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Thursday, 3 September 2015

3 September 2015. No Comment Necessary Department… It was First Bell for EVERY Kid in the Rodina…

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They’re all our kids… or none of ’em are our kids. ‘Nuff said. The Good Lord made ALL of us… NO exceptions…



Wednesday, 2 September 2015

2 September 2015. First Bell in Lugansk…

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It was First Bell in Lugansk yesterday… the Day of Knowledge… the first day of school (traditionally, on 1 September, except if it falls on the weekend). Here is one of the KPU Obkom* members with his wife and two granddaughters. Note that the girl who looks like the respective grandparent stands in front of them. I wonder… do their temperaments match their looks? Do people say, “You can tell that she’s X’s granddaughter… the apple sure didn’t fall far from the tree!” Perspirin’ minds wanna know.

  • Obkom: Oblast Committee of the Communist Party


Tuesday, 1 September 2015

DNR Head of Government A V Zakharchenko Took Part in the Solemn Opening of School №4

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On 1 September, Chairman of the DNR Government A V Zakharchenko visited Donetsk Comprehensive School №4, where he studied himself. He greeted the first-graders and other students on the Day of Knowledge:

I want to greet you, my dear first-graders. You’ve now started a new life. Today is the first day that you sit behind your desks and meet new friends. Today, you became older. I wish that you never meet in your path sorrow nor adversity, may you always smile and be happy. Educators and teachers! Your profession deserves much honour and respect. Thanks to your work, we become decent people.

Also in attendance at the event was head of Kalinin Raion administration Vladimir Mesha and DNR Minister of Education and Science of the DNI Larisa Polyakova. Polyakova said, “Contrary to all those who tried to prevent it, today we begin a new school year in the DNR. I congratulate you on this. Let this new life be full of peaks for you to conquer, let it be full of accomplishments and achievements. Fill the pages of your new life only with new knowledge”.

Following tradition, they rang the First Bell. For the invited guests, the students put on a concert programme… they sang songs and recited poems. A special feature was a “flash-mob”, where students of all grades held doves as symbols of peace, showing that the people of Donetsk don’t want war. Today, the school has 204 students. The principal-headmistress, Emma Lavrush, talked about Chairman Zakharchenko’s school years, “Aleksandr Vladimirovich was a good student. He took part in competitions in geography and history, and he won prizes”.

1 September 2015

DNR Online

Official website DNR Council of Ministers and DNR Peoples Soviet


DNR Begins the New School Year

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Today, a new school year starts in the DNR. According to the DNR Ministry of Education and Science (MON), 484 schools will enrol about 140,000 students.

Schools on the Firing Line

Schools along the Contact Line are in a special situation. About 27 schools (this could fluctuate with the situation) in the DNR won’t open for the new academic year. Yesterday, DNR Chairman of the Government A V Zakharchenko said, “I’m saddened and disappointed that we couldn’t open all the schools that are under fire on the Contact Line”. For example, the Day of Knowledge won’t take place in seven schools in Donetsk, in Kievsky, Kuibyshev, and Petrovsky Raions. Ivan Prikhodko, the Head of the Kuibyshev Raion administration said, “We couldn’t reopen three schools in our raion out of 21, but it wouldn’t make sense to do so; they’re all near Oktyabrsky, and everyone knows that place is under constant bombardment”.

However, DNR Education and Science Minister Larisa Polyakova reported that even closure of a building wouldn’t stop school operation, saying, “In this case, we transfer everything to another building. We’ll either divide the premises or use two shifts for classes. We do this to keep the school community and the teaching staff intact”. Besides this, 1 September is the start of classes at our colleges and universities. According to preliminary MON figures, there are about 60,000 post-secondary students. Polyakova emphasised that the test results of those taking entrance exams for higher education institutions surpassed expectations, in spite of all the hardships caused by the war, 10,063 people enrolled in higher education institutions out of 17 281 graduates.

Safety on the Demarcation Line

By the beginning of the school year, the aggressors reduced the intensity of their shelling across the Contact Line. The parties reached a verbal agreement to this effect at the 26 August meeting of the Contact Group in Minsk. OSCE representative Martin Sajdik said, “The Contact Group considers it necessary to ensure a sustainable ceasefire on the Contact Line during the first school week”. In this regard, DNR Advisor on Children’s Rights Ya V Chepikova expressed the hope that the Knowledge Day ceasefire in the Republic would persist, saying, “I hope that they’d observe their agreement for a truce on 1 September. For our part, we’ll carry it out precisely because we want the kids to be at school”. To ensure safety today, there will be an increased police presence, the DNR MVD told us, “All schools will have on-duty patrol lines, to avoid emergency situations”.

Help from Russia

Up to the beginning of the school year, the Russian Federation sent over 700 tonnes of educational material to the DNR, including educational literature, school supplies, school furniture, and more. The largest shipment, of 500 tonnes, came on 27 August in the 37th MChS Rossii humanitarian aid convoy. They delivered beds for kindergartens, as well as lockers and desks, special easels (with a worktop and a folding easel), and chairs for pre-school institutions. Chepikova told us, “All over Russia, leading up to 1 September, they had a campaign called Day of Knowledge in Novorossiya. It collected more than 200 tonnes of humanitarian aid for our children… stationery, classroom materials, and school uniforms. I want to thank every person who decided that’s necessary for our kids to have at least a pencil, a notebook, or paint”. From the beginning of the war, junta aggressor shelling damaged 480 DNR schools.

1 September 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


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