.

Patience IS a virtue… God does reward one for it. I KNOW…


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