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Saturday, 12 November 2016

12 November 2016. From the Russian Web… Friends for Life!




Friday, 1 March 2013

1 March 2013. RIA-Novosti Infographics. The Cat’s Affinity with Mankind: Helper, Healer, and Psychologist

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00 RIA-Novosti Infographics. The Cat’s Affinity with Mankind. Helper, Healer, and Psychologist


The RIA translator gets a Big Green Weenie Award on this one. They left some minor details in Russian (or in Cyrillic letters). I corrected them with Photoshop in minutes. To let such easily-corrected details pass is lazy work… and there’s nothing that I dislike more. Let’s see… today’s Friday and they wanted an early start on the weekend, I’ll wager…



1 March is International Cat Day. Hardly any other animal has so solid a niche in human historycats were goddesses and harbingers of failure, favourites and outcasts, a most-extraordinary and most-faithful friend of mankind. This RIA-Novosti Infographic tells you all about cats, their positive qualities, habits, and unique attributes.

Mariya Sotskaya, associate professor of animal psychology at the Moscow Institute of Psychology and Education, told RIA-Novosti, “Firstly, the cat is a symbol of comfort. A cat nestled cosily in sleep, under a lamp on the desk, creates a certain reassurance. This fact, its ability to fit into the human environment, contributed to the domestication of this animal”.

See gallery “Whiskers and Stripes: Cat Facts and Figures” >>

Experts on how cats affect human health >>

If you can put a cat on a sore spot in the cervical or lumbar spine, the cat’s body-heat is beneficial to your overall well-being. Sotskaya added, “It turns out that it’s a live natural hot-water bottle with an optimum temperature. However, I’m sceptical of the supposition that a cat can find a sore spot and lie there of its own volition”.

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1 March 2013




1 March 2013. It’s International Cat Day in Russia! Stroke Your Feline Friends Today…

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00 Grey Cat. 23.09.12. Coffee... NOW.


Seeing as it’s International Cat Day, how ’bout a vid of Leopold the Cat (his catchphrase is, “Let’s live in friendship, guys” (Ребята, давайте жить дружно: Rebyata, davaite zhit druzhno), one of Russia’s most beloved multifilm characters?


Today is International Cat Day in Russia. Rather than give you a rehash, click here for an excellent RIA-Novosti photo essay on our furry friends. We have two of the little furbies (our tomcat, Poochie, died late last year… he’s still missed) ourselves. They brighten up our lives… as they brighten up yours, no doubt. Give your cat a hug… it’s their day!



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