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Monday, 20 January 2014

USA Threatens Sanctions as Tensions Rise in Kiev

00 Kiev. Riots. 20.01.14


Editor’s Note:

The American move is overwhelmingly stupid; it’s completely counter to the American national interest (it weakens their local allies, showing them up as American stooges). Besides which, Russia’s RIGHT NEXT DOOR. Yanukovich need only call on VVP and help would be on the way instantly. The USA listened to the Galician Uniate blathering for too long… it believes their drivel. The USA has no dog in this fight; the Ukraine is part of the Orthosphere, of Greater Russia, it’s not part of the West. In short, it’s ours… by culture, by religion, by folkways, by customs, and by shared history. I say, “Let Galicia go to the Westerners… they’d find them hard taskmasters and stingy with the gelt. Let Zakarpattya go to Slovakia in federal union… they’d get on in peace as they’ve always have (the Slovaks are live n’ let live sorts)”. The rest of the Ukraine would rejoin their Russian confrères… they’d bless their Carpatho-Russian brethren (that would be an amicable parting) and they’d ignore the Galicians and their caterwauling (I wouldn’t want to be a Galician in the Ukraine after this… such a divorce will leave a sour taste in Russian and Ukrainian mouths).

In short, the USA is ENSURING that the Ukraine joins the EvrAsES and that it’ll join the Eurasian Union when founded. Hasn’t anyone told neocon Republicans and interventionist Democrats of the Law of Unintended Consequence? Didn’t they learn from their fiasco in South Ossetia? The USA is NOT the “sole superpower”… the sooner it learns this sobering reality, the better it’ll be for all concerned…

Do note that today’s an American federal holiday (Martin Luther King Day)… was this something ginned up by underlings left to stew in the District as their elders and betters took off to do politics and have some time off? Interesting speculation, no (most pols are in their districts schmoozing the voters, BTW)? Oh, yes… attacking cops and burning buses isn’t “peaceful protest”… if it happened in DC, the cops would be out in force, swinging their batons twice as fiercely as the Ukie cops just did.



The USA slammed the Ukrainian government over violent clashes between police and demonstrators in Kiev Sunday and threatened to impose sanctions if cops use force against protesters. News reports indicated many casualties amongst rioters as police deployed water cannons, stun grenades, and tear gas against protesters throwing Molotov cocktails, firecrackers, and other projectiles at police. National Security Council spokesman Caitlin Hayden {she’s such a minor figure that nothing substantial is available on her: editor} said that the USA is deeply concerned about the latest clashes. The AP reported that she said, “[The Ukrainian government] moved to weaken the foundations of the Ukraine’s democracy by criminalising peaceful protest and stripping civil society and political opponents of key democratic protections under the law”. She called on Ukraine to open a dialogue with the opposition {yes, let’s open a dialogue with terrorists, something the USA itself rejects: editor}. The White House said that the USA is considering measures including sanctions if the Ukrainian government uses violence, echoing a warning from the US State Department last month.

On Sunday, a crowd of about 10,000 rioters gathered in downtown Kiev to protest new legislation that lawmakers passed last week to limit protests. Tensions ran high well into the night as police reportedly used water cannons and tear gas against demonstrators near the Rada building, whilst protesters hurled various objects and smoke bombs at police. The violence continued despite appeals from opposition leaders, including Vitaly Klichko {Klichko is a millionaire; he’s lived long in Germany and has high awards from its government… in short, he’s a new Bandera; he’s a quisling and pro-Western lickspittle: editor}, at the scene. On Monday, the MVDU said that rioters injured about 100 police, 61 of whom were in hospital. It also said that rioters burned six police cars. UNIAN cited authorities as saying 103 protesters sought medical help as of early Monday morning, with 42 of them in hospital. Police arrest more than 20 people, and the authorities opened an investigation into the affair.

Media reports said the police held a film crew from the American-run Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, but officials hadn’t issued any confirmation as of Monday afternoon {Potapov must condemn the RFE/RL role in this… but he won’t. I’d say that he showed himself untrustworthy in the extreme by this omission: editor}. 5 Kanal reported that two men who identified themselves as construction workers said they were hiding from the clashes when a group of policemen ordered them to strip before beating them and pouring water over them. Temperatures are well below zero (32 degrees Fahrenheit) in Kiev. Police said that they were looking into the claims.

Late Sunday, Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich said on his official website that he’d instructed National Security and Defence Council head Andrei Klyuyev to form a working group of ministers and presidential administration officials to solve the political crisis. Korrespondent.net reported Monday that Vadim Kolesnichenko, a Party of Regions Rada deputy, said “foreign special services” were behind the anti-government protests. Kolesnichenko defended the new law on protests as similar to those existing in the EU and the USA. Sunday’s riot was the latest in a series of large-scale street protests that started in the Ukraine in November after the government announced that it’d postpone the signing of an association agreement with the EU and delayed trade deals with the EU, opting instead to strengthen ties with Moscow.

20 January 2014



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Thursday, 28 November 2013

28 November 2013. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words… A Sub Gets a Blessing in Piter…

00 Orthodox priest blessed sub Novorossiysk. 28.11.13


A priest blesses the new Project 636.3 Varshavyanka submarine B261 Novorossiysk, being launched at Admiralteyskie Verfi in St Petersburg. It’s supposed to enter service with the Black Sea Fleet next year. This isn’t unusual any more… indeed, it’s become routine. Mind you, if the Reds were to take power again, this wouldn’t change… don’t listen to the likes of Victor Potapov… after all, he DOES (or DID) work as a US government propagandist (do follow the money… it tells you so much about people). The late great Joe Adamov apologised on air for issuing lies… Potapov has never done likewise. Do notice that and mark it down… it’ll tell you much about his character, won’t it?

Christ is back… and He’s here to stay.



Thursday, 17 October 2013

US Government Shutdown Ends… Tea Party Mortally Wounded

00 US government shutdown. political cartoon 4. 17.10.13


On Wednesday, the US Senate, racing to avert a government default, passed legislation raising the Treasury Department‘s borrowing authority and sent the measure to the House of Representatives for final passage. In addition, the legislation would end a partial government shutdown by providing new funds for federal agencies closed since 1 October. This deal ended a political crisis that partially shut down the federal government and brought the world’s biggest economy to the edge of a debt default that could’ve threatened financial calamity. The Republican-controlled House of Representatives would take up the measure later on Wednesday after Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) dropped efforts to link the spending measure to changes in US President Obama‘s healthcare law.

However, the deal offers only a temporary fix; it doesn’t resolve the fundamental issues of spending and deficits that divide Republicans and Democrats. It funds the government until 15 January, and it raises the debt ceiling until 7 February, so Americans face the possibility of another government shutdown early next year. The stock market surged on news of the deal, nearing an all-time high. The stand-off between Republicans and the White House over funding the government forced the temporary lay-off of hundreds of thousands of federal workers from 1 October, and it created concern that crisis-driven politics was the “new normal” in Washington.

On Wednesday, US Senator John McCain (R-AZ), whose fellow Republicans triggered the crisis with demands that the federal government defund President Obama’s signature healthcare reforms, said the deal marked the “end of an agonising odyssey” for Americans, noting, “It’s one of the most shameful chapters I’ve seen in the years I’ve spent in the Senate”. Repeatedly, McCain warned Republicans not to link their demands for changes to the ACA to the debt limit or to the government spending bill. The measure passed in the Senate with an 81-18 vote, and observed expected the House to follow suit, clearing the way for Obama to sign it into law no later than Thursday, when the Treasury said it’d hit the 16.7 trillion USD (536 billion Roubles. 17.3 billion CAD. 17.5 billion AUD. 12.4 billion Euros. 10.5 billion UK Pounds) debt ceiling.

Fully reopening the government should take several days. Essential functions like defence and air traffic control continued, but national parks and agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency remained largely closed. Although the deal would only extend US government borrowing authority until 7 February, the Treasury Department would have tools to extend its borrowing capacity temporarily beyond that date if Congress failed to act early next year. The agreement includes some income verification procedures for those seeking subsidies under the healthcare law, but Republicans surrendered on their attempts to include other changes, including the elimination of a medical device tax.


On Wednesday, US President Barack Obama sought to heal the wounds of the debt ceiling and government shutdown showdown, warning that Washington must stop governing by crisis. In a short statement after the Senate voted to back a compromise deal and before the House of Representatives did likewise, Obama said that American leaders needed to “earn back” the trust of the American people after the crisis.


On Wednesday, US President Barack Obama said that he’d sign legislation to reopen the US government and avert a debt default as soon as it reaches the White House. Speaking after the Senate voted to end the fiscal impasse, but before the House of Representatives took a vote, Obama said that the government would reopen immediately after he signs the bill, ending a 16-day shutdown, saying, “We can begin to lift this cloud of uncertainty and unease from our businesses and from the American people”.


00 US government shutdown. political cartoon 3. 17.10.13


Late on Wednesday, VOR correspondent Roman Mamonov reported that the US House of Representatives passed legislation to avoid a damaging default on government debt and to reopen federal agencies shuttered when funding ran out on 1 October. The House vote came hours after the Senate overwhelmingly approved the bill. Earlier on Wednesday, US President Barack Obama said that he’d promptly sign the bill into law.


VOR American correspondent Roman Mamonov reported that the Office of Management and Budget said that federal workers should plan to return to work on Thursday morning. US President Barack Obama ordered all federal employees to return to work on Thursday after Congress passed a bill extending the nation’s borrowing authority and ending a two-week government shutdown. OMB Director Sylvia Mathews Burwell said, “Now that the bill passed the US Senate and the House of Representatives, the President plans to sign it tonight and employees should expect to return to work in the morning”.


The US House of Representatives passed a Senate-approved deal to lift the debt ceiling and end the government shutdown after 16 days. Finally, it approved an eleventh-hour deal to end a partial government shutdown and pull the world’s biggest economy back from the brink of a historic debt default that could’ve threatened financial calamity. The White House said that US President Obama would sign the bill Wednesday night, and Obama vowed to begin reopening the government immediately. Sylvia Mathews Burwell, director of the Office of Management and Budget, said, “Employees should expect to return to work in the morning”. However, it only offered a temporary fix and it doesn’t resolve the fundamental issues of spending and deficits that divide Republicans and Democrats. It funds the government until 15 January, and raises the debt ceiling until 7 February, so Americans face the possibility of another government shutdown early next year. When the US Congress approved the deal to raise the 16.7 trillion USD American debt ceiling, World Bank President Jim Yong Kim said, “The global economy dodged a potential catastrophe”. After the deal passed, Senator John McCain (R-AZ) said, “It’s one of the most shameful chapters I’ve seen in the years I’ve spent in the Senate”.


Early on Thursday, the White House said that US President Barack Obama signed legislation that ended a US government shutdown and raised the US debt ceiling.  The US Congress passed a bill to reopen the government and raise the federal debt limit, with hours to spare before the nation risked default. The Democratic-controlled Senate’s bipartisan compromise won approval by 81 votes to 18. Then, the deal passed 285-144 in the House of Representatives, whose Republican leadership begrudgingly agreed to support the measure. It came hours before the deadline to raise the 16.7 trillion USD debt limit. Office of Management and Budget Director Sylvia Mathews Burwell said in a separate statement that the government would try to get back to full operating status as smoothly as possible, saying, “This was a particularly challenging time for Federal employees, and I want to thank our Nation’s dedicated civil servants for their continued commitment to serving the American people”. in a directive to federal agencies Burwell said that most employees furloughed for the past two weeks are expected back to work Thursday.


00 US government shutdown. political cartoon 1. 17.10.13


Business Insider reported that Standard & Poor’s said that the shutdown took 24 billion USD out of the US economy and cut 0.6% off of yearly fourth quarter GDP growth. In a press release, S&P wrote, “If people are afraid that the government policy brinkmanship will resurface again, and with it the risk of another shutdown, or worse, they’ll remain afraid to open up their chequebooks. That points to another Humbug holiday season”. S&P noted that any resolution would be temporary, with an early 2014 timeframe for the next set of Washington deadlines, saying, “The short turnaround for politicians to negotiate some sort of lasting deal will likely weigh on consumer confidence, especially, amongst government workers that were furloughed”.


Cops ejected Dianne Reidy, a US House of Representatives stenographer, from the House session after she acted strangely. The House was voting over a decision concerning the financial crisis when Dianne suddenly came up to the Speaker’s Chair and said, “Praise be to God Jesus Christ!” Then, she started to say something about America not being “one nation under God” because its constitution was “written by Freemasons”. The presiding officer, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, banged the gravel in an attempt to restore order, but Reidy continued to shout similar pompous nonsense, full of quotes from the Bible. The cops came in and took away the stenographer. When they removed her from the floor, she screamed, “You can’t serve two masters!” According to Ros-Lehtinen, “Reidy came up to the podium area beneath where I was standing and asked me if the microphones were on. I said that I didn’t know. I assumed that perhaps I was chatting too much to the helpful parliamentarians around me. Then, she suddenly faced the front and said words like ‘Thus spoke the Lord’ and ‘This isn’t the Lord’s work’. I hammered to get control and hush her up. She said something about the devil. It was sudden, confusing, and heartbreaking. She’s normally a gentle soul”. After a police interrogation, cops will take Ms Reidy to a local hospital for mental health tests. At present, there’s no criminal case pending against her.


From federal workers to local businesses to tourists, many people breathed a sigh of relief over the shutdown’s end. Some are happy the shutdown’s ending; others have mixed emotions. On Wednesday night, furloughed EPA employee Steve Hopkins said, “It’s relief yes, but it’s a lot higher concern than I had before”. Hopkins said that his concern stems from the fact that the deal only funds the government through 15 January.

17 October 2013

Voice of Russia World Service












00 US government shutdown. political cartoon 2. 17.10.13


Editor’s Note:

All House Democrats voted for the bill, but only 87 Republicans did so, meaning that 2/3 of the GOP representatives remain intransigent. They’ve tied themselves to the terrorism of the Tea Party, an American Taliban if there ever was such. The Republican Party has become the creature of sectarian nutters and fatcat greedsters. They’ve become Young Earth Creationists and Mammon worshippers, all at once, and, often enough, both are combined in one person. Real Christians have nothing in common with such loons.

The stupidity of Tea Party Republicans was on display for the whole world to see, naked and unashamed. You see, Senate Republicans face the entire state electorate; they’re not in blatantly-gerrymandered districts as most Southern representatives are. Ergo, they wanted a deal, and wanted one before any real kafuffle occurred, before the shit hit the fan. This deal shows that the Republican Party is scared shitless. Note well that the Prez gave the TPers NOTHING. NADA. NICHEVO. That’s all folks! The Tea Party is so feckless and daft that it’s playing right into Obama’s hands, and they refuse to see it because of their racism, belief in their make-believe world instead of the real word, and lack of judgement. The wisest course for the GOP would be to fund the government through the 2014 election, to let all the commotion die down. However, in their fervent chowderheaded imprudence, they want to keep the issue alive before the election. This is exactly what Obama wants, and the Tea Party is dense enough to give it to him, gratis.

The TPers are much like some of the old Russian Whites. You see, before the Revolution, things were perfect and hunky-dory. The peasants were all deferential to their betters and Imperial Russia was getting better and better all the time. Of course, things weren’t like that at all. Red October occurred for very real reasons. It wasn’t a stab in the back by “Jewish Bolshevik thugs” (yes, I’ve heard such rot, mostly from people attached to the Jordanville gang). Just as the old Russian Whites refuse to acknowledge their greed and guilt, the TPers are the same. They expect us to continue subsidising their Affluent Effluent lifestyles, to have less and less, as they take more and more. Marx was right when he said, “Capital has no homeland”… that is, capitalists are unpatriotic SOBs. Look at Willy Romney, draft dodger and tax evader, yet GOP candidate for US President. It tells you much about the Republican Party in general and the Tea Party in particular. Remember, shitbirds of a feather flock together. Never forget, unsat is unsat, and there’s no way of putting it right, save for voting the bastards out. The American people realise that now. The Tea Party’s dead… thank God…


Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Senate Vote on Fiscal Deal Could Come Between 17.00-19.00 EDT

00 GOP. Maybe I Should Keep Digging. 16.10.13


VOR American correspondent Roman Mamonov reported, quoting a source, that the US Senate would vote on a fiscal deal between 17.00-19.00 EDT (14.00-16.00 PDT. 22.00-00.00 UTC. 01.00-03.00 17 October MSK. 08.00-10.00 AEDT), and that the House would vote between 20.00-22.00 EDT(17.00-19.00 PDT. 01.00-03.00 17 October UTC. 04.00-06.00 MSK. 11.00-13.00 AEDT).


A Senate Democratic leadership aide stated that, later on Wednesday, the US Senate is expected to vote on legislation to increase the nation’s borrowing limit and fund government agencies. The aide said that the vote could come either in the late afternoon or in the early evening. Once the Senate passes the measure, a vote by the House of Representatives could quickly follow.

On Wednesday, the Club for Growth, an extremist rightwing advocacy group that backs lower government spending, urged the US Senate and House of Representatives to vote “no” on a bipartisan deal to raise the debt limit and end the federal shutdown. In a letter to Congress from Andy Roth, the group’s vice president of government affairs, the Club for Growth said the deal announced by Senate leaders appears to include no changes in entitlement programmes and no spending cuts. He wrote, “Our Congressional Scorecard for the 113th Congress provides a comprehensive rating of how well or how poorly each member of Congress supports pro-growth free-market policies and will be distributed to our members and to the public”.


On Wednesday, the White House said that US President Barack Obama endorsed a Senate deal aimed at averting a US debt default, to end the government shutdown, so, he wants Congress to approve it swiftly. Spokesman Jay Carney, briefing reporters on Obama’s reaction to the bipartisan Senate deal that emerged on Capitol Hill, said that the agreement would reopen the government and remove the threat of a debt default. He said that the USA is close to the point where the Treasury can’t borrow new money to meet its debt obligations, which is why Congress needs to move fast.

Republican leaders in the US House of Representatives set a meeting for 15.00 EDT (12.00 PDT. 20.00 UTC. 23.00 MSK. 06.00 17 October AEDT) on Wednesday to brief their members about the Senate’s newly-minted bipartisan deal to raise the debt limit and end the government shutdown. The meeting is likely to be raucous since it doesn’t contain any response to demands by House Republicans to rollback President Obama’s healthcare overhaul. Regardless, later in the day, aides said that the House is expected to approve the measure with mostly Democratic votes.

16 October 2013

Voice of Russia World Service




Editor’s Note:

The Club for Growth can kiss my ass. Note well that they don’t put massive tax giveaways to the rich, pursuing fatcats who put their money into offshore tax shelters (like Wet Willy Romney), out-of-control DoD spending, or money for domestic spying and the TSA on the table. This shows that their true agenda is a government “of the rich, for the rich, and by the rich”. The rest of us can go to hell, literally, in their eyes. Don’t forget, sectarians believe that if you’re rich, God favours you… if you’re not, you’re not one of the “elect”, and you won’t go to Heaven, because God hates you. That’s their world. Thank you very much, I think I’ll pass on such a lunacy… I find it satanic.

Orthodox people should reflect on this… the Orthodox righties (Potapov, Paffhausen, Dreher, Webster, Reardon, Mattingly, Whiteford, Lyonyo, Gan, et al) support the godless plans of the Club for Growth… not the god-pleasing vision of HH, who sees government as an ally of Real Christianity. That’s your real-world choice… there isn’t any other on offer. Choose well… the fate of your immortal soul does depend on it!


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