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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Dokos Pled Not Guilty to Theft Charge

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This morning, Fr James Dokos pled not guilty to felony theft charge this morning during his arraignment in a Milwaukee County courtroom. Dokos, who’s on leave from Ss Peter and Paul Greek Orthodox Church in Glenview IL pending the outcome of the case, faces charges of improperly spending more than 100,000 USD (3.6 million Roubles. 615,000 Renminbi. 6.05 million INR. 108,400 CAD. 107,200 AUD. 75,800 Euros. 60,400 UK Pounds) from a trust fund intended to benefit Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church in Milwaukee WI. Dokos, 62, was the long-time pastor at Annunciation before transferring to Ss Peter and Paul in 2012. In June, authorities in Milwaukee announced that they’d file the charge against Dokos after launching an investigation last year into how the trust fund money was spent. A long-time Annunciation parishioner and his wife established the fund, and whilst the church received 1.1 million USD (39.8 million Roubles. 6.8 million Renminbi. 66.4 million INR. 1.2 million CAD. 1.18 million AUD. 834,000 Euros. 664,000 UK Pounds) from the fund, Annunciation members alerted authorities after finding possible discrepancies in how the rest of the money was allotted. Dokos’ attorneys denied that he engaged in wrongdoing and said that Annunciation members sought the prosecution against him to cover up their own mismanagement of the fund. Dokos is next due in court in December.

26 August 2014

Alexandra Chachkevitch

Chicago Tribune



Thursday, 31 July 2014

Ordered to Stand Trial… Fr James Dokos, Accused of Stealing from Church in Wauwatosa

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A former Milwaukee-area priest accused of stealing from his church will stand trial. On Wednesday morning, Fr James Dokos was in facing charges of felony theft. Prosecutors say that he took more than 100,000 USD (3.56 million Roubles. 109,000 CAD. 107,500 AUD. 75,000 Euros. 59,000 UK Pounds) from Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church in Wauwatosa WI when he was priest there. If convicted, Dokos faces up to 10 years in prison. He’ll be back in court in September… when he’s expected to enter a plea.

30 July 2014

Katie DeLong

Fox 6 Now


Sunday, 10 June 2012

10 June 2012. Pasonick Deposed by OCA Synod… NO News on oca.org (Did You Expect Any?)


I got the following intel:

OCA Synod finally deposed Pasonick for his felony bribery conviction.  Boyer (St T‘s abbot) drove him to the big house himself!

No news of this on oca.org. If patriarchia.ru has personnel matters up on the same day that they happen, and oca.org takes months (if ever) to post any disciplinary affairs, that does tell you much about the honesty of those running oca.org. It doesn’t speak well to the probity and reliability of Lyonyo and Lil’ Mizz Ginny, does it? Remember, JP had Pasonick as part of his “official” March for Life retinue. That’s wonderful, isn’t it? A convicted felon representing the Church. Yet, JP snickers at it, and expects you to smile at it, too.

God willing, Pasonick’s deposition is permanent. He deserves pastoral care, and he didn’t stop being a Christian, but being a convicted felon does bar one from the clergy. I wonder if the Centre knows of this…


Tuesday, 1 May 2012

1 May 2012. Paffhausen’s Pal Pasonick Now Officially in Prison Orange…


Click here for proof that ex-Deacon Michael Pasonick’s in the fed slam. Now, bear in mind that Fathausen’s going to slobber all over this creep because he’s “pro-life“… just you watch, he’s going to “forgive” him… that is, he’s going to reinstate him as a clergyman if he has the chance, and he’ll demand that you not say anything about him being a convicted felon. We’re not Christians, dontcha know, if we say that the Church should enforce the rule that clergymen be moral exemplars… that is, no convicted cons should be clergy, and that’s that. After all, not only Fathausen, but the entire Holy Synod slobbered over Benjamin Peterson after his DUI arrest. The only person to stand up for real Church order was Herman Swaiko. Fancy that…

Don’t forget… for Fathausen, the clergy can do no wrong (especially if they’re rightwingers or konvertsy), and the laity must lie down, procure Vaseline, and let corrupt and arrogant clergy screw them without respite or pity. That’s what Christian Love‘s all about, according to him…


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