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Thursday, 1 March 2018

1 March 2018. They All Had Faces… They All Had Names… No Hero is EVER Forgotten


Mikhail Fomin and Aleksandr Draevsky were Moscow firemen. Today, at a fire in Moscow, they rescued four people but died themselves. The fire at a house on Bulvar Matrosa Zhelenyaka took place at night. Someone called the Fire Brigade. Mikhail and Aleksandr brought everyone in the affected unit out safely, an adult and three children. However, as they exited the building, a fireball burst out, killing both firemen instantly.

May these heroes receive the Kingdom of Heaven.

29 February 2018

Losinka Pravoslavnaya



Wednesday, 24 September 2014

GOAA Parish Church in Palm Harbor FL Burns, Relics Saved

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These guys need a hand… send ‘em a fin (or two or three).

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Ss Raphael, Nicholas, and Irene Hellenic Orthodox Church

1010 Riviere Road

Palm Harbor FL 34683 




Fire investigators from were on the scene of a church fire in Palm Harbor FL well into the afternoon Tuesday, looking for anything suspicious. For members of the Greek Orthodox parish as they prayed this morning, there was a feeling that a higher power had stepped in and taken control. The fire at Ss Raphael, Nicholas and Irene Hellenic Orthodox Church started sometime after 03.00 EDT. Carol Dyer, who was delivering papers for the Tampa Bay Times, spotted it. She told us, “I saw smoke coming out from the roof around the eaves”. Dyer immediately called 911, but took no credit, saying, “God orchestrated it. He had his hand on these people. He didn’t want their place to burn down”. Fire crews from Palm Harbor were on the scene within minutes, fighting a blaze that ripped its way through a kitchen and common area. The fire and heat, charring and melting, even caused a chimney to buckle 15 degrees.

However, for church members, the structure itself was secondary to what was inside. Elias Damianakis explained, “The concern is for the sacred objects in the church. We are one of the few parishes in the south that have relics of the Saints”. The relics, fragments of the bones of three saints, Raphael, Nicholas, and Irene, brought here in 2004 by the Archbishop of Greece, were all in a case behind a wall.  The fire stopped just short of the wall. Irene Koulianos believes something kept the fire back. When asked if she thought it was the hand of God, she replied, “Absolutely”. On a morning where many would expect to see mourning, members outside the church did not. Irene said, “You witness miracles, what are you going to do? You just say thank God you can witness these things”. Therefore, they prayed to celebrate the divine, and to honour what they saw as divine intervention.

23 September 2014

ABC Action News/WFTS Tampa Bay


Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Chevron Tries to Apologise for Pennsylvania Fracking Explosion with Free Pizza

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Last Tuesday, residents of the small town of Bobtown PA woke to an explosion and a massive high-temperature fire, at the site of a fracking well owned by Chevron Corporation. Last Tuesday, a Chevron well in the preparation stages for hydraulic fracturing exploded 50 miles south of Pittsburgh PA causing a fire that lasted for four days and left one Chevron contractor unaccounted for and another one injured. It took five days for emergency crews to extinguish the fire; the explosion shook the small town of Bobtown, located in the far southwestern corner of the state. The blast gave off a loud hissing noise that one could hear hundreds of yards away.

One resident told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that the explosion in a shale formation where Chevron spent time fracking “sounded like a jet engine going five feet above your house”. John Kuis, 57, of nearby Dilliner PA, said that his dog started growling unusually at 06.45 on 11 February, “then, the house just sort of shock and there was a big loud bang”. The Philadelphia Daily News since discovered that residents of Bobtown… a census-designated place of fewer than 1,000 people that revolves mostly around coal mining… started to receive coupons for one free pizza and a two-litre soda from a local Bobtown pizzeria.

On its website, the company said, “Chevron recognises the effect this has had on the community. We value being a responsible member of this community and will continue to strive to achieve incident-free operations. We’re committed to taking action to safeguard our neighbours, our employees, our contractors, and the environment”. Daily News reporters were able to confirm with Bobtown Pizza that it was, in fact, Chevron that bought about 100 of the 12 USD (430 Roubles. 13.25 CAD. 13.35 AUD. 8.75 Euros. 7.20 UK Pounds) coupons, which expire on 1 May 2014.The coupon is for one free large pizza and a two-litre drink at Bobtown Pizza, a shop a few miles away from the drill site.

Activists say that the pizza coupon is just the most outlandish of the many ways Chevron and other oil and gas companies have tried to soften their image, as fracking stirs controversy over environmental and health impacts. Gloria Forouzan, a leader with Pittsburgh-based anti-fracking group Marcellus Protest, said, “How arrogant and stupid do they think people are? What (fracking companies) are doing in terms of PR is insidious. They advertise, and they advertise heavily, and for that, (people) are basically willing to lie down and let the companies walk all over them”.

19 February 2014

Voice of Russia World Service


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Thursday, 8 December 2011

8 December 2011. Tennessee Firemen Watch House Burn to the Ground and Do NOTHING

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If you haven’t paid up the swag demanded by the rightwing pigs in South Fulton TN, they’ll REFUSE to put out the fire… they’ve done it TWICE.


Read this. When I tried accessing the City of South Fulton’s webpage, all that I got was a “Fedora Test Page”. They use the ususal rightwing dodges… people didn’t pay the demanded fee… they should understand that if they don’t pay up, well, they won’t be protected. That’s what the Republican slimers believe in and they do act upon their gross and inhumane ideology whenever they can. If you don’t pay up… we won’t protect you! That’s the “Christian USA” for ya… Tennessee is one of the Buckles on the Bible Belt. “See how they love one another”… indeed.


When I checked Wikipedia earlier, there was an item stating that South Fulton was the city where firemen TWICE refused to put out fires because people in outlying communities hadn’t ponied up a demanded fee on rural townships. That information’s no longer there. It’s why you can’t totally trust Wikipedia, any jerk can edit it. Wikipedia should put the information back in (it’s true) and “lock” the piece so that lying Republican slimers can’t edit it out. This tells you volumes about the Republicans and their attitude to the Truth, doesn’t it?


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