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Saturday, 21 April 2012

21 April 2012. Paffhausen Pal to Begin Prison Sentence on 23 April


So far, former Deacon Michael Pasonick is still supposed to surrender to the Feds on Monday 23 April at 14.00 EDT to begin his prison sentence. Pasonick’s shyster filed a motion on Friday, 20 April, to delay the beginning of the sentence by ten days. Sounds rather late to me. However, what’s important to us is that Fathausen allowed Pasonick to act as a deacon AFTER his conviction for bribery, and allowed Pasonick to be part of his official delegation at the so-called “March for Life”. This means that Fathausen’s ready to whitewash him… just like the Holy Synod did with Benjamin Peterson after his DUI arrest. Herman wanted BP out, but the Synod refused to act (which meant that Peterson, a major HOOMie supporter, stayed on, despite his open and glaring transgression). That’s why Herman, despite all his faults, was truly Orthodox, and it’s why Fathausen isn’t one of us, but rather a Southern California New Age charlatan poseur.

Should we mention the rumours flying about that JP wants to give Soraich a release so that Soraich can join the ROCOR? JP seems to like questionable characters. As for Love BT’s defence of Soraich… firstly, Soraich was BT’s protégé, secondly, he was BT’s Chancellor. Hmm… if Soraich is a rotter, what does that tell us about BT? Of course, there’s Soraich’s links to Rock and Bobby in Vegas… that implicates BT, too. As for Love BT himself, the smart word is that he hasn’t paid any rent money for his digs to the LA parish, even though he promised to do so. It’s all of a piece… defence of a questionable character… refusal to pay rent… is this what one expects of a retired bishop? I wonder…

As an FYI, Pasonick’s lawyer is one Joseph Sklarosky… just in case you catch him sniffing around your affairs…



Saturday, 22 October 2011

22 October 2011. Bishop Mel’s Guests: An Anecdote for Our Time

I wish that I had come up with this one… you guys are just too much! Thanks to my anonymous interlocutor… stuff like this keeps me (and all of us) going…


Bishop Mel’s cell attendant came up to him and said, “Vladyki, two guests are here to see you… the Pope of Rome, and Leonid Kishkovsky. Who shall I show in first?” Bishop Mel was deep in thought for a moment… then, he told his aide, “Show in the Pope… with him, I only have to kiss his ring”.


This is clear to all grounded people. Lyonyo Kishkovsky (along with his organ-grinder monkeys Stokoe, Wheeler, and Jillions) is “too big for his britches”. We need a “Ilya Muromets”, and we need him NOW. Bishop Mel ain’t perfect… but that’s as good as you get in our fallen world… so, he’s got my vote (he’s NOT the Great White Hope or Old King Cole, but he’s quite good enough). Vladyki… it’s time to “kick ass and take names”… and you can start with Lyonyo, Jillions, and Stokoe… and turn over Bobby and his pals to the Feds (which would include Wheeler for being part of the gag until it became “inconvenient” for Lyonyo).

It’s time to call in the chips…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Saturday 22 October 2011

Albany NY

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